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:new: Updated General Rules section.
Updated Commercial Use section.

Point :points: or monetary donations are greatly appreciated!

If you cannot abide by these rules, please do not utilize my stock. Thank you!

General Rules:

1. You may use my stock to create artwork (manipulations, drawings, paintings, etc). You do not need to ask before doing this. 
2. You may NOT redistribute my stock in any way, or claim it as your own. This includes but is not limited to pre-cuts, brushes, and pre-made items. You never have my permission to upload my stock or photography to other sites (tumblr, pinterest, etc). Stock is for artistic use - do not re-upload unedited versions of my images, or simply put a filter on an image and upload it.
3. Provide a physical credit link in the description of your deviation. This is required for physical use of the stock and references. This credit is so very appreciated and will also allow other artists to discover my stock. You can link to the image you used, or my profile.
4. Show me any and all art that you create using my stock! This is the biggest reward and 'payment' to me. I love seeing what others create with my stock. Please either post a link to your artwork in the comments of the image you used, on my profile, or in a note. This includes all artwork submitted on DeviantArt or any other website. If I have not added your work to my favorites, I have not seen it! Notify me of use!
5. You may NOT use my stock in any way that promotes hate or abuse, or is sexually explicit. While you can use my stock in art that portrays violence and sensuality, it must be for the sake of the artwork itself.

About Commercial Use:

Yes, you can use my stock for commissions!***
1. Any use for commissions on Deviant Art that earn more than the equivalent of     $50 USD     (in any currency or points) are required to donate a minimum of     250 points (or $2.50 USD)     to me for each instance of use. More is always appreciated. This is     only 5% of your profit     (for a $50 commission), which I think is very fair. 
2. Any use for commissions that earn less than the equivalent of $50 USD are not required to make a donation. However, if you would like to make a donation (the value of which is at your own discretion) it would be appreciated!
3. Use for commercial gain outside of DeviantArt is determined on a case by case basis. If you are interested in using my stock for commercial gain outside of DeviantArt (ie. book covers, selling on etsy, etc) please contact me via note to discuss details and fees. I am flexible and willing to work with you! 
(You may use my stock to create commissioned manipulations for people who will use them outside of DeviantArt on sites such as roleplaying forums.)
***4. Any image with the prefix "WSC" (Wildlife Science Center) may not be used for any commercial uses whatsoever. (They may still be used in gifts, art trades, or personal work.)

Blacklisted Sites:

Sites blacklisted have used stock without credit or stolen HTML from me. My stock and HTML may not be utilized on these sites.
If my stock or codes are found on these sites you will be reported to your hosting service for theft.

1. Blossom Forest - blossomforest-rpg.atwebpages.c…

If you have any further questions about using my stock, please feel free to comment here or note me!

© 2015 - 2021 CastleGraphics
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VampireSessh's avatar

Haven't done anything with your stock yet(I want to eventually and will share when I do!), but I wanted to say that you have some beautiful photos!

Amythewhitewolf's avatar

May i make premade poses for chatlands using your stock ( poses/avatars that a premade for the user to buy and use ) every pose will be linked back to their respective referenced image , and you will be welcome to use any pose made from your stock.

CastleGraphics's avatar

Hi there! Sorry this is a months late reply, but that's totally fine! I just ask if you make the equivalent of $50 (accumulated from multiple sales in this case) that you donate back to me. Thanks so much! Hope you can still find my stock useful. ^_^

SpiedeWolf's avatar

i'd like to use your stock as a reference photo for my wolf character on a rpg site i write on. credit can/will be given on the character's profile, if that's ok? <3

CastleGraphics's avatar

Hi there! Yes that's fine as long as there is a credit link back to my profile. ^_^

Zozo1bobo's avatar

Can I use your stock on Horse Eden Eventing?

CastleGraphics's avatar
You may as long as you include credit that directs people to my profile, and show me anything you create using my stock. You may not redistribute my stock unchanged.
Zozo1bobo's avatar

Ok! Thank you so much! I used your stock Nakota 10, but I posted it in the comments!

CastleGraphics's avatar
Sounds good! Just be sure to include credit on/with the image when used on another site. ^_^
Amythewhitewolf's avatar
Hello may i use your stock as references for poses for chatlands ( its a rpg site where you can have avatars  ) my commissions are no higher then 5.50 and any commissions,poses,ect will be posted on DA with proper links to your stock so other may find it.
CastleGraphics's avatar
Yep thats fine, as long as off-site use also provides a credit link back to DA - either to your deviations or to mine. ^_^
CherDrawsThings's avatar
If I do a commissioned painting that I loosely reference one of your photos for, do I need to give you 5% of the profit?
Your photos are all beautiful btw <3
CastleGraphics's avatar
If it earns over $50 USD, then yes. ^_^
ncrdix's avatar

Hey, I am starting to do commissions, and I would like to know if I have your consent to use your stock outside of deviantart?

CastleGraphics's avatar
You may so long as you inform me of use (show me your work), credit me appropriately, and make donations where applicable (you may donate using paypal).
ncrdix's avatar

How much am I supposed to donate?

CastleGraphics's avatar
As per my terms, the minimum donation per use is 250 :points: or $2.50. More is always appreciated.
Kasperian's avatar
Hi there!
I was wondering if I could make linearts from your stock and then allow others and myself to make point/cash adoptables with lineart?

CastleGraphics's avatar
That's fine as long as you make a donation back to me.
Kasperian's avatar
How much of a donation would you like?
CastleGraphics's avatar
Whatever you feel is fair; my base rate is 250 points or $2.50 via paypal. 
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