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Diving Suit

EDIT JAN '14: Added a decent background and adjusted minor mistakes

This is probably one of the coolest ways to spend your holidays in 2025 :'D i was close to stop working on this image forever (yea the art block is still nagging me) but in the end i had a lot of fun.
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This must be my favorite sci-fi piece ever, just saying x)
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I completely fall in love with this!

I was wondering if it is okay if i use this as inspiration/base for a diving gear in the book im writing (no pictures, just a rough description).
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I think I would like to swim again if I wear a suit like this one X)

Awesome work :D
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I haven't seen this kind of concept before with high-tech suits. It's really neat.
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I bet it would be hard to swim in, consider the tail
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Actually it's not, they got usable mermaid tails now a days, just put em right on and swim like little Ariel lol.
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Hi Ca-Meff,

I would like to say nice work.

Did you use the motorcycle concept to build this guy.

I am learning about bikes in spare time.

Did you draw and use z brush
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pretty F'in sweet... then again I've always been a fan of ability enhancing suits...
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my ONLY qualm... i'd like one in red.
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I do not know you however, I would like to say that is some fine talent my friend, Just Awesome, SWEET.

did you draw the image out yourself and apply it to photo-shop, I see it says you are good with digital art and photo manipulation.

I would like to say thanks for inspiring me to develop some aquatic creature.

I am a medical student who wants to using graphical art in biomedicine or environmental engineering.

I would like for you to check something out for me: Go here…

it allows you to apply text, images, audio to Adobe Effect program for CS3 and beyond.

It will really give this still image a movie effect with the water moving in the background.

I do not know if you are like me but sometimes money is an issue so some of these are lower cost, off course the real good one are up there.

Give me to about Christmas, but when I get some things establish I would like for you to look over somethings, I like this imagine it inspires me to go into more of a marine biology direction for me, perhaps you NOW, lol

Thank You,
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Now that is a cool diving he's really out down himself 
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super cool design :beer:
There must be something wrong with you. No one could be this talented. It is like you were born with a superpower. Every image in your gallery is stunning. Thank you so much for creating your art and sharing it.
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I'm completely agree with you
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damn this is awesome !
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Speaking of mechanical mermaid !
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I would love to wear one of these and explore the oceans~ :iconiloveitmoreplz:
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So... is it for humans or merfolk, because when i look at the leg area the joints mess me up
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Soooooooooooooooo PRETTY!!! :iconilavplz:
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Very cool suit but... no webbed hands XP?
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wow, this is awesome! Looks a bit like the Cerberus armor (Phantom + Nemesis) of ME3 :O much suit very like wow
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I really want to build this as an actual diving suit. Seriously.
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