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On a lighter note.
Tim Conway said that Harvey Korman actually wet his pants doing this skit.
Get more things done! Eat more bacon!…
Read it to see this interesting line:
"one received normal rat chow"
And this one:
"a specially formulated rat chow"
Kajm, here's a tasty way to kick your writing into gear!
An answer to the unhinged about President Trump and Putin:…
In other words, you're not just wrong, but evil and unpatriotic.
Tired. Worked on bike today. Hot.
Adding hard saddlebags so I can use it for mid-level shopping trips. And a removable luggage rack, as soon as I get one built.
Bought the bags, had to make the mounts. Nothing worked right the first time. Finally got a good design, began assembly... Four of the bolts were 6mm too short. <sigh>.
Tomorrow, hardware store. Again.
Had to move the turn signals to make room for the bags. Got them moved, wired in...
They didn't come on when tested. Checked wiring. Checked ground. Rechecked. No joy.
Finally took off lenses and checked bulbs. Both were burned out. Worked last time I rode it.
Replaced bulbs, working now.
Will be converting all to LEDs soon.
Oil change tomorrow. Will install oil cooler with the new filter. Photos later.
Tomorrow I ride!


United States
Unnecessary. You all know who I am. At least, those of you who run away screaming do.

Current Residence: Savannah GA
Print preference: Ariel bold, 14pt
Favourite genre of music: depends on mood
Favourite photographer: Too many to pick one
Favourite style of art: realistic, hiding in the shadows
Operating System: Linux
Shell of choice: Tortioshell Calico
Wallpaper of choice: Too many bookshelves to see it.
Skin of choice: Dusky, although oriental girls are beautiful, also
Favourite cartoon character: Betty Cooper
Personal Quote: "The heck with this, I want to live!"
This artist's statement appeared at the bottom of one of my favorite webcomics:

"Warning: political opinions follow. Don't @ me, don't email me to argue or complain, I won't read it"

"It's election day tomorrow in the USA and we have a choice between electing the first female president or a racist, sexist sociopath. We have a chance to show the world that we are better than our worst impulses by rejecting Donald Trump and everything he stands for. It is my hope that we can all come together and do the right thing."

This is a small representation of everything that is wrong with Liberals today.

1) I never even knew he was political, much less a willfully ignorant Liberal
    (Although that is the natural outcome of liberal beliefs).
2) He appears to believe that the only qualification for the Presidency is a
    vagina, which nullifies any other possible qualification such as honesty, integrity,
    respect for the Constitution, the rule of law, or the citizenry.
3) He also appears to believe that Mr. Trump has absolutely no good qualities or ideas
    ("rejecting Donald Trump and everything he stands for").
4) In his preface, he says that he will not read any dissenting opinion. He seems to
    believe that he holds the key to all truths, and thus has no need to pay attention
    to any concept which is in disagreement with what he already "knows" to be true.
    Poor soul, he will never grow, nor ever learn anything new.
5) Almost forgot because it's so freaking common with Liberals: He demonizes everyone
    that he disagrees with using the most vile, abusive name calling.  "a racist, sexist sociopath".
    No meaningful discussion is possible with someone who believes that is acceptable.

I have a webcomic of my own. It has a Conservative slant, and it says so right at the top!
It's called being honest.
I read his webcomic because it was funny, not so that I could roll around in his political crap like a dog in it's own vomit. But now that he's shown his contempt and disdain for people like me, and his willingness to outright lie and distort to demonstrate it, his comic won't be funny anymore.
This will be the second webcomic that I've stopped reading because of the blatant display of hatred for people who do not believe exactly as the author does.


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