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Cas Interview - Notes by Caswin Cas Interview - Notes :iconcaswin:Caswin 0 8
The Last Airbender: Suki Style
[WARNING: The following contains spoilers for the 2010 film The Last Airbender.  In itself, this is not much of a problem, because frankly, it's not a very good movie.  However, it also contains spoilers for the first season finale of Avatar: The Last Airbender, which is much better.  In any event...]
It has been said that M. Night Shyamalan regards the Kyoshi Warriors as one of his favorite parts of Avatar: The Last Airbender.  As such, he shot several scenes for them in his film adaptation of the first season, to the point where they threatened to become the main characters from their introduction until the Siege of the North.  So he cut them out wholesale and called it a day.
After hearing this and seeing the movie for myself, I thought -- besides wondering how much worse the movie could have been for the presence of a group of fan-wielding, face-painted warrior girls -- why stop there? (I hope you'll forg
:iconcaswin:Caswin 0 5
North by Northwest: Abridged
North by Northwest:
The Abridged Script
[We open on the side of a New York building, where the opening credits roll while the busy street is reflected in the windows.  For the next minute or so, an orchestra of frantic music sets the mood.]
[Inside one of these buildings, we follow Roger Thornhill, a marketing consultant, out the door. (Nice suits that never gets dirty, his own monogrammed matchboxes and everything.) This will never become particularly relevant, though it helps explain why he lies almost by default, as evidenced when he pushes past someone to get into a taxi on a flimsy excuse.]
THORNHILL: ...and that's why I'm a charming rogue.
WOMAN: You just pushed past a stranger with a patently made-up excuse to get into a cab slightly faster.  You're a jerk.
THORNHILL: No, I am definitely a charming rogue.
WOMAN: ...who are you?
THORNHILL: Cary Grant.
WOMAN: Sold.
[Thornhill goes to a restaurant and never shuts up.  To his credit, he's a funny
:iconcaswin:Caswin 1 1
PPPT2: ...People Died
Plastic Political Puppet Theatre 2:
Bush Acted on Bad Information; People Died
Dr. KosVeen strikes again, bad accents - Austrian and otherwise - and all.
KosVeen: Hello again.  Today I would like to address today the catchy slogan of "Bush lied; people died."  It is a very catchy phrase, to be sure, but how much truth is there to it?
[KosVeen holds up a tiny nuclear bomb that's hopefully not real.]
KosVeen: As you probably all know, the war in Iraq was primarily started over the belief that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction, which they were not supposed to have...
[Cut to that pile of green army men and "flamin' oil well" from last time, looking just a little out of place]
KosVeen: ...owing in large part to Iraq's history...
[Cut to Hussein, who has "angry eyes" of his own]
KosVeen: ...and then-current leader...
[Back on him.]
KosVeen: issue at a time, gentlemen - and, as you also probably know, the search did not pan out.  [He puts the minia
:iconcaswin:Caswin 0 2
Crazy Contest Entry V by Caswin Crazy Contest Entry V :iconcaswin:Caswin 2 3
PPPT 1: ...For Oil
Plastic Political Puppet Theatre #1:
...For Oil
For the uninitiated, Dr. KosVeen is a particularly strange person who speaks in a variety of bad accents, but defaults to bad Austrian when he is not imitating someone or talking to them and unconsciously picking up their dialect.  He is an opinion-laden man who (it comes as little surprise) is not a real doctor and makes his points with little plastic dolls - or would, if he didn't have a borderline mortal fear of showing his face to the public at large.
The solution: Make a script and release that.  Time for a test run.
Dr. KosVeen: Hello, everybody.  Today, we are going to talk about the war in Iraq, oil, and how putting the two together is, among other things, very silly from a practical point of view.
[Holds up a tiny toy oil can] This is oil.  It makes the world go 'round, at least until we run out.  But let us pretend that will never happen.
[Sets it down on a world map] Unfortu
:iconcaswin:Caswin 0 3
Goombas vs. Stormtroopers
The Goombas attack, charging as one huge mass of orangish-brown, as the Stormtroopers respond by firing wildly in all directions.  Some of them actually hit one. By the time the Goombas reach the Stormtroopers, they've suffered losses, but the bulk of the force is still there. Then the carnage begins as the Goombas tear through their ranks like Mario through pasta. Eventually, as it becomes obvious that they're getting slaughtered, someone has the presence of mind to call a retreat back to the hills, where they hold a position, firing downward... for a while.
