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The Hopeful Knight

By Castaguer93
"Thou who art undead, art chosen..."
Stumbling upon Lordran, unready for its many challenges, this warrior from Astora slowly learned the ways of battling monstrous creatures and gained the strength to defy even the gods. He found a familiar looking armor deep in the forest and upon wearing it he gained the confidence to call himself a Knight. With sword and shield, bow and arrow he managed to defeat the Lord of Cinder and prolong the Age of Fire once more.

Dark Souls OC fanart series
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© 2016 - 2021 Castaguer93
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And then he died.
Anyway, awesome work!
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omg......WAAAAAA da  fuuuuuu.So amazing!!!
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I love this so much
freakyskull516's avatar
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Its really detailed and Truly amazing! Love it!
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Holy crap, this is perfect.
Razorshroud's avatar
Try star. In short, add favorite.
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Woa this is fanart those games deserve ! Absolutely great ! From the design of the armor you catched almost perfect, to the glowing estus and the pose.
Snow-Monster's avatar
Awesome work. Great design.
Very nice..I want a poster of it..
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Just a hard luck zombie using every weapon they can get their hands on.  Makes it feel that little bit more authentic to the first timer Elite Knight experience having a Bow or Crossbow.
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lovely, absolutely lovely.
Kanji-The-Wanderer's avatar
Amazing, it's so good~ !
Spider-Bat700's avatar
Nice. I love the Dark Souls armor designs. 
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is it a demonight?
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nice work, dude!
JLeonardK's avatar
Dude just discovered you, you are one of my favourite artists now! Keep up this awesome work, hugely inspiring!  
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