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June 3, 2007
A Child's Dream by ~CasualBlue works on several levels, including whimsy and how offputting it can a fun, affectionate robot with teddy bear head and avian creatures chasing a toddler kind of way. Its also painted well.
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This was my final piece for my art A-level coursework. As you can see it's hugely inspired by the legendary Ashley Wood, since he was the main artist I was focusing on through out this project. My first complete oil painting.
oil on wood
24" x 48"
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We're currently working on a remake of the original MSX Metal Gear and are recruiting artists to work on the cutscenes (in the style of Peace Walker/Graphic Novels).

If you/someone you know might be interested then please let me know at;

You can also check the progress of the mod here;

Just cleaned up my favourites and this is definitely one to stay on the list. It gets more stunning ever time I see it. :)
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haha thanks tom, appreciate it as always.

how's it going for you?
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You know what? Dont get me wrong... Fuck it im just gonna say it! I actually think its better than a lot of ashleys works. But thats what happends when your hughley inspired, right!?

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haha cheers, I'd disagree though n_n I don't think I can paint as good as he can.
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Good job on the painting, master BLOO.:dance:
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merci beaucoup n_n
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This Is A "Found Heart" Deviation! :heart:

~The Deuce Of Hearts
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thanks, glad you like it n_n
although the style is ashley wood, this is definitely your own piece.
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Wow is this the painting you talked to me about when we talked to each other on msn? One way or another, it looks absolutely marvellous man, great work.
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cheers XD I can't remember, but it's probably it.

Lovely work Roady :P You should do something for your profile on bootleggers..similar to this..maybe a ROADKILL thinks...or dreams.. rofl something like that man

You're a brilliant artist, everywhere.
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lol cheers, nah I decided to not return. n_n
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Not quite my idea of a 'childs dream' but it's still good. The toddler doesn't look like he's having fun so would say it's a nightmare not a dream.
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It's meant to be a nightmare lol but a child's dream sounded better, cheers.
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saw this on agfx before, but holy crawp, i just need to :+fav: it..
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