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Mipha - Legend of Zelda : Breath of the Wild

A portrait painting of the female Zora from Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. Cropped from my 2017 Sketchbook Project. Enjoy =)
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BotW's zora lack of a nose is kind of creepy. xD
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Mipha is such a cute fish-girl!!  Hope you get a chance to draw her full body...I’d love to see her cute webbed toes ;)
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Well look at this Zora beauty
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mipha Waaaah! 
so beautiful , but her story is so tragic. by the way i freed her titan first...
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That was the first one I did too. ;)
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love the zora
Mipha's story is kinda tragic 
Love you skills dude 
+ REP 
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I appreciate that. Thank you much ;)
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Ok this Zora is female! Damn... and her name is Mifa in japanese. ^^
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Ok good. I drew the character as a female because she looked like a female to me but glad it's confirmed ;)
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Prince Ralis, Ghirahim and Yuga also looks very feminine but they are male. :P
Even Mira is the new Zora, Ralis is still the most feminine male Zelda character. 
Lipstic dosen't mean in the Zelda world, that a character is female. But the chance of Mira was since the beginning 50%.
our art is very beautiful btw. She looks kinda humanoid here. 
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Those are good examples but here's the thing while Ralis, Ghirahim and Yuga are designed feminine I never mistook them for female. Also it was more than just the lipstick. 😉
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I thought of Yuga, to be female. An adult woman to be honest. His voice also was very irritating. x°D
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Mifa Is HOT!!!!!!!! Famistu revealed her Name; I Have NO idea how its spelled, whether it's Mifa, Miifa, or Mifaa, All I know is that it's pronounced Mee-Fuh
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Thanks for the info. I'm very much looking forward to what her role will be in game. Cheers. 
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Love the new direction they are going with the zora's.
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I agree. I'm diggin' the new look and colour. Cheers.
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I agree. I'm diggin' the new look. Cheers.
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AAHH SHE'S SO BEAUTIFUL IN YOUR STYLE!!! :love: so perfect I love it so much!
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Aw thank you so much =)
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