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I don't mind bathing if it's in sunlight by RavenMontoya
Maybe this is what heaven looks like by RavenMontoya
Patience is a virtue - and I have plenty of it! by RavenMontoya
I foresee a prosperous hunt today! by RavenMontoya
Photography 4 - domestic cats
Pretty as a rose? Yes, indeed I am. by RavenMontoya
Hey, you! Get off my lawn! by RavenMontoya
Invisible ice cream by hoschie
Playful Primordus by EvelynVictus
Photography - wild cats
Victor by Arkus83
Looking Around by Mouselemur
Moon Turn The Tides Gently Away by Mouselemur
Le repos du lion by Arkus83
Traditional Art
Amur leopard cub - ink illustration by lorendowding
Easter 2019 by Marion-Aurore
Cats with an attitude - 003 by GwilymG
House Cat by CelesteLunaR53L
Digital Art
Tigerstar by FeketeVerinenStjerne
Before the Storm by FeketeVerinenStjerne
Big ears! by Chiakiro
THE KING by Mariya-art
Artisan Crafts
Mirrored Cats by JohnlockedDancer
Striped Cat Keychain by Moonyzier
Miniature Purritos by Pajutee
Miniature Cat and Kitten sculptures by Pajutee
In Memoriam - Dearly Departed
Intelligence by Sanluris
Minnie and Goro by Sanluris
Presenting Miss Tabby by Sanluris
Tabitha 'Tabby' Baergen by Sanluris
Misc - gifs, captions, comics, icons, mixed media
curious about a gift by CapnDeek373
Cats in Love by allison731
Cat Carry-on by Zombiesmile
Black Cats by allison731
Paper Butterflies by C1nderellaMan
FULL - Photography 3 - domestic cats
Birthday boy by Dewdropmon
Sleepy Kitty! (Yuki) by BurittaKittyNeko
This is empty... by IllyDragonfly
Lil' Ellee..... by DeoIron
FULL - Photography 2 - domestic cats
Cattitude by Nameda
FULL - Photography 1 - domestic cats
My Cat Sleeping... by matryoshika

Group Info

This is a group that loves cats of all sizes and species.

The group focuses on conventional cats - which means all artworks have to be of cats that look like natural cats in terms of body parts and general shape. 💕
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Dec 27, 2010


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Welcome to Cat-Lovers-Group!

Please read our submission rules!

And check out our gallery to see what kind of content this group is all about!

Submission limit: 3 deviations/folder/week


:bulletgreen: Cats - of all sizes and species, wild or domesticated!

:bulletgreen: Moderately good quality or better - of course better is always a plus and might earn you a feature!

:bulletgreen: Humans and other animals - as long as a least one feline is part of the deviation.

:bulletgreen: Photography - but they should at least be reasonably sharp.

:bulletgreen: Digital and traditional art - but please nothing too abstract or sketchy. If it is not recognizable as a cat in one way or another then it can become declined.

:bulletgreen: Cat shaped/inspired artisan craft items - jewellery, plushies, sculptures, cakes or other hand-made things. As long as it is something that is easy to recognise as having anything to do with felines it is more than welcome.

:bulletgreen: Writing - as in stories, poems, haikus and such. No journals.

:bulletgreen: Miscellaneous - the Misc folder is for a variety of things like animations, captioned images, posters, comics, tutorials, stamps, icons, emojis and things that does not fit anywhere else.

Not acceptable

:bulletred: Big or in other ways distracting watermarks - if it takes the focus off the deviation itself the deviation will be declined.
(The DA watermark is a 99% no-no.)

:bulletred: Poor quality - if a deviation is very over or under exposed, too dark or bright, out of focus and blurry, full of grain or pixelated it will be declined.
Photos that are heavily or badly edited - or obviously manipulated, but submitted to a photography folder and not Digital Art - will also be declined.

:bulletred: Almost identical images - if submitted simultaneously it will result in only one of them being allowed in.

:bulletred: Anthro - including furries, humans with cat tails and/or ears, and other forms of anthropomorphism (= cats with human features, dressed in human clothes while walking on two legs and such).

:bulletred: Fanart felines - if based upon any kind of cats from fiction (comics, movies, games, books and so on).

:bulletred: Original characters (OCs), fursonas, reference sheets.

:bulletred: Fantasy felines - creatures inspired by cats or cats with body parts not naturally belonging to felines, like horns, dragon wing, extra eyes, eyelashes and so on.
(Angel wings on cats are allowed in the In Memoriam - Dearly Departed folder.)

:bulletred: Lack of whiskers - can result in a decline. Cats have whiskers, people! Remember to draw them!

:bulletred: Adoptables.

:bulletred: Simple lineart, rough sketches or WIPs.

:bulletred: Dead cats.

:bulletred: Sexual themes.

:bulletred: Mature content filters.

:bulletred: Stolen art and images taken from the internet.

:bulletred: Deviations in storage.

:bulletred: Journals and blogs.

:bulletred: Advertisements or other forms of marketing on the deviation itself. Info about commissions, sales and other things in the description is of course allowed.

:bulletred: Blood and gore - cats with prey can be allowed in if there are no severed body parts or a lot of blood visible. If the prey looks as if it is suffering the deviation will be declined.

:bulletblue: All members are welcome to invite deviations they like to the group's gallery.
Just submit it to the group as you normally would do with your own deviation.

:bulletblue: Want to affiliate with Cat-Lovers-Group?
If you have an active group and it is focused on animals (cats are not a must) or nature in general then sure thing - send a request!


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fairydust76 Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2021
Hey there, wasn't here for a long time but I'm kind of back into photography.
I sent a picture of my cat Amy 3 days ago, its still not approved Waaaah! 
Any specific reason for that? 
remo20 Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2021   Digital Artist
Hi. Thank you for accepting me to the group. 
baroquedoll Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2021   Photographer the group alive??
IllyDragonfly Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi, is the group still active?
ddrawanart Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2020  Professional Traditional Artist
Cat by ddrawanart  
Do you wanna Learn How to Draw a Cat with Colourpencil?
 Please Checkout this :
savagekitty81 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2020
Is it possible for me to join
ochrelight Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2020  Student Digital Artist
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catz537 Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Is this group still active? I submitted a deviation 10 days ago and it hasn't been accepted or declined yet. And yes there are whiskers on the cheetah; they're a bit hard to see.
catz537 Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
MarthaLaufej Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
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