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Welcome all to the Castlevania Fanclub here on DA! This club is dedicated to every aspect of the popular classic gaming series, Castlevania.  If you're an oldschool or newschool fan of the game series, then this is the place for you! :bulletred:Club News:bulletred: August 20st: Hiatus Update Apologies to all you still out there in CV land for the almost year-old update. Things have been hectic in life and news in the Castlevania world has been slim up until now. Hopefully a new contest will be on the horizon shortly. Thanks for being so patient! :bulletblue:Contest:bulletblue: TBA :bulletpurple:Castlevania News:bulletpurple: FINALLY!
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:bulletred:June 7th -"BOSS MONTH" Contest :bulletred: - Amongst some video gaming sites, there's a little phenomenon known as "JUNE IS BOSS MONTH", where all give tribute to bosses of video games past and present. Here at CVFC, we decided that we should follow up on that tribute. Here's your chance to draw your favorite bosses from any game of the Castlevania series. It could be one from your favorite game, or an obscure one that nobody ever remembers, but deserves credit anyway. Feel free to pop a hero in there too, but the focus is the BOSS. Have fun! Contest Points: - 1st Place Worth 2 Points! - 2nd & 3rd Place 1 Point! Rules: - P
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For staff to keep tabs on what members have what points from contests and other events. Ranking can be edited accordingly. Current Rankings Are: Vampire Hunter Novice - 5 Points Vampire Hunter Apprentice - 10 Points Vampire Hunter - 15 Points Master Vampire Hunter - 20 Points Vampire Killer - 30 Points Shopkeeper - Donators ------------------------------------- Member Points: gemelli ( - I Farallan ( - I Alyona-Eva ( - I Noiry ( - I Maevachan ( - I Marto ( - III
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Are you guys alive?
anybody knows the name of this game?


its most likely to be a fanmade castlevania. but out of curiosity, what is this? mobile game websites mistaken this game as Dawn of Sorrow, but its obviously not.

the interface is quite similar to a chinese remake of castlevania, Qinshang [link]

can i plz join this group CV rock and I'll like b a member of it's fan club =)
if it's okay with you, may I join this club, I always luv the castlevania series.
castlevania, nice.
Lovely, a castlevania club! :D
Oh my, I hope the club hasn't died.