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Venus Trinket

Man, I really need to study some more color theory.
Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy this anyways.
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Looks like Peanut from Crush Crush

> trinket

Isaac taught me what to do. Buy Trinket Smelter and then find the R key.

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I had a dream a lot like this once...

thepowerfulmage13's avatar

I like most of your work because you make the girl at the end of the transformation cute instead of ultra-sexy which is something pretty rare in the tg community.

LonleyGod's avatar

I'll take youre entire stock!!!

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Nice one! One note of feedback, given the platforms also going through a transformation as implied by the second panel, it seems like a full body shot is missing in this one. I'd be the only one complaining though, great work.

this is really cute!

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If only it were that easy! Is it the type of thing where she changes back if she takes the necklace off? Or would she need a different one to change back if she wanted? Or maybe it's a one way street?

CastleDolphyn's avatar

I didn't think that far into it.

For me, I like to think it's permanent but reversible with the opposite necklace... That was lost to time about 3k years ago.

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I'm the type that over thinks things all the time, so I appreciate you satisfying my curiosity! :D

I wonder if he thought he was putting on an Egyptian Ankh, a mistake she probably won’t repeat.

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This is adorable! :3

Blackusurp's avatar

Can u please do a girlfriend for me?)

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