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Fjara Firemane

This is my main character from Skyrim which I have put the most hours into (I think) ... maybe not now that I think about it BUT who cares, she is the one I like the most.
Now, allow me to nerd out and give some details.

Name: Fjara Firemane

Race: Nord

Age: 22 Years

Birthstone: Mage

Main Abilites: Destruction and Restoration spells, Marksmanship, Shouts

Description: Fjara Firemane was born in Darkwater Crossing, Eastmarch 4e179, four years after the end of the Great War. Despite the return of Imperial Soldiers after the signing of the White Gold Concordat, Fjara grew up with little knowledge of the conflict. She was captured and sentenced to death at Helgen after straying too close to the border of The Rift while doing totally girly things like picking flowers, skipping, and singing while befriending the local wildlife like an absolute princess. Anyways, she may or may not have accidentally crossed that border, inadvertently walking straight into an Imperial ambush, but totally not with that thief over there. Ralof managed to defend Fjara from Imperial soldiers as they made their escape, after which she made her way to Whiterun, where her adventure begins.

Fjara refrains, as much as possible, from killing during her adventures. Unless her life is imperiled (or those of the innocent) she will seek out solutions exempt of violence. She does not, however, hold this same view towards creatures she views as evil, such as undead, falmer, chaurus, trolls, etc. When it comes to hostile animals like wolves and sabrecats, she prefers to frighten or run from these aggressive animals rather than kill them outright.

Expect to see more (albeit more sketch type drawings) of Fjara in the future!
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I have never been able to get into Skyrim myself but this looks really cool!

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Yeah, I love the game but I can see how it turns some people off lol it takes forever to play

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Getting some powerful Ittle Dew vibes from this.

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Never seen it before, but from a quick search online I can see what you mean.