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He came from the depths of space...

... to bring death and destruction ...uhm, I mean tea and cake, because everyone likes those things, right?
Anyway, I finally finished this piece. It was quite hard considering that I started this last year in december.
Might do some variations of this guy.
I'm kinda still trying to get out of this "My-art-is-not-worthy"-art block, but I'm making progress :)

Inspired by this awesome creation of digital magic by :iconvbagi:!

Created in Photoshop CS5, I used one of my fractal renders made in Mandelbulb3D as background.

Other gentlemen from the future:
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You got some nice drawings
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oh look ... coolness ...
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You are amazing please don't stop showing the world your talent!
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Featured in portuguese art blog Coisas da Interwebs. Have a nice day!…
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Dude from what i can tell your an amazing artist, and you have skills that most video-game designers lack. greta work and by the way this looks like Yoshimitsu a character from a game called Tekken
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"My art is not worthy".

Like...really? 0_o
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Yeah, I hate these kinds of people. They draw absolute breathtaking artwork. They draw masterpieces with ease and barely think anything of it. Their art is like photography. AND THEY STILL SAY "Oh my art isn't that good oh I suck art block art block >o< ;_;"

"Art block" my ass!
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Wicked cool styley and details!
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Wise use of color gives it a classic Japanese robot feel, love it!
So you are telling me that the character is 2D? Wow.. What can I say.. You are so awesome!!!
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You looks like something from Blessreiter. sick
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Awesome! When I saw the helmet and the pauldron I tought "Mecha-Andromeda Shun"
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And you are only 18? Ok, I quit.
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Great piece of work!
Thanks for sharing...
Featured in Daily Inspirations in
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I still can't wrap my brain around the fact that your robots aren't 3D O_o absolutely stunning body of work you have ^^
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This. Is. Awesome.
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Iron Man Suit, Bat Suit, and Ultron have nothing on this


badass picture man!!!

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robots = awesome
samurai = awesome
robot samurai :O !!!!! *explodes into confetti* x3
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Great work with a depth of view. It gives feeling of "frozen movement".
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So uber! I cant describe it!
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