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Hello Castle Dwellers...

I'm excited to announce: it's here, the annual Halloween Project for Travelers H'art (and now the DA folks.) This is a bit of an experiment for me as I've not tried to dovetail together two such diverse groups in terms of "workings" AND I've not done a Hallow project that is meant to be digital from the get-go (returning players all know the projects have to date been hard copies mailed in, sorted etc.)

I imagine, this will only be a MAJORS project-as I don't expect to get hordes signed on (course I'm happy to be wrong >;P) At this point, you need to send me a private message letting me know you're playing (I DO have the names of those who've already responded from the TH group) AND LMK your card request (pick your top two or three.) As usual, final and complete details will follow AFTER I've closed signups. I'll let you know then, exact size, info for uploading (for those who need it), due date etc. Usually we have a good couple months but being as this is a digital project that YOU will printout at your leisure, once completed-I don't think we'll need as much time.

Theme: all things related to Halloween, Samhain, Autumn (IF there is the element of "spooky" included.) Please, no cartoony stuffs, 'K? :)

I hope to see lots of y'all for this fun project. Let the hauntings begin!

And a reminder: the "Down the Rabbit Hole" Tarot challenge has a couple weeks remaining to join in and submit. See details here:


General submission rules here:


CSS made by artorifreedom
Pattern by crazy-alice
Key by patronus-stock
Brushes by anaRasha-stock & ro-stock

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thanks. i keep forgetting to hook up with this one. ;p
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I have pimped at my group :iconmarvelousmanips: :heart:
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Thanks very much, kind Lady. :iconsmoochplz:
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You should Pimp this in other places. $Moonbeam13 Pimps and Whoas is gathering information for the next issue. It'll will come out on the 1st, so hurry. You can find it there:

There's a group that does pimping as well, when I find them again, I'll let you know.
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Don't know these folks, but appreciate the names. I'll look 'em up. THANKS!
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Moonbeam13 is (hired) dA head of community relations. :)
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OH, had no idea. Thanks for the info. :)
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