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Fear To Soar

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Takes place a little after season 3 finale

Rainbow Dash:
*flies ahead of Twilight humming cheerfully*

Twilight Sparkle:
 *panting* Rainbow.. *exhales* Dash! I think we should stop-

Rainbow Dash: *looks over at Twilight* Hm? Already? We just took a break five minutes ago

Twilight Sparkle: Yes already. I think I'm getting muscle cramps.

Rainbow Dash:
 That's just your wings being whiny-

Twilight Sparkle: It's muscle cramps.

Rainbow Dash: *rolls eyes* Fine

Twilight Sparkle: Thank you. *flops onto a nearby cloud*

Rainbow Dash: *lands in front of her* You're out of practice

Twilight Sparkle: At least I haven't been gracefully landing on my face all the time anymore.

Rainbow Dash: Do you even want to learn?

Twilight Sparkle: Of course I do! I'm just don't think this is even worth learning. So I have wings. That doesn't mean I have to fly

Rainbow Dash: But that's the point of having wings.

Twilight Sparkle: *shakes head and kicks at the cloud* I don't understand any of this.

Rainbow Dash: Maybe you will when you've got somepony to hold you up

Twilight Sparkle: What does that mean?

Rainbow Dash:
 When I was a filly... my dad would hold me up with a hoof and make me feel like I was flying until I could actually do it. 

Twilight Sparkle: Did it work?

Rainbow Dash:  Well, duh! Don't you see how awesome I am now??

Twilight Sparkle: Uh... huh.

Rainbow Dash: 
C'mon, Twi! Don't you get it? The trick is to believe it's in you - believe that you've got what it takes. You wouldn't be given those wings without a reason!

Twilight Sparkle: But what if there isn't a reason?

Rainbow Dash: Wha- huh?

Twilight Sparkle: What do you think when you first see an alicorn? Respect. Royalty. This amazing figure that you just can't help but look up to because they're just so majestic.

Rainbow Dash: ..Uh.

Twilight Sparkle: Face it; it's not ME. It can't be me. I'm just this lame personal student of Princess Celestia that happened to save Equestria multiple times simply because I have the ability to. Simply because I was just at the right place at the right time. I figure things out - things that anypony could've if they were in my place. Regardless of everything that's ever happened, I'm still this bookworm unicorn that somehow got stuck with wings. *turns away from Rainbow Dash* I got these- *flexes wings* by fixing a mess I myself made.

Rainbow Dash: ...

Twilight Sparkle: ....Dash?

Rainbow Dash: Yeah. You're right.

Twilight Sparkle: Really..?

Rainbow Dash: Yup. You did things that anypony could have done. But y'know what?

Twilight Sparkle: ???

Rainbow Dash: Nopony did those things they could have done. You did. We wouldn't have ventured into Everfree Forest the exact day we met you if you weren't so brave to begin with, Twi.

Twilight Sparkle: I don't think...

Rainbow Dash: Think what?

Twilight Sparkle: Anypony can have those sorts of adventures. Think about it- there are multiple other common ponies having adventures out there right now! What I don't get is me- why me. I don't deserve this. This- *unfolds and folds wings* -is just to make me seen. I don't have anything to change; I don't have anything to share. The princesses have something they have to offer but I... don't.

Rainbow Dash: ...

Twilight Sparkle: *exhales* Sorry, you probably can't relate.

Rainbow Dash: Maybe.. but that's what friends are for, right? They stick around and try to help you understand and find your way even when they themselves don't get it.

Twilight Sparkle: Wow, it's like you've upgraded your grammar.

Rainbow Dash: I got that line from a Daring Do book. 

Twilight Sparkle: ...ah

Rainbow Dash: But I mean even word!

Twilight Sparkle: *laughs* I'll take it.

Rainbow Dash: So are you going to keep giving everything a shot?

Twilight Sparkle: *momentarily contemplates* ...yes. Don't want to be missing out on what my friends have to offer, right? 

Rainbow Dash: *snorts* Right. Do it for yourself too though.

Twilight Sparkle: *smirks* Of course.

Rainbow Dash: Now c'mon, all this can wait. But your flying lessons can not! I bet you can fly really fast with those wings. I'll finally have someone much faster to fly with than Fluttershy.

Twilight Sparkle: Oh wow *giggles* She'll be so relieved to hear that. 

Rainbow Dash: I know right? I won't have to keep getting dragged into her butterfly migrations too! She'll have somepony else to drag around! You!

Twilight Sparkle: ....uh oh.

Sorry if this is too ooc. I'm still practicing

I imagine when Twilight first got her wings she spent the most time with Rainbow Dash learning how to pegasus lol 
And that time may be spent with Twilight being insecure of herself from time to time
Fluttershy probably helped out with flying along with wing care and such too but I imagine Dashie would be the most enthusiastic of Twi's two pegasi friends

Probably just going to keep coloring sketches from now on since it saves time ahah

Also I have exams next week and I don't know why I decided to finish this instead of studying.
Procrastination is a butt. Wish me luckkk!

Characters (c) Hasbro/Lauren Faust
Art and Redesigns (c) CastASpellLiana 
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ChickenDoodleS0upHobbyist General Artist
I’m loving all the little markings and details in this 

Good of luck in exams!!
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CastASpellLianaStudent General Artist
Thanks so much!

Yeeee! I just hope I didn't screw up too much in the exams lol
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CastASpellLianaStudent General Artist
Thank you!! >u<
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It's a great story and, of course, a wonderful picture! Good luck on your exams!
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CastASpellLianaStudent General Artist
Thank you!! You're so kind ;v;

I've just completed the last of it as I'm texting this, and while I'm not convinced I did my best, I'm glad it's over! Thank you!
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CastASpellLianaStudent General Artist
Neat thanks!
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Woah i love that !
CastASpellLiana's avatar
CastASpellLianaStudent General Artist
Glad you do! What character interaction would you like to see next? :>
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Rainbow dash and princess Luna
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WanderingPegasusStudent General Artist
I'm literally crying at how drop dead gorgeous your art is hhhh i could stare at this forever <333
CastASpellLiana's avatar
CastASpellLianaStudent General Artist
Awww thank youuu <3
I'm sure you can do much cooler though =D
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WanderingPegasusStudent General Artist
kfksksk are you kidding me no way this is beautiful ("": <333
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CastASpellLianaStudent General Artist
Well then I'm gonna challenge you >:0
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HawkscapeHobbyist Digital Artist
i love the story and the designs for them! the fur and wing markings are so interesting especially adding the red and yellow into twilight's wings. It really helps convey that they're new and different parts of her.
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CastASpellLianaStudent General Artist
Thanks!! Aaa makes me happy to see you say that! I wasn't sure if I got it across well enough ^^" <3
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SuperHyperSonic2000Hobbyist General Artist
Very nice, I really dig the designs and Twilight's wings.
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CastASpellLianaStudent General Artist
Thanks! Ah glad it's working out for you c;
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SuperHyperSonic2000Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome.
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ArcticTanukiHobbyist Digital Artist
That is a really cool picture
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CastASpellLianaStudent General Artist
Thank you!!! It's rather sketchy and messy but it's cool that you think that way ;v;
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