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The The Legend of Everett Forge's Kickstarter is now LIVE! Kindly check out the link below to know more about this amazing project. Also, awesome pledge rewards will be given to those who will backup the campaign.

The Legend of Everett Forge's Kickstarter

Writer/Creator: Scott Wilke​
Art/Lettering: ClickArt Studios​
Publisher: About Time Comics​

EF01 cover by castortroy3497
Legends Of Candralar 01 By Candralar-d9f8abm by castortroy3497

Legends Of Candralar 04 By Candralar-d9f8bmf by castortroy3497

Hello everyone. We are very proud to announce that Book 1 of Legends of Candralar has been printed! This is our team's first published comic book work and we're very excited for the launch. It's been a great experience working on this book and we'd like to give a shout out and thanks to Chad Ottens :iconcandralar: for putting his faith in us to create the world of Candralar.

Please stay tuned for updates on the launch and where you can pick up a copy. Meanwhile you can read some of the pages online via this link:


We'd appreciate all your support when the book comes out. I'm sure you'll have a blast with Book 1. Thank you in advance and enjoy!
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Let's support Digital Manga Inc. Kickstarter campaign to localize and publish 31 volumes of Osamu Tezuka’s works into English by pledging to reach their goal.

For more details:…

Thank you!
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Just wanted to give everybody a big hello...


Hope you are all doing fine. Thank you for visiting my page. :peace: :headbang:

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Well once again, it's one sunny morning here in the small group of islands called Philippines...and later in the afternoon, I'd predict that it won't be this sunny anymore. We have a weird weather condition here actually. Sometimes it's the other way around, you wake up and it's raining like hell and in the afternoon bright skies and ray of sunshine is on your face. Sometimes we even get both sun and rain going at it at the same time, really weird conditions now a days. Funny times isn't it? Maybe the ozone has something to do with it, being thin and all.

Anyway, just wanted to greet all you fellow deviants a good day. Hope it started good as mine did and I hope we all have a productive day ahead of us...not just today but for the coming days ahead. To all those who commend me on my work, thank you very much for your time visiting and commenting, I really appreciate every word very much. Negative or positive it helps me to be a better artist. And to all great artists here on DA who inspires me on a new level of artistry, kudos to all of you. I really enjoy being a part of this online community. Let's make our stay here on DA not only enjoyable for the next years to come, but worth staying aswell. Again, good day to all.



Great Artists in DA:
Haven't been able to update my account here for quite some time now. Just been lurking around from time to time. It seems like whenever I'm trying to finish artworks to post here, other things come up to occupy my time...grrr. Well I hope this time around I'll be able to focus on making some fun stuff. I'll try to be more active in DA for a change.
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Just looking around.

:rose: :skullbones:
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I haven't really had the time to put up something new in my gallery lately, been really busy with work and with some personal well, I got married. Anyway, now that I think I'll be having some free time, I'll try to put some new artworks in my gallery. I'm really hyped in creating and experimenting on new stuff so we'll see what happens. Hope I'll be more creative these days, really been a while since I last made drawings. Drop by every once in a while for updates!
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As artists, I know all of you sometimes have the same problem as I do.....or is it just me :ashamed: ? Well, you know when you have all this ideas or plans inside your head :ashamed: about something you want to draw, and get all excited about it :boogie: that you prepare your drawing materials and references :painter:. And when you sit down to start drawing, you suddenly feel sleepy :sleepy: or you'll end up just reading your reference materials until you decide to postpone your plans for the next day, and what's worst, is that it happens to you again the next day :psychotic:! I'm not gonna lie, but that happens to me a lot :cries:.  But there are times that when I get those creative juices flowing, my hands just can't stop drawing.  I like it when that happens that I'm afraid to stop because I know that when I stop, there's a chance that when I start working again, the downside of my artistic mood swing may takeover :raincloud:. How can we as artist, avoid this so called mood swings that prevent us from being creatively productive?:steaming:........or then again maybe's just me....:pills:
Wow, my very first journal entry.  :writersblock: Don't really know what to write, I just feel like it's something I must do to be able to share to my fellow Deviants not only my art, but also a part of who I am. So here goes.  First of all, I just joined DA last Oct. 7 this year (2005), and I'm really quite excited being here.  So far, I've posted 9 deviations in my gallery and haven't been able to add since.  Well, I've been quite busy with my job lately :work:, but I'm working on some peices that I would really like to put in my gallery.  Wish I could work faster :sprint: Eniweis, I've been looking around :spin:, reading journals and browsing at some of the artworks made by other deviants, I must say that their art and the passion they have in what they do, really inspire me to create something great.  I'm not really that good :painter: but what I'm trying to say is suddenly, I felt the urge to do better in my drawings, to experiment, to be more creative, and not to be afraid.  I'm really hyped :boogie:.  Already I've chosen some great pieces as my fav's and I know there's more great stuff out there which I haven't seen.  I wish I could get to know some of DA's members better, I know I could learn a lot from this group.  Well, my gallery's not much, but I'm planning to update it soon so others can see my artworks and maybe try to help me improve them :fingerscrossed:  I do believe I'll enjoy myself here at DA, and I hope to be able to contribute something good enough for others to enjoy :deviation:.  Hello again Deviants! :wave: Salutations to you all! :headbang: