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Socialism in Action
Joe Biden is at the top of the scrap pile and the other candidates are attacking him.
With the democrat primary fights, we are seeing socialism in action. Every time one rises above the rest, the others work hard, not to elevate themselves, but to drag the more successful one down.
In the end, just like in '16, the winner will be chosen by The Party, not by merit.
Socialism in action. Only the approved shall thrive.
My prediction? I guess calling her a Dark Horse Candidate will get me called a rayciss, besides, the term would be only half right (guess which half?), so I won't call her that.
Michelle Obama will be chosen as the democrat president candidate for 2020.
:iconcat-man-dancing:Cat-man-dancing 1 3
The Green Thing
Checking out at the supermarket, the young cashier suggested to the
much older man, that he should bring his own grocery bags because
Plastic bags weren't good for the environment.
Woodsterman apologized and explained, "We didn't have this 'green
thing' back in my earlier days."
The young cashier responded, "That's our problem today - your
generation did not care enough to save our environment for future
She was right -- our generation didn't have the 'green thing' in its
Back then, we returned milk bottles, lemonade bottles and beer
bottles to the shop. The shop sent them back to the plant to be washed
and sterilized and refilled, so it could use the same bottles over and
over. So they really were recycled.
But we didn't have the "green thing" back in our day.
Grocery shops bagged our groceries in brown paper bags, that we re-
used for numerous things, most memorable besides household bags for
rubbish, was the use of brown paper bags as book covers for our
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Albert Einstein said, “The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”

So who will be the first SJW to get those four Chinese characters tattooed across their back?
(Third image down)
(For you college-educated SJWs, start with your thumb and finish with your favorite finger, It's that photo.)
So... When do we start sending people to the gallows for this sponsored child abuse?
"88 percent came from the social services system."
Two good parents vs the government:
Those aren't your children, they belong to us!
Oof! Like a punch in the gut!
"I have no problem with saying I’m an illegal immigrant, the term doesn’t offend me. And the thing is, I can recognize that illegal immigration is not a good thing. I can recognize that legal immigrants have to come first. America is a sovereign country. You don’t barge into someone’s home and tell them, ‘Okay, I’m here to stay give me free stuff.'”


United States
Unnecessary. You all know who I am. At least, those of you who run away screaming do.

Current Residence: Savannah GA
Print preference: Ariel bold, 14pt
Favourite genre of music: depends on mood
Favourite photographer: Too many to pick one
Favourite style of art: realistic, hiding in the shadows
Operating System: Linux
Shell of choice: Tortioshell Calico
Wallpaper of choice: Too many bookshelves to see it.
Skin of choice: Dusky, although oriental girls are beautiful, also
Favourite cartoon character: Betty Cooper
Personal Quote: "The heck with this, I want to live!"

I was thinking; If Liberals don't believe in biological gender then why did they march for women's rights?

I was thinking; If women do the same job for less money, why do companies hire men to do the same job for more money?

I was thinking; Since only 11 million people have Obama-Care, how will 24 million people die if it is repealed? Will an additional 13 million people be randomly shot?

I was thinking; We should stop calling them all 'Entitlements'. Welfare, Food Stamps, WIC, ad nausea are not Entitlements. They are taxpayer-funded handouts and shouldn't be called Entitlements at all. But, Social Security and Veterans Benefits are Entitlements because the people receiving them are entitled to them. They were earned and paid for by the recipients.

I was thinking; If you rob a bank in a Sanctuary City, is it illegal or is it just an Undocumented Withdrawal?

I was thinking; After the London 'Lone Wolf' terrorist attack, government officials arrested at least eight other 'Lone Wolves' who had conspired with the original 'Lone Wolf' in planning the 'Lone Wolf' attack. Why do they tell us even though all involved are Muslims, you can be assured that the 'Lone Wolf' attack has nothing at all to do with Islam, just like the other 1,000-plus 'Lone Wolf' attacks by Muslims, are completely unassociated with Islam?

I was thinking; Why is each ISIS attack now a reaction to Trump policies, but all ISIS attacks during Obama's term were due to Climate Change and a plea for jobs?

I was thinking; If Muslims want to run away from a Muslim country, does that mean they are Islamophobic?

I was thinking; If Democrats don't want foreigners involved in our elections, why do they think it's all right for illegals to vote?

I was thinking; Is the DNC is mad at Russia because it 'thinks' they are trying to manipulate our elections, or because Russia is exposing that the DNC is manipulating our elections?

I was thinking; How did the Russians get Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the DNC to steal the Primary from Bernie Sanders? How did Russia get Donna Brazile to leak debate questions to Hillary Clinton in advance of the debates?

I was thinking; Why is it that Democrats think Super delegates are fine, but they have a problem with the Electoral College?

I was thinking; If Donald Trump deleted all of his emails, wiped his server with Bleachbit and destroyed all of his phones with a hammer, would the Mainstream Media suddenly lose all interest in the story and declare him innocent?

I was thinking; If Hillary's speeches cost $250,000 an hour, how come no one shows up to her free speeches?

I was thinking; If you don't want the FBI involved in elections, don't nominate someone who's being investigated by the FBI.

(Copied from an anonymous source, sorry)


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WolfBlitz2 Featured By Owner 5 days ago…
did the australian  prime minister say what I think he said?
Cat-man-dancing Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Apparently  so.
Australian politics are funny.
MelvineKadmiss Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2019
I ended up making 2 drawings of Miral. You'll be getting 2 instead of 1. Your request should be completed by this weekend. I hope you'll like them. Also I read more of your comic and I like it. I hope you get more readers!
Cat-man-dancing Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2019
Looking forward to seeing them! Thanks!
robnotstanley Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2018
on the site, it says to "log in to register." an sends me to "word press" log in.. but won't accept log in.. i have WP account... so???

what i am asking is,, are there other ways to reach you.!!?
Cat-man-dancing Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2018
Okay, Gary was able to re-register, so it's working now.
robnotstanley Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2018
register , yes,,  log in ,  no...
Cat-man-dancing Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2018
Try now. I activated you manually.
I don't think people are getting the activation emails.
You're an editor again, also.
robnotstanley Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2018
hello? hope you are here..  comic site won't even let you log in... no way to put account in
WolfBlitz2 Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2018…
I think the dude has every right to swear after that
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