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it came out quite a bit darker than what i had in mind, but whatever... it's my first time doing something like this so don't be hatin'...

triglav was one of the main gods of pagan slavic people (eastern europeans). it was a three-faced deity, symbolizing the dominion over the three realms - sky, earth, and the underworld. triglav was shown blindfolded, supposedly because the god was too sacred to view the evils of the earth, and his temple at Stettin was richly sculpted both inside and out and decorated with war booty on the inside.

it seems like it's a male diety, but that's my vision of the creature...

i really like the idea of making series of slavic gods, especially because i just found a list of all the gods and dieties of them

some more about slavic gods [link]

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I like that you gave Triglav a fourth head in his/her hands like Porevit of Rügen. About the god's gender: in 19th century one thought it was a female deity (Triglave, equated with the Greek Hekate who was called also 'Trikephala' Three-head), but nowadays Triglav is mostly regarded as a male deity. I think that it doesn't matter, cos a god is always more then humans and I don't think we can categorize the gods in human categories like gender.

Triglafa/Triglav was also worshipped in Berlin (Germany's capital city and my birthplace), for that reason I'm really interested in her/him.