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AI Attack Craft

It was only the matter of time until I would try my hands at creating a Metal Gear (unsuspicious cardboard box is totally unsuspicious). My main inspiration were the AI attack crafts from Peace Walker and various real military vehicles. The first concept was quite different, it featured sperical wheels and was a lot bulkier than this one. I started out with modeling a rough base mesh in Blender but I quickly noticed that I went into the wrong direction. Sometimes it's better to start all over again haha. The result can be seen above. This piece is a mix between a simple 3D base and lots of photobashing and overpainting in PS later on. Btw, I nicknamed that thing "cricket" because of its hind legs.

I would also like to note that I do NOT approve the use of weapons in real life.
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This is a very Metal Geary in style.

I love it!

And the similaritys to Battle Gear from MGSV:TPP are really uncanny!
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I like the details you put in this one.
I can't say how MG it is thanks to me never having played any of these but there's a lot of stuff here that'd make sense.
Spikes to stabilize for sustained fire from a single position, smaller anti infantry weapons and most importantly: no pilot to be injured when it gets hit.
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This is the vehicle mode for medium/heavy skells in Xenoblade Chronicles X!

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That's pretty good.
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NICE! Very Metal Gear looking :D
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Wow, that's one impressive tank!

Considering how the other Metal Gear AI Weapons were named after Bug Metamorphosis stages, maybe this one could be called "Larva."
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Looks Like Battle Gear
galaticfox1's avatar
This is awesome.
Leviathantamer's avatar
Reminds me of the cars from Borderlands.
raffypaeng's avatar
Wow talk about wonders you see when you explore! (DA in this case)

Nice design and something I'd like to fight in Peace Walker. (or maybe Phantom Pain?)

Though if I may ask, what's the spikes for? Looks like it can be either for combat or to hold the unit down ala siege mode but it's main gun doesn't exactly look like it's gonna produce a lot of recoil.

I'm most likely overthinking this but it's a cool design nonetheless!
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If you like designs like these you should totally play P.N.03.
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Hate to be a pointer of facts, but with a bit of re-paint, and this is a Starfox Landmaster from Starfox Assault ... thoughts about that?
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Great design. 
Babyjoshy5's avatar
Dear lord, What the **** is that?! :ohnoes:
Shraznar's avatar
Nice. Keep it out of the hands of organizations with goals of world conquest, please :D
luminariumgames's avatar
I love your last comment in the description :-) Keep going with your awesome art
Masquerade7's avatar
I was just thinking the same thing as Tamashikiri!!!!! But I'd blow up my old job building before I got to my job.
MapleSamurai's avatar
I want to drive this to work.
LazzieWuff's avatar
This is awesome :D

Also, that random cardboard box behind... hm, suspicious.. :d
TIgerClaws12894's avatar
Nice! Looks like the original drone concept for Ghost Recon before they messed everything up in the final version...Damnit Ubisoft...
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I can't really find something I dislike on this, I must say you've improved a lot!
Keep them coming girl!
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