New Challenge MY SADNESS'

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New Challenge My Sadness

Castle Divider by TwistedWytch

Hello Castle Folk...

We're doing something different this month, delving into our feelings and illustrating a sadness, pain or emotional injury. This is a sphere that can include many things. For example, for me it's chronic migraine pain. I imagine this challenge will grab a LOT of artists willing to "go there" OR, we'll here crickets. ;p If this is not your "thing" I encourage you to visit our sister group, :iconcastle-of-manips: for the likely more lighthearted new challenge "Redheads Delight."  Here are the details:

:bulletred: Your work MUST feature at least ONE model or animal
:bulletred: You MUST describe in the note what exactly your sadness is about (don't leave it for us to guess) If this is missing, we MAY accept the piece for the challenge but        
it won't be considered for prizes.
:bulletred: For a challenge like this one, think outside of the box, seek out a way to show your sadness. It needn't be terribly literal. Surreal is good way to go.
:bulletred: Send us your best work
:bulletred: Artwork must be a new image and multiple submissions acceptable
:bulletred: Media is WIDE OPEN, options for type of media include collage, traditional media, digital.
:bulletred: Challenge ends on June 5 2017 at midnight PST (the clock on the home page never seems to work to show that it's not due by noon ;p)
:bulletred: You MUST include our group icon and the challenge theme in your description, while we MAY accept the piece, it will not be considered for prizes.
:bulletred: Proper credit to your stock providers must be given. If the stock is your own, please comment in the artist description that personal stock has been used to avoid confusion.

White Candles (Left) by AngelicHellraiser Melting Candles Divider by LadyGlitch White Candles (Right) by AngelicHellraiser


Examples of helpful stock

Sadness by Shiskababe         oh so sad by empatia-stock

Examples of concept:
sadness by Lhianne       Sadness by G-Moel

Prizes Donated so Far:


Exclusive packs for the first three (3) winners from :iconposerfan-stock:

We are still searching for more exclusive prizes. PLEASE let us know if you're a provider who'd like to help us. :iconthankyouplz:

Points donated by :iconreddawgi:
Points by :iconvka3:
(or any other points providers willing to help out :)
Features by: :iconthestockwarehouse: who is affiliated with a number of groups, so LOTS of exposure

General instructions for submission can be found here:

General Rules for Submissions and Challenge Entries

Be sure to tell your friends or include this journal in any groups you are an "influencer" in. Please let your buddies know about our group :)

Candle Divider o1 by AngelicHellraiser
black divider by ToxiceStea

CSS made by artorifreedom
Pattern by crazy-alice
Key by patronus-stock
Brushes by anaRasha-stock & ro-stock

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kawaiiunicornbitch's avatar
I sent a request for joining the group ^_^ I'm sooo gonna enter this contest :3 It's a good thing that I work fast lol
Reddawgi's avatar
Hi... I see that you just joined our "sister" group, the :iconcastle-of-manips: but don't see a request for this group. I'm happy to add you if the request has gone MIA. :)
kawaiiunicornbitch's avatar
Oh thank you! Even if I've been a member on DA a long time, I'm still a noob xD 
Reddawgi's avatar
I'm so sorry this piece wasn't added to the group for the challenge. I missed it, not realizing it was in my "responses" area rather than sent in as a submission. Please don't let me goof discourage you from playing again. :)
kawaiiunicornbitch's avatar
it's okay, I didn't know where to submit to the group so I was confused lol
Reddawgi's avatar
Well next time, send me a PM. That way I'll be sure to see it and will secure your piece. :)
kawaiiunicornbitch's avatar
Here is my entry! :) 
My sadness - Anxiety by kawaiiunicornbitch
VKA3's avatar
I didn't originally make this for you but my cat Popcorn was put down last week.

Sweet Rememberance by VKA3
Reddawgi's avatar
Oh, I'm so sorry to hear this. It's a fitting piece for the challenge, definitely. :hug:
VKA3's avatar
Is Literature Okay?
Reddawgi's avatar
We can accept literature but i'm not sure how that would work-first time someone's asked. Can you include it as a description along with an art piece?
VKA3's avatar
I put the literature on a picture of my cat, Popcorn.
MayTijssen's avatar
I can't add my entry to the subfolder... I don't have the option to add any art to the group, which is strange because it was there yesterday Tied Down
Reddawgi's avatar
Did you go to the Challenge Folder/Subfolder on the left hand side (the small folder?) If not, go there, open it and scroll down to the current challenge. For now though, I'll send you a request for your piece. :)
MayTijssen's avatar
I did! I went into that exact folder, but there was no option to add my art to said folder.
theheek's avatar
I want to join this contest but I tried adding it to the group and I don't see how to do that?
here is the
Reddawgi's avatar
Yes, it's gotten tricky. Open the folder that says, "Challenge Folder for Subfolders" the left hand side one not the big one. Scroll down till you see the folder. I wish I were more tech savvy so I could figure out a better way for submissions, sadly I'm not. :)
theheek's avatar
oh that's ok I found the right folder after allHug Huggle! Heart 
poserfan-stock's avatar
Posted in the frontpage widget at Clear-Cut , Joint-Stock and Fantasy-Stock-Group 
Reddawgi's avatar
Oh thanks so much for promoting us:happybounce: ! 
DinowCookie's avatar
Now my sadness is that at least one human or animal stock would be required :P 
I should be able to pick an interesting animal though ^_^ haha
Reddawgi's avatar
Well, think of the model as yourself and perhaps if you lost an animal friend-you'd have that option. :)
DinowCookie's avatar
Yeah well I would rather express sadness or a painful feeling in a different manner than having a model express the emotion per say. 
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