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I don't mind bathing if it's in sunlight by RavenMontoya
Maybe this is what heaven looks like by RavenMontoya
Patience is a virtue - and I have plenty of it! by RavenMontoya
I foresee a prosperous hunt today! by RavenMontoya
Photography 4 - domestic cats
Pretty as a rose? Yes, indeed I am. by RavenMontoya
Hey, you! Get off my lawn! by RavenMontoya
Invisible ice cream by hoschie
Playful Primordus by EvelynVictus
Photography - wild cats
Victor by Arkus83
Looking Around by Mouselemur
Moon Turn The Tides Gently Away by Mouselemur
Le repos du lion by Arkus83
Traditional Art
Amur leopard cub - ink illustration by lorendowding
Easter 2019 by Marion-Aurore
Cats with an attitude - 003 by GwilymG
House Cat by CelesteLunaR53L
Digital Art
Tigerstar by FeketeVerinenStjerne
Before the Storm by FeketeVerinenStjerne
Big ears! by Chiakiro
THE KING by Mariya-art
Artisan Crafts
Mirrored Cats by JohnlockedDancer
Striped Cat Keychain by Moonyzier
Miniature Purritos by Pajutee
Miniature Cat and Kitten sculptures by Pajutee
In Memoriam - Dearly Departed
Intelligence by Sanluris
Minnie and Goro by Sanluris
Presenting Miss Tabby by Sanluris
Tabitha 'Tabby' Baergen by Sanluris
Misc - gifs, captions, comics, icons, mixed media
curious about a gift by CapnDeek373
Cats in Love by allison731
Cat Carry-on by mikiko-art
Black Cats by allison731
Paper Butterflies by C1nderellaMan
FULL - Photography 3 - domestic cats
Birthday boy by Dewdropmon
Sleepy Kitty! (Yuki) by BurittaKittyNeko
This is empty... by IllyDragonfly
Lil' Ellee..... by DeoIron
FULL - Photography 2 - domestic cats
Cattitude by Nameda
FULL - Photography 1 - domestic cats
My Cat Sleeping... by matryoshika

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This is a group that loves cats of all sizes and species.

The group focuses on conventional cats - which means all artworks have to be of cats that look like natural cats in terms of body parts and general shape. 💕
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Dec 27, 2010


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Welcome to Cat-Lovers-Group!

Please read our submission rules!

And check out our gallery to see what kind of content this group is all about!

Submission limit: 3 deviations/folder/week


:bulletgreen: Cats - of all sizes and species, wild or domesticated!

:bulletgreen: Moderately good quality or better - of course better is always a plus and might earn you a feature!

:bulletgreen: Humans and other animals - as long as a least one feline is part of the deviation.

:bulletgreen: Photography - but they should at least be reasonably sharp.

:bulletgreen: Digital and traditional art - but please nothing too abstract or sketchy. If it is not recognizable as a cat in one way or another then it can become declined.

:bulletgreen: Cat shaped/inspired artisan craft items - jewellery, plushies, sculptures, cakes or other hand-made things. As long as it is something that is easy to recognise as having anything to do with felines it is more than welcome.

:bulletgreen: Writing - as in stories, poems, haikus and such. No journals.

:bulletgreen: Miscellaneous - the Misc folder is for a variety of things like animations, captioned images, posters, comics, tutorials, stamps, icons, emojis and things that does not fit anywhere else.

Not acceptable

:bulletred: Big or in other ways distracting watermarks - if it takes the focus off the deviation itself the deviation will be declined.
(The DA watermark is a 99% no-no.)

:bulletred: Poor quality - if a deviation is very over or under exposed, too dark or bright, out of focus and blurry, full of grain or pixelated it will be declined.
Photos that are heavily or badly edited - or obviously manipulated, but submitted to a photography folder and not Digital Art - will also be declined.

:bulletred: Almost identical images - if submitted simultaneously it will result in only one of them being allowed in.

:bulletred: Anthro - including furries, humans with cat tails and/or ears, and other forms of anthropomorphism (= cats with human features, dressed in human clothes while walking on two legs and such).

:bulletred: Fanart felines - if based upon any kind of cats from fiction (comics, movies, games, books and so on).

:bulletred: Original characters (OCs), fursonas, reference sheets.

:bulletred: Fantasy felines - creatures inspired by cats or cats with body parts not naturally belonging to felines, like horns, dragon wing, extra eyes, eyelashes and so on.
(Angel wings on cats are allowed in the In Memoriam - Dearly Departed folder.)

:bulletred: Lack of whiskers - can result in a decline. Cats have whiskers, people! Remember to draw them!

:bulletred: Adoptables.

:bulletred: Simple lineart, rough sketches or WIPs.

:bulletred: Dead cats.

:bulletred: Sexual themes.

:bulletred: Mature content filters.

:bulletred: Stolen art and images taken from the internet.

:bulletred: Deviations in storage.

:bulletred: Journals and blogs.

:bulletred: Advertisements or other forms of marketing on the deviation itself. Info about commissions, sales and other things in the description is of course allowed.