The Goombas, with their mad surface-climbing skillz, drive them back to the forest, steadily wearing them down and forcing them to climb to safety (Looking quite silly in the process). Many proceed to fall out of the trees due to a mixture of Goombas bumping into the trees, causing them to shake, and sheer, unbridled incompetence. Said Stormtroopers land on some Goombas, killing them, before being covered by the horde. T
:iconcaswin:Caswin 5 14
Profile version 1.0 by Caswin Profile version 1.0 :iconcaswin:Caswin 1 2
ET vs. Hydlide and more
There have been many horrible video games over the years... Action 52... Hydlide... and the ever-infamous E.T... but which is the worst?  That will... not be decided here.  We're just gonna see whose star can kick everbody else's butt! *Some heavy techno plays, audience cheers* Running commentary are legendary huntress and star of a legendarily bad game Athena, and for no apparent reason, Devon of Quest for Glory!
Devon: Wait, why am I here?  My series was great!
Athena: Er... you had a series?
Devon: Yeah, the Quest for Glory Series!  Trial By Fire!  Shadows of Darkness!  Dragon Fire!
Athena: *Blink*
Devon: Grrrrr.  Never mind.
Athena: Right... well, anyway, here's Jake of the Blues Brothers to announce the contenders.
Jake: And here they are now!  Weakness incarnate with a few pointless spells, the soopa doopa small guy from Hydlide, iiiit's Jim!
*Jim wobbles slowly in, to scattered applause, and trips on a rock, halving his health*
Devon: For those who don't know, Jim's a guy who lo
:iconcaswin:Caswin 1 5


Dan Vs Silent Hill by kichigai Dan Vs Silent Hill :iconkichigai:kichigai 1,514 177 NorthStar Logo by MalamiteLtd NorthStar Logo :iconmalamiteltd:MalamiteLtd 4 6 Super Tails Vs. Tails Doll by CaribbeanPulse Super Tails Vs. Tails Doll :iconcaribbeanpulse:CaribbeanPulse 416 104 Attack of the Morning by MalamiteLtd Attack of the Morning :iconmalamiteltd:MalamiteLtd 62 44 Inspector Gadget by rubendevela Inspector Gadget :iconrubendevela:rubendevela 4,386 840
Time and Currency
Time and Currency
Time is Money.
1s = $1.00
Please note that $1.00 in this is not US dollars, but the universal unit of currency, found by:
               $=(Population of Earth)/(Total value of all currency)
From this, we can further extrapolate that:
V = d/$
$ = d/V
d = v ● $
a = (V2-V1)/ ($2-$1)
Further, since Force = mass ● acceleration, and acceleration can be described in m/$^2, force is affected by money. For example:
Say you pay $40.00 to move a 10kg object 80 meters from rest. Therefore, since V = d/$, V = 2 m/$. Now you can solve for acceleration. A = 2/40, which comes out to be 0.05 m/$^2. Now that we know the mass and the acceleration, we can solve for force.
F = m ● a    0.5N = 10kg ● .05 m/$2
Since money affects force, money also affects work. Let’s go to the problem above. Looking at that, we can determine that the object exhibited a f
:iconbambiman:Bambiman 2 10
John Calvin and Thomas Hobbes by spacecoyote John Calvin and Thomas Hobbes :iconspacecoyote:spacecoyote 11,512 0
Langley's Ark - 64
Burning their bridges was a mild way to put it.  They were going to storm the front gate, set it on fire as they went, take no hostages, and unless Brin could find some way to talk them out of it they'd probably shave the chairman's cat bald out of spite.  Thankfully, he had Dog on his side.  Him and Dog versus two very angry Stormrider twins.  Well, he always figured the day he broke his friendship with the two would involve copious amounts of fire and probably an unmarked grave or two as well.  
"So tell me again how this all started," Brin panted.  Dog was walking in his usual pace, which meant his strides could outdistance a loping greyhound and the chronomancer was having trouble keeping up.  Especially after sprinting halfway across campus to find Dog and then find that they'd have to go back to where he'd started.
"I merely warned the twins that the Cadre was taking an unnatural interest in the two as potentia
:iconfainting-goat:fainting-goat 5 4
Pikafather by kamesen Pikafather :iconkamesen:kamesen 8 25 Present from a Stranger by JohnSu Present from a Stranger :iconjohnsu:JohnSu 3,680 503 Slaying The Beast by twin-dragon Slaying The Beast :icontwin-dragon:twin-dragon 28 36 Tikal human wallpaper by mayshing Tikal human wallpaper :iconmayshing:mayshing 204 59



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