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The Morality of Homosexuality

A father picks up his newspaper the morning after he buried his son, a Marine Corps Corporal. He found the front page dominated by a story about protesters thanking God for killing another soldier. The protester's justification? Their message is supported by scripture: God is punishing America for being tolerant of homosexuals and the death of soldiers is a welcome sign of God’s wrath. How is a parent supposed to feel when their beloved child, who happened to be different, dies fighting to protect a people who's only response is “You’re going to hell!” and “God hates you!” ? The claim in question today is "Hom

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Yoohoo~! Remember me?

Yoohoo~! Remember me?

Hello, silly watchers~! I don't know if it's flattering or laziness that I'm still on many friends' watchlist, but nevertheless I feel obligated to make a small journal to point out that I've created a new account (I KNOW - it's the worst move a deviant can make). Luihu ( is the new one, and if you want reasons, there are a few: 1. I'm taking the high road with cleaning up this account. I hate tidying up the Internet. 2. I like the new name better. 3. There is no third reason but there always needs to be at least three reasons! All old friends are welcome! Old enemies are just as welcome so that I can use them as fodder! I'll see you



Just so that you know, I'm not bitter at the Swedish people for what I said in the last journal - they're getting screwed as much as the Finnish are and are just as outraged. Fuck the Swedish government for their fuck-up-the-ass-laws, and fuck the Finnish government for complying getting fucked in their ass.

Swedish, don't bother.

Swedish, don't bother.

Guess what? I won't have to bother coming back to deviantART, and it's all thanks to Sweden. You heard me right - because of SWEDEN my deviantART-fun is wasted even if I got my muse back from her slumber. Starting from December 1st, Sweden's Defense Forces are going to start monitoring EVERYTHING that comes from Finland's direction, including phonelines, e-mails and every single message in every single application. They save it, store it, and call it national defense. Wow. The best fucking part is that Finland won't do dick. Seriously, it sounds like a dickish conspiracy story, but the old "government won't do anything about this" actually

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Hey, Casual! It's been a long time!

You might not remember me. . .You were one of my first friends when I started on DA.

I was just looking through what my friends favorited my drawings and you popped up, and I wanted to catch up with'ya!

Also, I was wondering why you have stopped watching me. ;-;

I hope you remember me!
mangameowHobbyist General Artist
MISS YOUUU!!!! </3333
(Just letting you know~ ;P )
mangameowHobbyist General Artist
I miss you. </3
I miss him too. :(
He was a great friend of mine.
mangameowHobbyist General Artist
I hope he comes back soon....
I miss him! D:
*flops on floor and cries* :iconcryingplz:
Yeah... I miss him too and I hope too that he comes back. :´<
mangameowHobbyist General Artist
Big bwothewr? :<