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The Nimble Spellsword

This chosen undead, stylish and unafraid of battle, trekked Lordran in seek of challenge and someone worthy to clash her sword against.
Dexterous combat moves and arcane enchants on her sword, she obliterated every enemy in her path, gracefully.
At last, in lord Gwyn she found a mighty foe, who nonetheless found his righteous end impaled by her magic blade.
After proving herself so, she gave herself to the flames with no regrets in order to prolong the Age of Fire once more.

Dark Souls OC fanart series
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My username is relevant!

The lighting is lovely. The staff is especially impressive.
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DEX sorcerers are seemingly popular, friend. :) Although my sorceress character happens to have a high strength just for the greatshield. :P
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Looks like Peter Pan as a Jedi :)
Great stuff!
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She looks a lot like Dutchess Duckie.

Are you the one who did the Souls Duckie comics by any chance? :meow: 
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nope! never heard the name before xD
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Hah, I completely forgot Duchess Duckie was a raging redhead :meow: 

Turns out, guy's name is Shindodip, here's one of his comics, if you are curious:…
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lol that's awesome xD
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This is super amazing! Those lighting effects! :love: and all my favorite colors! you're a genius!
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This is an awesome picture. I love how you've got the sword and the staff. Someone who could wield both at the same time are formidable and you've depicted that well here.
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