Penny Dreadful Meets Steampunk Tarot

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Greetings Castle Folk...

Yes, I'm in a SP (Steampunk) mood again.
And thanks to the new series on Showtime,
"Penny Dreadful,
" my mood is more on the dark side as well. So, with that
in mind this challenge will be to create a Tarot card that
includes both SP elements AND the vibe of a
"Penny Dreadful" 'zine from the Victorian era.

A "Penny Dreadful" as defined by is:
an inexpensive novel of violent adventure or crime
that was especially popular in mid-to-late Victorian England.
Penny dreadfuls were often issued in eight-page installments.
The appellation, like dime novel and shilling shocker,
usually connotes rather careless and second-rate writing
as well as gory themes. Consider Mary Shelley's
"Frankenstein's Monster" and Oscar Wilde's
"The Picture of Dorian Gray" as well as others
for inspiration on this theme.  

I know that this could be a REAL challenge for
many here in the Castle but I'd love to see y'all
tackle it. (In fact, I just might come knocking
on your cyber door to pester you individually to do so. ;p)
I look forward to seeing the creativity I've seen
displayed in EACH of you folks' galleries, put to task here. ;)

Here are the details:
:bulletblue: For this challenge ANY card from the Tarot is allowed.
So, if you are drawn to one of the Minors-you are free to choose it.
:bulletblue: there MUST be elements or background imagery that are Steampunk.
:bulletblue: The "vibe" of your card needs to come across as "story"
that might have been usable in a Victorian era "penny dreadful."
Think dark, gothic, eery, unnatural or supernatural here.
:bulletblue: you must include the card's numerical numbering or word description.
:bulletblue: Any media accepted
:bulletblue: size requirement is 5x7 (portrait view)
:bulletblue: frame or border is suggested but not required
:bulletblue: Due date is July 20th

I'll be adding examples of artwork that captures the
concepts that I'm looking for, as I find them.
Check back here for that.

Tarot- The Devil by WiccanSilver     Of Brass and Steam: Perilous Diver by BrookeGillette  

Death Steampunk Penny Dreadful Tarot by Reddawgi   The High Priestess by jhutter

There WILL be prizes! Either points, artwork or exclusive stock.

OK, I think this covers it all. If we have a healthy
participation number, I'll organize similar challenges
for other cards-so tell your friends and groups
you have influence in about our game. :)

General instructions for submission…</div>

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