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Someone please take me home?

Done in Open Canvas.

Hmm... FMA fanart (as usual!?) I was somehow convinced by some people that Roy is more like a cat rather than a dog. Just feel like brushing up my technique on drawing chibi (as I suck at it)...

I want the cats..... T_T
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Can I have the black one. He's useless in water
SatansFantasticSons's avatar
Me: The black one...
Vendor: Hes a good fighter but useless in the rain...
M: *crying*
Me: How much?
V: Since hes useless and nobody wants him hes free.
Me: Deal. *picks him up and goes home*
If only that were true... XD
zelink411's avatar
ill take you home roy and you can sleep in my bed right next to me
bluerosemonster9987's avatar
come on roy you are coming home with me
landra15's avatar
aww, cute. i love to take him home.
MistfireOfWindclan's avatar
Nekeda's avatar
aww cute you should make a part 2 and ed adopts him
Koichi-Chan's avatar
aww~ I wanna take Roy and the kitties home with me :3 nice job :D
princesshashero's avatar
aww -picks up roy-
Me: how much
Lady: $200
Roy:Hurry up already
Me: -Puts him down- I'd rather have that one -points to Ed-
Lady:Well he also comes with his brother
Me:How much
MoomoonXb's avatar
other people say he's a dog of the army, but I think he's more similar to a wolf or also a cat, as he's wild
Puppy83KHFMA's avatar
Awwwww that is so KAWAII
royxedfroever's avatar
i want the black one!!!!!!!!! the one in the military uniform! plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Lady-Koisuki's avatar
I'll take you home Roy! I will make sure I take good care of you! *looks around* *kisses his cheek* SO adorable :heart:
LtColRoyMustangsLove's avatar
This just fed my AlphnsexRoy addiction... I can totally see Al picking up Roy0kitty and bringing him home xD
NaitomeIya's avatar
Roy, I'm going to take you home, but before that... *Looks for a cat Riza*
pencil-lead45's avatar
Awww! So cute!!!!
RoamingShadow's avatar
I'll take ALL of them home... and I'll love them and feed them, and have the one in the uniform be the father of my children...and- whoops, said to much =))
BrunetteGiraffe's avatar
awwww :iconawwloveplz: *hugs roy then kisses him* so cute =D
4nim3-Sg-1-fr34k's avatar
awww! I'll adopt you, Roy! :glomp:
al888's avatar
Lolz! So cute! And the Cow Lady on the box! ( to lazy to look at my manga to lookup her name! :XD: )
YamiNoTora124's avatar
I'd totally take u home!!!
maith13's avatar
omochikaeriii <3
Darkandcrazyangel's avatar
Al would be the first to sneak him off along with the other cats.
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