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First off, thanks to everyone who is watching my account here, and even bigger thanks to those who provide some feedback (whether it's just a fave or maybe even a comment...or both!). I've been making efforts to increase my artistic output this year and hope y'all have enjoyed my recent works. Much more is yet to come.

However, I recently became aware that one of my artworks was "modified" by another DA user and this is completely out of bounds. This was done completely without my permission. I rarely post journals here, but I'm posting to make it absolutely clear – I do not give permission for ANY modification, re-posting, or distribution without my express consent. This stands for all the art already in my gallery as well as any and all future submissions.

Please enjoy the art that I post here – I really do appreciate the faves/comments/views, but the art I post is mine and it's not to be used as any sort of clip-art, base, or any other modification. Thank you.  =^-^=
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New avatar, new character designs, new journal

I decided to scrap somethings that were getting a bit out of date here...I must admit I'm still really fond of my recent gladiator tigress and, as you can see, I decided to use her for my new avatar. I experimented a bit and gave her a brief wink/kiss animation (though I might scrap that if I find it's too annoying).  I also got rid of all my old journal entries, not that I actually wrote that many of them.

Still continuing to evolve my character designs and I like the results so far. I have some other traditional digital paintings in the works too so they will show up at some point. I am available for commissions so just send me a note if you're interested - the quality of my work is certainly at its highest to date.

Continued thanks for those who have been watching me (especially if you've been with me for several years) and welcome to everyone who's started watching recently. I can promise only that the best is yet to come.

Hug your kitty! =^-^=
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