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Information All Manipulators Can Use!

Photomanipulations: Category OverviewGallery Descriptions and Miscats month
What is a photomanipulation?

Photomanipulations are images that have been created digitally, composed of two or more photographic elements to create something new. 
What does it mean? It means that every work you submit to the photomanipulation category should have been created with the use of at least two photos. It also means that if you, for example, combined two 3D elements, two paintings or similar, your work is not a photomanip and should not be placed in this category.  
What about mixed-media?
If your work consists of many elements, and more than 50% of them are not photographs, consider submitting it to Digital Art/Mixed-Media. 
Category overview
1. Abstract
Photomanipulations focusing on the formal, non-representational aspect of imagery, emphasizing lin
Photography vs Photomanipulations: A DiscussionGallery Descriptions and Miscats month
:iconmrs-durden: Mrs-Durden
The definition of photomanipulations is as follows on DeviantArt: "Art created from the manipulation of two or more photographic images combined in whole or in part to create something new."
It is an important definition to go back to in my opinion, as far too often, people wrongfully presume that an extensively edited image is a "photomanipulation" when this is in fact not the case.
For something to be a photomanipulation it should at least have two photographic images combined together, and, in my opinion, the interpretation of "combined in whole or in part to create something new" is absolutely key to discerning the difference between a photomanipulation and just an edited photograph. For example, many photographers will take multiple shots and merge them together, but they are not creating something "new" in this process, they are merely combining what they caught of, for example, o

Rules for Challenges:

When submitting to a folder that is NOT for the current challenge please seek out the right folder. Please keep in mind that submitting the bulk of your gallery isn't what this group is about. Send us your best works both in challenge and non challenge submissions. When submitting your work for the challenges be sure they follow the theme. Since each challenge will be different, the requirements will likely change so read the instructions carefully.

The limit for submissions to folders that are NOT Challenge related is 3 submissions per folder per day. We welcome new members but be mindful that we're not looking to add your entire gallery in one fell swoop. :) Thanks for understanding.

You must CREDIT all stock used. If you are using your own materials or those from purchased kits, please note the creator and name of that kit with direct link.

It must be new artwork dated after the challenge starts.

In your artist comments,
You MUST INCLUDE our icon

{sample - : castle-of-cards : }
(without the spaces between the colons)

Each participant may submit more than one entry into each challenge. As the group grows, this may change.

Digital painting or airbrushing is ALLOWED to complete your card.

Traditional media is accepted.

Artistic nudity is allowed.

Castle of Cards reserves the right to refuse any submission.


This is an entry for the "Challenge's Name" at :iconcastle-of-cards:

[link] (Required stock)
[link] (Required stock)

All other stock is mine.
Purchased stock: [Link]


THIS IS ONLY AN EXAMPLE. But you do need to include all of these elements.

The folder with the name of the month's challenge is for CHALLENGE ENTRIES.…

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Hello, I wanted to ask if they can climb two designs for this topic.
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I'm not sure I understand the ? Are you asking if you can submit more than one piece or ?
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I found a translation thingie-yes, more than one entry is OK for the challenges at this time. That may change once the group gets much bigger but until then... :)
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Can you translate for me?
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Sí querida, eso es lo que quiero preguntar
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Deadline, please?
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For which challenge? Here's the deadline for the Halloween project, full details on this journal entry:

and for the Down the Rabbit Hole Tarot challenge: [link]
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Sorry, it was for the Halloween project (I already uploaded my participation to the Rabbit Hole Challenge), now I can see, thank you! :hug:
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Yea, hope to see you join in. :)
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I'll try to do something, if I have some time enough (I already don't know if I'll stay at home the all month or not). :)
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