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Woo! More dragons.

From left to right: a sun-dragon, a moon-dragon and a star-dragon

These little guys were suggested by :iconanachronis:
i'm planning to make more "space"-related dragons, because people apparently love them.

next up is the mist-dragon suggested by :iconinfiamma:

Oh, and to everyone who's now thinking: "dammit, when is this dragon madness gonna end?" The next robot is in the making c: with extra gunz yo.

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Hello Cat-Meff,

I hope this message finds you well. I was reaching out because I noticed you have really quality work and creative concepts that are consistent with the style we are producing. We think that you would be a great fit for the team. We are building the first-ever NFT Collectible/Tradable Card Game. This Project is backed by solid game mechanics, abilities/health, lore, different tiers of rarity, scarce drop rates (a chest drop system) Meta 3 coding and a solid smart contract.

We need talented artists like yourself to help create content for our cards. We have blueprints for hundreds of different creatures and funding to commission artists. I’m not sure how familiar you are with the space, but there are digital art collections/pieces that are being sold for tens of millions of dollars, and we anticipate surpassing these “milestones” with relative ease (in our first season alone).

I can’t give you too many details here but if you are interested in talking more about this I would love to invite you to a meeting, where we can discuss any questions that you may have in addition to rates, production times, quality standards, and potentially get your first set of characters picked out. I can get something set up as soon as this week (provided you respond with your contact information). We can offer compensation in either Cash, Conditional Equity (Royalties per character) or crypto (whichever you prefer).

Please let me know what you think as this is a time-sensitive matter (we are trying to come to market by the end of the year).

My email is if you have any questions feel free to ping me!

Hope to talk soon.