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Greetings to the Castle folk...

SpotlightI'm encouraged to share that I'm extending this contest for THREE MORE WEEKS. I just can't close this "first time" contest with more prizes to share than I have participants. ;p

Remember the "Peculiar Children" idea is not far off of a Halloween or Gothic concept. There are prizes! Points and Stock Exclusives!! There will be features, too, along with llamas! Finish up that piece you've started, enter again or begin NOW.  If there any questions at all, just ask!


For Stocks and Ideas!

The Contest:

We are having our first "official" Contest here and at our sister Castle :iconcastle-of-cards: If you've read "Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children", or plan to see the movie this month OR just like making art that's a bit weird, odd or peculiar then this contest is tailor made for you. Take a look at this sneak peek of the movie to get in the mood.

BIG THANKS to These Generous Sponsors of Exclusives:

:iconwesley-souza:      :icondeathbycanon-stock:       :iconcd-stock:

:iconmagikstock:            :iconnitchwarmer:         :iconbonbonka:     :iconybsilon-stock:    :iconmarphilhearts:

Points Donated by:

:iconwdwparksgal:     :iconjhutter:     :iconreddawgi:

:iconnewsboyplz: More features and prizes are being sought as well.

Here are the details:

:bulletred: Your artwork MUST have at least one representation of either a "peculiar" child, Miss Peregrine OR a Hollowgast or Wight

PLEASE NOTE: You are FREE to create YOUR OWN PECULIAR in this contest.

For more information here are Wiki References:
The Peculiar Children

The Peculiar Children 

:bulletred: You MUST have a description that informs the viewer of who/what you are illustrating. This is particularly important if you are creating a "new" Peculiar. We must know what it is that makes them "peculiar."
:bulletred: Size and orientation open.
:bulletred: Send us your best work; let us see your talent folks!
:bulletred: Artwork must be a new image created for this game.
:bulletred: Media for this group is either digital photomanipulation or digital mixed media.

:bulletred:You must be a member of :iconcastle-of-manips: OR :iconcastle-of-cards: to participate. Please JOIN US!
:bulletred: All entries must include a link to this journal and the group icon in the description.
:bulletred: No limits for submissions. But only one of your entries can win. :p
:bulletred: Credit all stocks you used with a direct link. Always read terms and conditions on how you may use the stock.
:bulletred: Due date now is November 24th 2016
:bulletred: Submit your entry to the CONTEST FOLDER.
:bulletred:We reserve the right to decline any work due to poor quality, or in case it doesn't meet the rules of the contest and/or doesn't fit the theme.

Here are some examples as found around DA: 
Peculiar Children 3 - Entrance To The Other Side by jhutter                         Peculiar Children 2 The Portal by jhutter                     Peculiar Children 1 by jhutter          

Emma Bloom by IvanikaGothow                         Peculiar Children: Fiona Frauenfeld by IvanikaGothow                     Peculiar Children: Jacob Portman by IvanikaGothow

:judge: Contest ENDS November 24th 2016 :trophy:

SPREAD THE WORD in your groups around DA about this awesome CONTEST, folks! Thanks :huggle:


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:iconnewsboyplz: If Your Group Would Like to Affiliate With Our Group, Please Send a Request!
New Members Welcome!
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fun idea, I loved this book!
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Thanks, and the second and third in the trilogy REALLY steps up the suspense. :)
deathbycanon's avatar
I haven't read the 2nd one yet but Chloe, my youngest did. She said she didn't like it as well as the 1st - but I think one of her favorite characters was killed off & she gets that way when you mess with her fictional characters. :giggle:
Reddawgi's avatar
I SO get that, about having favorites killed off. I've lost interest in a number of excellent tv shows for that same reason (Bates Motel comes to mind.) If the writing is done well enough, the people take on flesh and bones and thus feel very real to us, right? BTW, I LOVE the images of your daughters-these girls are lovely. :)
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awww thanks, I have a whole stock gallery full of them. :icondeathbycanon-stock: They have been DA stock models for a very long time. :D 
Reddawgi's avatar
I just realized your personal acct is the one listed as a donator. Gotta fix that. Yes, I've admired your girls' stock images for a while now. :)
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