:bulletred: Blood and gore - cats with prey can be allowed in if there are no severed body parts or a lot of blood visible. If the prey looks as if it is suffering the deviation will be declined.

:bulletblue: All members are welcome to invite deviations they like to the group's gallery.
Just submit it to the group as you normally would do with your own deviation.

:bulletblue: Want to affiliate with Cat-Lovers-Group?
If you have an active group and it is focused on animals (cats are not a must) or nature in general then sure thing - send a request!


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Nepluz Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2022  Student Digital Artist

[URGENT] COMMISSIONS OPEN!!!!! [FOR URGENT MEDICATION] COMMISSIONS OPEN!!! ACTIVE SLOTS 4/10CONTACT; GOAL; 334/500$, (Last updated; 23.June.2022)My cat Shiro is only 1 year old and I already adopted him from another woman who left him to die when he was a 3 months old baby because she didn't want to pay his veterinary bills even though she was a wealthy lawyer. Whatever it takes, I’m not gonna leave him to die, together with your help if you would like <3 Shiro has recently been diagnosed with Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP). The medications that are being used to treat the disease ( GS441524) are still unlicensed in Turkey -where I live + where FIP mortalities are so high- so I have to buy them abroad at very expensive prices considering 1USD=16TRY (More numerical details below) *ANY SHARES OF THIS POST WITH OTHERS IS APPRECIATED* *COMISSION OPTION 1 ; ANYTHING BETWEEN 1-10 $-I will draw a wallpaper OR a profile pic icon depending on your demand or themed with Shiro.,,,*COMMISSION OPTION 2 ; ANYTHING BETWEEN 10-40 $-A drawing of your pet or any animal, anthro, feral, hybrid character you would like (sketch, colored sketch) OR any sketch or colored sketch overall (see ‘’What I Draw’’ below),3- PORTRAIT / BUST; 40 $A simple character portrait w/ simple background +5$ Details*+5$ Detailed Background+10$ 2nd PortraitSamples;,-Simple Portrait;40$ -Detailed* Portrait; 45$4-HALF BODY/ KNEE UP; 50 $A simple character in half body/ knee up pose w/ simple background+10$ Details*+10$ Detailed Background+15$ 2nd CharacterSamples;,-Detailed knee up; 60 $ -2 Half body characters with detailed background;75 $ 5-FULL BODY; 60 $A simple character in full body pose w/ simple background+15$ Details*+15$ Detailed Background+20 USD 2nd CharacterSamples;,-Detailed* Full Body; 75 $ -2 full body characters with detailed* background; 95 $*DETAILS; Any props, pets, accessories, complex patterns and textures, vfx elements, tattoos etc DIDNT SEE WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR? SEND AN E-MAIL TO AND SO WE WILL TALK ABOUT IT ;3 WHAT I DON'T DRAW; -Any ideology that includes hate, hate speech, racism, zoophilia, pedophilia, incest, necrophilia, self-harm, severe harm to others and intense gore. (characters with weapons, war themes are ok) -Individual’s photo recreations that aren’t allowed by them to be shown to the public . -Any environments, props, still life, plants, animals, objects alone without a character-Traditional medium, still life, crowds, abstract/psychedelic art WHAT I DRAW; -Your OC, NSFW-SFW (intense nsfw is ok if it doesn't include anything listed above)-OCs that have taken permission to be drawn by me, -Any fan-art, -Crossovers, cross-universes-Recreation of family or friends’ photos.-Any kind of species, ages, ethnicities, pronouns, sexual orientations, cultures, aesthetics etc. are welcomed PAYMENT;-IBAN Transfer to my bank account (i prefer this much more since i cant use paypal to pay for the meds and cant connect my own bank account to my paypal and i use someone else to send me my paypal money to my own account)-PayPal (if you really cant send the money through iban)-Any other money transfer method you suggest (i might refuse in case it doesn’t work out for me) PROCESS;1- Make sure you check out my gallery and send me an email including;-Which type of commission you would like to have (1-5) with explanation of additionals if there are any;-Some reference images (explaining physical appearances both in shapes and colors, please don't hesitate to send many);-Brief explanation about the character (explaining characteristics);-Your screen nickname on the specific social media;-Any other notes; (I will reply in less than 12 hours.)2- After a small discuss about what I can do for you, we’ll decide the final product and price3- I will send you the payment info, or request. After the payment, I will send you a notification that I received the payment and started drawing. 4- 48 hours after I notify you that I received the payment, I will send you 3 thumbnail sketches and ask about the overall color palette + poses + layout in each. You can ask one’s color pallette with another’s pose and request a combined thumbnail sketch for 3 times. After the final decision is made, adjustments on this section no longer can be made.5- After the revision is complete, within 5 to 7 days I will send you the final product. Minor changes are welcomed. By commissioning me, you understand and agree; I reserve the right to reject a commission before the payment is made without explanation or request for more detailed reference and explanationNo refunds on these commissions are available in any case.You can only cancel a commission before the payment is made.Finishing a commission depends on you sending the payment and giving revisions on sketches except the due dates I specified for myself.There’s no expiration to make a payment or to give feedback to sketches until 31.08.2022. However, giving feedback is the commissioner's responsibility and after the payment and sketches are made, a refund isn't granted in case of lack of any feedback.You reserve the right to request to keep your name anonymous in social media or your commission private.Commissions are for personal legal use only with credits if posted online.I don’t start working before the payment is made, anything further before a clean first revision is made, final commission result is approved as finished.You carefully read the ‘’PROCESS’’ listed above and accept the process rules.You carefully read the ‘’PAYMENT’’ section above and accept payment rules that are accepted only in USD. I PROMISE I WILL DO MY BEST <3 THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT AND CONSIDERATION!! In order to complete the 84 day of Shiro’s treatment, I will need 15 bottles of GS441524 from now on (15.000TRY/880USD) + veterinary injection services that are everyday(1.700TRY/ 100USD)+ additional tests and supportive meds( 1.750TRY/100 USD. I already sold as many as I can from my personal belongings (580USD). So overall money i will be needing from the commissions are around 500 USD which makes around 10 commissions until the end of treatment; 29.August.2022 Other ways to support;My Patreon; My Ko-fi; Buy Me a Coffee; Subscribe my DeviantArt; My Fiverr; SOONFreelancer Contact; Active Slots (slots are given to messages);1- Furious447 on DeviantArt (Finishing up)2- TheKissingHand on DeviantArt (Finishinh Up)3- Sensei-Malfunction on DeviantArt (Finishing up)4- eniminemoe on Instagram (Sketching process)5- 6- 7- 8- 9- 10- AWSOME PEOPLE WHO HELPED SHIRO BY COMMISSIONING ME SO FAR<3;1-Fluffi on Discord,2- groktherobot on Instagram,Here’s my baby boy Shiro; , Here’s Updates; (Last Updated; 16/06/2022) Follow my Instagram for daily story updates; ;Shiro got diagnosed with FIP due to the tests and not recovering previous various illnesses (eye opacity + stomach ache + nerve system problems) ,2-06/06/2022; Ordered first 2 bottle of the medication (2000 TRY),3-07/06/2022; Treatment started, supporting medication is bought,4- 16/06/2022; Got 2 new bottles of medication, bottles to go 4/17,

