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I need help. As many of you have noted (and complained) it's been a while since I did full color stuff. Its not that I don't love it, its that its so time consuming. So I am putting out the call to see if anyone wants to help me color my line art. 

Its ironic that coloring pics for sl44n3sh-CFA is how I started and got the confidence to make my own work, (heck, how I learned what layer styles are for in photoshop) and now I too am open for someone with more time and energy than myself to take a stab at it. I have a lot of stuff just sitting in a pile to get scanned and some sequential pieces that really need to be in color to be seen right... 

So for any of you out there who might be into the challenge, drop me a line and I can send you some hi-res scans I have in the stash or anything I have posted recently. Tag folks in the comments to see if they're up to the challenge. 

Thanks in advance, and to everyone who encourages me to keep going AND to put out quality work. 
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I have recently dug up an old flash drive of scans I had lost - I put up 3 tonight and hope to be uploading more soon and getting back at it with the sites. Thanks for all your support and patience and salute everyone who is working hard making me want to keep up!
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