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"Nagual will never let me live this down."

When she spoke, the lack of fangs was so evident to her. Nemean Dreamcatcher groaned, throwing her blanket off her body to allow her strong cyan irises a clearance to roam across her body in a mixture of disgust and dismay. She was only able to sway the muscles at the small bit of tail she had left. It had grown shorter- much shorter. She used to have a strong prehensile tail, longer than the width of her own body; This part of her limb had always supported her and continued to assist and make up for every mobility her legs failed at. But now it's gone, long waves of hair in its place.

Then her back legs. Oh no.

No more the paws and furry canine legs that had taken her so many years to adapt to. Instead, in its place; hooves, connected to her flank with equine legs that matched her forelimbs. Seeing them, she decided to test them out, only to fall back down immediately as frail and inadequate as a newborn foal. They felt so foreign to her new body, despite how much more 'normal' is it supposed to be compared to the ones she was born with.

The end of her spine does not appear to have a minor slope as well. It felt comfortable, but it also felt odd. She was willing to bet that it won't hurt her as much as it usually would when she did too much running, but seeing as how her legs refused to cooperate currently, it was an experiment she had to push aside.

When she turned her head, she didn't feel her thin, paper-like ears flap senselessly in motion. Instead, she felt actual muscles in them, and they obeyed her as she twitched her ears to various angles. She had seen ponies express their attention and emotion with their ears, which would definitely be the social norm. Nemean's ears couldn't really do much, but now they could. She was actually thrilled over how easily she was able to take control over her ears, which is a lot compared to her ability to master her completed pairs of zebra legs.

She was sure she's got a lot more stripes now as well. 

Her body is a perfect pony body. And is that a cutie mark? A lion. How fitting.

But to her surprise, she hated it. She loved her tail, and had grown to love her canine legs, as irritating as they were. Zebras can't climb trees. 

After a long moment of taking in her appearance, Nemean began looking around for whatever could've caused her unexpected transformation. Using her forelimbs, she dragged herself around, half her body dead weight. She looked over every herb she'd kept in her room, scattered about from her last potion brew. 

It didn't take her long to notice a strange blue plant. The entirety of it is blue, including its leaves and stalk.  The plant had large leaves with a bulb with several petals sticking out of the center, each bulb sporting a few stamen. The plant is beautiful, but being an inhabitant of the Everfree Forest, she knew its results are everything but. She'd witnessed her sister come into too often of a contact with them due to her recklessness. Nemean had prided herself in never having had such an encounter to the cursed plant.

"Poison joke." She practically growled.

The poison joke was lying on her pillow, looking as if it hadn't done any harm. she hadn't noticed when she woke up just a few minutes ago.

No doubt her cat brought it in as a gift. The pillow is Eleuia's favorite place to leave her little presents.

"The leaves of blue are not a joke." She murmured to herself, one of her mother's teachings. As a young foal, she had found her mother's way of speaking difficult to understand sometimes, but the rhymes always helped her remember things. She had a faint memory of calling them 'songs', only to have the zebra chuckle fondly, introducing her to the world of rhymes. She never got a straight answer where the mare had picked up the habit to rhyme everything she says, but it certainly didn't pass down to any of her children. 

Maybe it was just a personal preference. Perhaps it helps her remember things, just like how it helped Nemean remember herbs and their every benefit. 

It wasn't Nemean forgetting the properties of Poison Joke that got her cursed, however. It was the fact that she owned a black cat.

"This is what you wanted, isn't it?" She hissed at the plant. "Funny? Had your laugh?"

Nemean would have to get her mother's help in running her a bath, one effective in washing away the symptoms. Then get Zecora to keep her mouth shut and never speak of it again. Her siblings are to never know of this incident.

But first, to get to Zecora's hut, she'd have to walk. 

She wished her cat would just bring in a dead rat instead.

OTRP Character Featured: Nemean Dreamcatcher
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I need to be more active in this group aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Also a little story because I gotta earn me some bits! Hope ya'll enjoyed it, but if you didn't read it, enjoy the picture anyway XD 
Nemean's one of my favorite pretty girls <3 Even though her design makes me want to toss her off into oblivion when drawing sometimes (finishing it is always worth it!) I just like to finish quickly okay

Also just fyi. I didn't proofread this. If it sucks and riddled with grammar mistakes, that's why. 
I have so many things to do and managed to squeeze this in. Fixing it is just not on my agenda. If you find anything that needs to be corrected, feel free to let me know.

Character (c) CastASpellLiana Mine mine doo nut steel doo nut repost pls no touch she bites
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RuushiiCZHobbyist General Artist

Can't believe for a minute there I was like "wait, whats different?" Those stripes just confused me so much. xD But I LOVE IT

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CastASpellLianaStudent General Artist

XD She doesn't really look much different, does she?

Thank you!!

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I love all of her n.n shes cute! n.n

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CastASpellLianaStudent General Artist

Heheh thank you!!

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Your very welcome! n.n

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You need to be more active?! I’m probably dead aha I need to get back into the gist of things soon. Also NEMEAN IS SO ADORABLE ANHH BABY

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CastASpellLianaStudent General Artist



I like to think as a zebra, she's smaller than her mom XD

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She looks so awesome ;3; still best girl!!

Also, I love her CM~

Also, also thats no lion, its Syls old head, clearly xD

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CastASpellLianaStudent General Artist

Thank you!! Yas she's a good girl!!

Crims oh dear heavens you make me laugh XD

I actually quite literally took it from her name, since Nemean is named after the greek mythology Nemean Lion ^^ But since you've put it that way, let's just assume it's a reference to Syl from the old group from now on XD

Nothing like a silhouette of you on your past life's girlfriend's flank.

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Pff yes xD a giant accomplishment for Syl..maybe that was his destiny and thats why he became a real draconequus o3o

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