Bunny Oc Portrait By Nepluz Ded3rmn-pre by Nepluz    Diana By Nepluz Df6v3wf-pre by Nepluz    A Definitely Racoon Girl With Her Doge Friend By N by Nepluz   Fade kopya (1) by Nepluz
DemonDragon66 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2022
Attention, there are two group hijackers that are currently targeting groups focused on cats. They join as a co-founder, delete all the artwork, and replace it with gore, scat and porn. They already hijacked Cat-Lovers-FC. Please set your group admin permissions to "Subject to Vote" or "Are Not Allowed"

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Hello fellow Cal Lovers! I wanted to share this Tutorial with you from DA. We are trying to raise money for the Humane Society each new submission = 2dollars. I thought it might interest this cat community <3

Tutorial: Draw a Cat with ChrissaBug,Draw a Cat with ChrissaBug!Animal lovers unite! We teamed up with Infinite Painter to raise money to help kitties!Watch a purrfect tutorial from @ChrissaBug to learn how to draw an adorable cat. DeviantArt and Infinite Painter are each donating $1.00 USD to the Humane Society for every qualified submission, up to $5,000 USD each — that’s a potential $10,000 USD donation to help protect and care for cats! Your submissions will raise money and earn you an adorable new profile badge. Artwork must be created for the tutorial between October 5 and October 17. Submissions also may receive feedback from @ChrissaBug herself!,To participate, follow these steps: Watch: Learn from @ChrissaBug as she breaks down the easy steps with Infinite Painter.Create: Follow the tutorial steps to illustrate your own version, or bring what you learned into a completely new deviation! Upload: Submit your work as a deviation with the tag #DATutorialCat to get the profile badge!Not sure how to add a tag? Click on the button below to have it automatically added!,Prefer to read-through each step? Click here.,Check out these examples below and browse other submissions.,Learn more about our partners.Infinite Painter is an award-winning app, designed with incredible care and packed with features to bring the best of graphic design software to artists of all levels, whether creating art is your hobby, passion or career.The Humane Society fights all forms of animal cruelty while rescuing and caring for thousands of animals a year in an effort to achieve the vision behind their name: a humane society.Do you want to keep practicing and collect more badges to display on your profile? Check out more tutorials: How to Draw an Eye How to Draw a Hand How to Draw a Landscape How to Draw Spider-Man How to Draw a Dragon How to Draw Fire How to Draw a Creature Wing Your ThoughtsShare your deviation in the comments below!Which art tools did you use to create your cat?What do you love most about cats?Would you be interested in fundraisers for other animals? Share a story about your pet or animal encounter!
RookDook Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2021  Student Digital Artist
With PNG and PSD!!   :squee:   
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