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[AU] Remnants

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This started with me looking at pictures of puppies. I don't know what happened
Also shout out to the uber super ultra awesome Lunar-Imagination for being a huge help with figuring out the lighting!!


Year 993 of the Celestial Era, they were 6 years old.
A scream pierced the night. Princess Sunset was visited by a mare claiming to be Nightmare Moon in her sleep.

Her mother told her it was just a nightmare.

Year 997 of the Celestial Era, they were 10 years old.
A dark blue aura emerged, making itself known. It was weak, faded. But it was there, alive. Coming out on the darkest of nights.

They told everypony.

Nopony believed them. They were told they were just children; scared of the dark, believing in tentacles protruding from the void underneath their beds, imagining monsters emerging from closets. They were told they told tall tales, untrue tales. They were told they read too many story books of Equestria's darkest creatures, creatures so terrible even tartarus was unable to sustain them. 

When the creature lurked in the dark, pulling the princesses out of their dreams and into nightmares, they only had each other for comfort.

As years go by, it grew bigger, stronger. Still it hid, never to be seen by anypony's eyes except for the princesses' own.

Year 1000 of the Celestial Era, they were 13 years old.

The tantabus, now more powerful than it ever was, spoke for the first time. Voice deep and feminine, it carried the presence of the mythical mare; announcing its return.

Still nopony believed them.

But the remnants of Nightmare Moon roamed free - bringing forth the stars, the aid to her escape.

Initially there was a story to go with this, but I got stumped and decided it wasn't good enough. I really am not much of an author, and I hope this description would suffice.

This is a headcanon that will be canon in this Alternate Universe:

When Princess Luna was banished, it was not without leaving parts of her magic behind. Though the tantabus isn't very powerful without a host (it needs to grow in somepony's dream first to even be a proper threat in the mortal, waking world), it tried - and failed multiple times - to enter the next heir to the moon's dreams, hence the years of constant haunting in the girls' bedroom. It was too weak, but managed to grow big enough and return to Luna when Nightmare Moon finally escaped.

Characters (c) Hasbro/Lauren Faust
Art & Redesigns (c) CastASpellLiana 
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Really love the looks on their faces, you can see they are scare and they are really cute too, like all the eyes and stuff to though i think if i had seen that shit as a kid id would of scared me too. xD
As for me i think id keep them safe and tell them not to worry so much that those things were nothing to be worried about and they were just trying to scare them.
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CastASpellLianaStudent General Artist
XD Same
Yeah ;v; But honestly I'd be seriously traumatized
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Lol wouldn't doubt that xD
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ZuzuSky21Student Writer
aaaHhh omg this is hella cute !!! <333 can't wait for more hun ! <333 also again, good luck with ur exams !!! ur doing amazing darling ! 💕💕
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CastASpellLianaStudent General Artist
Thankkk!! Glad you think so!!
And thanks again haha. Definitely not doing as well as I hope to though
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ZuzuSky21Student Writer
awwww darling !! maybe u should take some breaks in between certain studying sessions ! <33 don't burn yourself out ! im here for u if anything 💕
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MoruroHobbyist Digital Artist
sleep paralysis
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CastASpellLianaStudent General Artist
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Lunar-ImaginationHobbyist Traditional Artist
Thumbs up okay You're welcome! It looks great! 
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CastASpellLianaStudent General Artist
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