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Tsubasa Chronicle - Fai

Lineart + colored in OpenCanvas 3.03E Plus
Minor tweaking in Photoshop CS2

Apologies for the extremely "creative" title... I didn't have a title in mind when I drew this...

I was wandering through my mp3 player (which also acts as my external drive) the other day and found this in the WIP folder. So I just decided to pick it up again and finish it. Not to sound arrogant or anything, but usually I try my best to avoid cliche subjects such as angel/demon wings or bandages/chains... but the concept for this image just wouldn't go away after I have read the recent chapters of the manga...

Anyway... it was good to work on something apart from that huge piece of "Ys Origin" fanart which I have started almost a month and a half ago... Maybe I should finish up all the WIP pics I have on my mp3 player first... (actually, I think there is only 1 HP Maurauders fanart left in the folder...)
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I love his gaze <3
PhantomStormchase's avatar
Yay!!! :) AWESOME job...Actually, the bandages thing never gets old!! :) And I love the way he looks so sexy!! :)
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jut had to share , I absolutely loved this picture and just had to make it into a cosplay and am currently in the process of posting pics, but this is just one of them based off of your art! [link]
ClariiTaGigii's avatar
My friends always make fun of me because i fall in love with "cartoons"..if they see this..they wouldn't ask why anymore =D
RenaissanceLover's avatar
wow, I can't look away. His gaze is so direct and a mix of that false happiness and sadness. Beautiful. :)
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Ilada-Jefiv's avatar
Very nice! Love it! :D
JediGirl-Rin-Lou's avatar
I Love,Love,Love,Love,LOVE Fai! Epic work!!! xD
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darkmizu18's avatar
wooooooooooow this is great!!!
FilipaTheHedgehog's avatar
This is the best pic of Fai I've ever seen *_*
The pose, expression and also the coloring style is just simply wonderfull and amazing! :iconkokorox:
Excelent job here! Well done! :+favlove:
CaptainYui's avatar
OMG i love this!! Great Job!!
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:iconraepfaceplz: I want him. Can I have him? I promise I'll play nice. I'll give him a little Kuro and they can play together.
konnichipuu's avatar
Wow, beautiful work. I really like the hair and his expression... and his hand is perfect, just so fine and elegant. Ah, well, I like the bandage theme, even if it's not the newest of creations. I think you put it into action deftly and it looks just fine. I like the color scheme, as well! :D Good job! :)
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I don´t know your character but I like your picture anyway!:D
industrialfirefly's avatar
This looks great! I like the way you had colored it.
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eternal-song's avatar
it's too pretty for words o_0
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