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Attack On Titan Waist Skirt Tutorial


So by some miracle I got time to throw the waist skirt tutorial together that many have been asking me to make. Its honestly not the best because unlike the harnesses where I knew I was going to make a tutorial on how I made them, I didn't know I was going to make a tutorial on the waist skirt until after I was done with it. I will probably make a better one since I'm going to be helping a few friends make their harnesses and waist skirts so I can make a better tutorial that will probably be more helpful. Though that isn't going to happen until around thanksgiving maybe so here is one that I hope will help somewhat.

Also I totally forgot to add that the waist skirt is held together by strong ass Velcro. I tried skirt clips but those didn't work out too well for me. You can try the skirt clips or you can get strong ass Velcro it honestly depends on the type of fabric you use for the waist skirt.

Harness Tutorial part 1: casuallydisregarding.deviantar…
Harness Tutorial part 2: casuallydisregarding.deviantar…
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Hi i was just wondering if you said to use 2 or 3 yards of material, or 2/3s of a yard? 2 or 3 yards sounds like a LOT for just the skirt...
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Hi Thank you so much for all your excellent work on how to do the different parts of attack of titans my child has autism and wants to dress up for Supercon which is this month and had no idea how intricate everything is and I came across your DESIGNS and how to I hope if I get stuck I would be able to communicate with you chao drcrickett
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thank you!!
this is my first year doing aot cosplay and all these tutorials are very helpful!! :D
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Thanks I was thinking that i should make most of my cosplay and last night i was thinking how am I going to make the waist skirt and I saw this soooo thanks again ^__^
Wouldn't the skirt piece need to be wider than the hip measurement so that it can overlap?
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That 's what the stretchy fabric is for and will do :3
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Thank you for this. Will definitely come in handy when I finally start working on mine. ^_^
What kind of material did you use, if you don't mind me asking?
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It was a pleather like material but it was SUUUUPER stretchy and pretty thin.... I'm sorry I don't know the actual name of it but honestly any leather-looking material that is stretchy and thin will work.
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Sorry to be a bother, but do you think this would work? I appreciate your feedback! ^_^…
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That looks great! I think it would work, You should be fine. Good Luck with your cosplay! ^.^
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I'd also like to know! Please and thank you!
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which one is the pattern, A or B?
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There are two patterns you should be making, one for the main part of the skirt and one for the waistband of the skirt. Pattern A (the first patter you see) is for the main part of the skirt and pattern B (the second pattern you see its right under pattern A) is the pattern for the waistband of the skirt 
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How'd you do the boots? They're awesome!
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I bought the boots online. The link where I got them is on my Harness tutorial :)
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Whoops disregard that I just noticed that link you provided lmao.
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thanks! This is gonna help me for my cosplay at Kawa con this year!
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thank you soooo much this is gonna be so helpful
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tahnk you so much!! this is so helpful
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Nice set of tutorials !  Will have to definitely try them over winter break.
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Where did you get your boots? I had trouble finding affordable boots online. ;~;
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