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Attack on Titan Harness Tutorial Part 1

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Waist Skirt Tutorial: casuallydisregarding.deviantar…

what i used as reference:…

Depending on how tight you make the two thigh straps, they have a tendency to wiggle their way down your leg when walking fix this HEM TAPE! Put some hem tape on the backs of the straps and basically tape them to your pants. They should stay in place most if not all of the convention. 
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Excuse me may I ask what other fabrics can be used if pleather isn't available
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I have a question: how are the straps connected to the 3D Maneuver Gear? I'm trying to see if I could do Hange on a budget, and my grandmother (the seamstress) and I have figured out the straps, but we don't know how exactly it's attached. Pictures from the anime aren't that helpful, and since we aren't using medal for the Gear, it won't be able to hook on in any way.
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I do not have the 3dgm. How you would attach it would be to to make the gray thigh parts ((i dont know the actual name for it)) out of a hard plastic and have a bolt that goes through the thigh part and into the sword holder. sorry if that is kinda confusing but I do not actually have the gear. If you are making the gear out of cardboard you might be able to get it to stay with industrial velcro instead of bolts
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i was thinking that.

I'm partially perplexed as to how to make it, but also excited to see where this takes me, as it will be my first time making a costume like this.
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Yeah I've seen a few people use industrial Velcro so as long as the gear isnt heavy it should be fine :)

dont worry about it too much, the journey is part of the fun ;) sending you all the good luck vibes on the gear
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Was looking for a way to keep the leg straps up on my costume and found this tutorial. Hem tape is such a good idea! Thank you very much!
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You are a genius! Thank you so much! I can now work on my AOT cosplay for halloween :D
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Do I need special needles for sewing the pleather, and will normal scissors work on the pleather? 
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you need strong needles so they don't bend and sewing scissors
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Thank you for this helpful tutorial!
I was wondering, did you hem the straps?
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I didn't on this one. I am going to be remaking the belts since I've had them for a year (and know everything that could go wrong and how to fix it) and when I remake them I will be hemming the straps. The hemmed straps look a whole lot nicer/cleaner.
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How much did the pleather cost??? Actually, how much did the whole cosplay cost you to make?
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Uh. I wanna say the pleather cost about $60... and the whole costume cost maybe near $200 to make.. I think.. It's been almost a whole year since I made it so I'm not 100% sure on costs.
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K thanks :) Great tutorial btw!
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How thick did you make the strapses? and how big/small are the belt buckles?
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My straps are all about an inch wide. The belt buckles are about and inch and a half. 
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Okay! Thank you! Oh, eh, yea, did you cut them with a "normal scissors"? Or did you had something special to make them the same wide?
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I measured out all the straps to make them the same width and I cut the straps with fabric scissors 
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Thank you soo much for posting this!! Quick question, how long did it take you to make this in general? I am in the midist of finals with my con 3 weeks away haha I don't know if it'll be easier to make it or just buy belts at this point.
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For me, it only took me three days, but I dedicated the whole day for them. Depending on when your finals end so that you could have time to work on them it could take longer. I feel like you would have enough time to make them though. My plan of action when I made them was one day for measurements, pattern making and buying materials. The second day I cut the material and pinned it all together to see if it would fit. And the last day I spent sewing everything together and making final adjustments. I would personally go with making them because A) you won't have that "how do these belts work?" moments that everyone I know who bought the belts had and B) my boyfriend's belts broke in two places when he put them on. The breaking was nothing super super major and I was able to fix them for him in about an hour and a half but the bought belt material is super thick and hard to sew. It is honestly your choice but I think it would be easier to make them yourself and I believe you have enough time to make them.

Good luck on your belts and your finals!  
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is the pleather thin or is it thick and dense?
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