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In Which Jaune is a Cousin (2) - RWBY Short Story
“What?!” Beacon’s resident knight exclaimed with wide, blue eyes staring into a pair of silver ones that seemed to be sparkling.
Jaune was sitting at a desk in the library, working on the final essay for Doctor Oobleck’s class before everyone went home for Thanksgiving break.
Their friend group had discussed their plans with each other at lunch earlier that day.
Weiss had somehow convinced Blake to come with her to spend the break with her sister Winter, while the NPR trio were headed to Pyrrha’s home. He was of course invited, but turned them down, opting to go and visit his own home and family.
His trek would lead him across the entirety of Vale, even further than the other’s trips to Atlas and Mistral respectively, leading his friends to worry about him being on his lonesome on a bullhead for so long.
Thus, the sisterly duo of Yang and Ruby, who were headed home to Patch just two hours away, began to scheme. And after a few calls home, their plan
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House Spider - Oh Bother - Overwatch
There was one thing Brian was dreading as the break finally came to a close.
You might be asking, what could possibly worry him after he has been through so much?
Was it Widowmaker? No, he hasn’t seen or heard from her since the kidnapping incident happened.
Was it Emily? Not really. Even though she had become a little clingier since Lena left and he came back from the Talon base, but that wasn’t that bad.
No, he was worried about the inevitable return to school.
Brian was smart, classes were easy for him and teachers generally liked him.
The problem lied in his fellow students.
None of Brian’s friends were from school. In fact, most of them were like Hana, meaning he met them online and rarely, if ever, saw them in person.
The others were friends he met through Emily during her time at the local college, so they could almost 10 years older than him.
He never thought about it much, but the kids around school thought it was a little strange. That didn’t mean he w
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In Which Jaune attends signal - RWBY
It wasn't unusual for teenagers to live on their own when attending a combat school, but it was more common for parents to send their children to one close to home.
That wasn't the case for Jaune Arc, whose father was deadest against him going to Marker Academy near his hometown on account of a disagreement in beliefs with the headmaster. That didn't mean he didn't try to apply so he could attend with his friends from primary school.
He didn't expect to get in, so when his father approached him with his acceptance letters to both Marker in town and Signal, hours away on the island of Patch, he tried to convince his father to his side, but despite his and multiple of his sisters arguing for it, both parents were convinced Signal was the better option.
And two years later, Jaune would have to agree.
He wasn't thrilled to be moving so far away, even if his new apartment in the main town of Patch was a lot quieter than his room at home, which was surrounded on either side by a set of twins
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In Which Jaune gets a semblance - RWBY Short Story
“Ugh… my aching head.”
Those words were the first things out of Jaune Arc’s mouth as he awoke from a long night’s sleep. He was holding his forehead as he gazed lazily around the room he shared with the remainder of Team JNPR.
Ren was still tucked under the covers of his own bed, and Jaune just rolled his eyes as he saw the extra bump that could easily be made out as the missing Nora latching onto his side. The sound of running water signified that his own partner was showering at the moment.
Laying back, he thought back onto what might have caused this headache.
Nothing abnormal happened yesterday to his memory.
Classes happened as usual, he even got an extra hour of sleep during one of Professor Port’s more tedious lectures. Lunch was the normal arguments between the powerhouses of each team and some light teasing thrown his way once that was settled down. The last thing he did was his normal Tuesday training session with Pyrrha on the roof, and th
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House Spider - Chapter 6 - Family Moments
There was a moment of thick tension as the current Doomfist crossed the room.
The hostile environment that permeated the room amped up the uncomfortable atmosphere. But, all of that tension was blown away as the large man let loose a booming laugh and slapped Brian across the back, making the much smaller boy nearly fall over.
“I can’t believe my little nephew pulled one over on the Widowmaker, not once, but multiple times. Brought a prideful tear to my eye when she was ranting about it.”
The loud African man wiped a false tear from his eye while chuckling.
“She was very angry with you when I found her in your home. You have great taste in women, but that one might be more trouble than she’s worth.”
This statement caused the boy to flush and begin stammering.
“I was aiming for her arm!” he called out as he chased the laughing form of Akande out of the room.
