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Kairi Keyblade: A Tutorial

By cassyn
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Yea...I got asked on how to make the keyblade so I thought I'd share with you guys the 5 steps I did to complete it.

Finished Version: [link]
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Would you be interested in selling this?
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how much did it all cost though? :o
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this is amazing; thank you! <3
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nice keyblade =D
btw, for the heart shape handles, is crayola model magic sturdy enough to make those without to paper mache, cardboard or any other styrofoam?
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I'm interested to know this as well
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awesome I'm gunna use this to make this one for a friend.
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How much did this cost in total?
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I'm wondering how much this costed as well.
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How thick is the styrofoam?
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Thanks for the tut.! Helped a lot with mine.
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Hey I've been trying to use this tutorial but I tried to make the handles stick to the broom stick but it wont work DX what kind of glue did you use and Any tips?
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wow that is an awesome keyblade! if it wasnt for you, i would have had to go as kairi withought the keyblade for a cosplay contest

Beilive in the Paopu fruit or ELSE XD
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did the model magic and all that survive a con? ill be using this for a four day con?
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i was wondering what is paper tape like where can i get it x.x
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hey! i finished my keyblade around sep 3rd of this year and here's the link :) i refrenced your tutorial cuz i used a bit of your ideas to create mine :) thanks for the inspiration! [link]
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Great tutorial ^^ the finished one looks awesome
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i'm not sure you can understand how much i love you for this tutorial =] i haven't attempted to actually make my keyblade yet, but i think this will help a tremendous amount ^^
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Wow this is exremely helpful Thank you sooooooo muuuuch!!!!!!!!!!
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this is BEAUTIFUL :)
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AWESOME! my sister is cosplaying as kairi at anime evolution this year! is it possible to finish this in 3 days? I'm going to try anyway! it should be fun! Thank you so much for putting this up! it should be a lot easier then the other tutorials I've seen! ~ I hope my sister likes it! ~ <3
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hey! just so you know i finished my keyblade in 2 days :) and it's all thanks to cassyn.
did you finish yours in time? how does it look? (i'm just really curious XD)
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