Walking through the halls of the obviously active Talon base was a boring affair.
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In Which Jaune is a cousin - RWBY Short Story
Typical days at Beacon are crazy, loud and tend to involve at least someone being injured in some way, shape or form.
But, for some reason today was different.
It started out as it normally did, with teams RWBY and JNPR meeting up for a quick breakfast in the cafeteria before heading off to Professor Port’s class… and promptly falling asleep in it.
After surviving the boisterous lecture from the portly man, they would have to focus in completely to keep up with the teachings of Profe-Doctor! Oobleck in history. Mostly it ended with the rest of the group needing to borrow notes from each other.
This led into lunch, in which all of them would sit and listen to either another of Nora’s tall tales or Yang’s awful puns before finishing the school day out with Professor Goodwitch’s combat class.
With all of that done, and none of the normal craziness having happened, it left a lot of free time for each group. But for Ruby and Yang, that free time was now being t
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House Spider - Chapter 5 - Widow's Bite
Sound… sound was the first thing he noticed when he woke up on a cold hard surface in a dark room.
It wasn’t a small room, but for some reason it felt much smaller than it actually was.
Brian felt a throbbing sensation on the back of his skull, grunting as he touched the sensitive spot, feeling a lump that formed after… whatever happened.
Sitting up on what turned out to be an old medical stretcher, he squinted and looked around the room.
There was nothing on the walls and no defining features or furniture anywhere in the room, barring the stretcher he was currently on.
“How did I even get here? Last thing I remember I was watching a movie with Lena…” the teen said, rubbing his aching head and trying to recall what events led up to this.
Several Hours Earlier
“Oh that endin’ was terrible! I can’t believe they jus’ keeled ‘em off like that!” Lena pouted as the pair exited the local theatre and began making their way
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House Spider - Chapter 4 - Sibling Bonding
It was early in the morning when Brian woke up in his nice, warm bed. Despite the events of yesterday still prevalent in his mind, he was just really happy he was able to get some sleep without being bothered by the neighborhood assassin.
Rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, he got out from under his messily tossed blanket and began his morning routine.
First, he walked into the bathroom, brushing his teeth and combing his hair. Followed by grabbing an old orange sweatshirt and sweats to throw on.
With his clothes taken care of he tied a pair of running shoes and jogged out the door.
Being the only person home meant he didn’t need to quietly walk down the stairs as he normally would, instead he rushed down them and through the front door, locking it behind him.
He evened out his pace, jogging the remaining distance to the house to his left.
“For a minute, I thought you weren’t coming~” teased Emily, putting a hand on her hips.
She was wearing a yellow hoodie and s
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House Spider Chapter 3 - Awkward Situations
“Mom and my little brother are both out of town for the time being, so… do you want a better jacket? Maybe something to drink?” Brian asked Hana as they walked into his home.
Gesturing towards the kitchen he looked back and saw the Korean star scratching her cheek and avoiding eye contact.
“No, the jackets fine, but…” her voice trailed off before she mumbled something into the collar of her borrowed clothing.
The teen in front of her just raised an eyebrow at her odd behavior and turned his full attention onto her.
“You know, mumbling isn’t going to help me understand what you want to do… so just answer me. Face to face.” His tone was playful, but there was no doubt he was tired from the previous antagonizing he had received from next door.
She just shook her head and grabbed his hand. The sudden movement surprising Brian as his recently reacquainted friend dragged him behind her over to the couch.
The pair sat down and D. Va
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House Spider Chapter 2 - An Unlikely Reunion
‘Curse you and everything you stand for Murphy…’ Brian though as he was dragged by his hoodie into the familiar entryway of his neighbor’s house by a fuming Korean.
The duo didn’t even make it to the end of the hall before he found himself shoved rather roughly into one of the walls. A startled expression on his face as one of the hands that previously shoved him grabbed a fist full of his hoodie again.
“Where were you?!” D. Va exclaimed, still conflicted between being incredibly upset, angry or happy at the current situation.
Wide-eyed, Brian had no time to respond as the taller woman brought her face right up against his, glaring directly into his eyes.
“You just disappeared! I thought you were only going to miss a day’s worth of games, but I had to ditch on 2v2s because I had no partner!” Her look portrayed just how unhappy she was at him.
She released her death grip on his jacket and backed up. Her angry look fading into o
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House Spider - Chapter One - Don't Deliver Sweets
Why did everything have to conspire against him as of late?
All he wanted to do was get through his boring, average high school life and then move onto to a hopefully successful college education to prepare for his future. A future in what? Well he wasn’t exactly sure yet.
But after all of that drama concerning the recently reformed, renegade Overwatch and the terrorist organization Talon, that he was involved in, his life had become much more hectic.
His mother hadn’t taken the news that her children were right in the middle of a terrorist attack well and his little brother was now treating him as if he was a member of Overwatch. A hero that should be praised by everyone.
He was used to being adored by Timmy, but the sheer amount of time his little brother spent talking to him about the latest hero news or talking about how cool his friends thought Brian was… that was something he could never get used to.
Thankfully he managed to keep the fact he used the Doomfist to
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House Spider - Prologue
Brian’s life wasn’t overly exciting for a 17-year old boy and he didn’t seem like anything special to anyone unfamiliar with his family and their… special heritage.
You see, Brian may seem like your average teenager, with a loving mother and a cute, yet annoying little brother named Timmy… but that is just what it seemed like on the surface.
Of course, no one would notice the oddly large extended family that would come and visit the trio’s home throughout the year. Many being ex-military and from different nationalities.
It wouldn’t seem strange to anyone unless you studied up on each of the people and realized that most of them at one time or still do hold powerful positions in the world.
Brian and Timmy’s father might not be in the picture, but a slew of different Uncles and Aunts tried their hardest to make sure that their nephews were well taken care of.
And you might think to yourself that this information isn’t that big or imp
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Don't Freak Out by theunspokenprophet Don't Freak Out :icontheunspokenprophet:theunspokenprophet 122 29 Stan Lee: 1922-2018 by CaptainSguiggle Stan Lee: 1922-2018 :iconcaptainsguiggle:CaptainSguiggle 587 48 Stan Lee by daekazu Stan Lee :icondaekazu:daekazu 3,405 133 Spiderman (Peter Parker) and Kitty love cover by DiazH2xtremPPKP Spiderman (Peter Parker) and Kitty love cover :icondiazh2xtremppkp:DiazH2xtremPPKP 28 1 The Avengers-find you finally by Athew The Avengers-find you finally :iconathew:Athew 2,735 113 COMMISSION: Hypno Black Widow by Shono COMMISSION: Hypno Black Widow :iconshono:Shono 189 15 Commission: Bobobo vs All Might by Niban-Destikim Commission: Bobobo vs All Might :iconniban-destikim:Niban-Destikim 167 22 Sol by Airoliv by dragonestea Sol by Airoliv :icondragonestea:dragonestea 177 26 scarlet witch by maskedpenciller by singory scarlet witch by maskedpenciller :iconsingory:singory 122 14 Cana Alberona by GernetsArt Cana Alberona :icongernetsart:GernetsArt 129 9 Mr. Incredible practice by CoranKizerStone Mr. Incredible practice :iconcorankizerstone:CoranKizerStone 221 19 Commission - Spiderman and SheHulk by Mafer Commission - Spiderman and SheHulk :iconmafer:Mafer 524 38 Carlos by m-arci-a Carlos :iconm-arci-a:m-arci-a 113 4 Boobster Gold by PookieBearCosplay Boobster Gold :iconpookiebearcosplay:PookieBearCosplay 126 22 Spider-man CONCEPT Design 03 by DuckLordEthan Spider-man CONCEPT Design 03 :iconducklordethan:DuckLordEthan 1,131 44 Koming Soon by PookaDoodle Koming Soon :iconpookadoodle:PookaDoodle 1,317 69


Hey folks, as of now I have decided that In Which Jaune will be a series exclusively continued over on my FanFiction page - so if you like the story please go read the two new chapters that have been posted over there.…

When House Spider returns - and it will eventually - I will likely update it here and there. 
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