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Welcome to a new feature/article series that will delve into the galleries of Stock & Resources to showcase what the galleries are all about.  We will be exploring the major subcategories in our gallery's tree! To kick off the series let's look at the sub gallery that is the most familiar!


What is it?
Photographic images that have had permission granted for use in deviant's art. These images must adhere to FAQ #809: What are DeviantArt's stock image guidelines?

What is it not?
Stock Images is not for celebrity/anime clip art, memes, drawings, or other non stock material, as well as material that does not adhere to faq 809. All material submitted to this gallery must be photographic in nature with a few exceptions such as renders of 3-D Models and fractal images. 

What are the subcategories of STOCK IMAGES?
  • 3D & Renders: This is for .jpeg, .png, and other image files of 3-D models that cannot be edited --i.e. rendered. We'll discuss this with the 3-D model gallery. 
Battle Cat X5 PNG STOCK by Vision-Stock  Tropicana by Twins72-Stocks  Landing Dragon by CelticStrm-Stock by CelticStrm-Stock
  • Animals: Photographic stock of animals.
      • Aquatic: Photographic stock of animals that live in water.
Killer Whale 7 by firenze-design  Meeresmuseum Stock 91 (private use) by Malleni-Stock  Lormet-aquarium-0254sml by Lormet-Images
      • Birds: Photographic stock of birds.
<da:thumb id="586007548"/>  Golden Coast Poultry Show (11) by kayosa-stock  Scops by Ylliny
      • Insects & Arachnids: Photographic stock of insects and arachnids.
Orange-Black Butterfly by Shingau  Stock: Little spider by Think-Outside-Of-Box  Dragonfly - Stock by SerenaDream
      • Mammals: Photographic stock of mammals.
Stock: Fox Friday by Celem <da:thumb id="563758736"/>  Tasmanian devil close-up by photographyflower
      • Reptiles & Amphibians: Photographic stock of reptiles and amphibians.
Wild animal 338 - Gila monster by Momotte2stocks  Crocodile I by RavienneArt  A7 by FantasyMuseStock
      • Other: any animal that does not fit in previous galleries for example snails. 
Snail1 Stock by FrankAndCarySTOCK
  • Classical & Vintage: Vintage photographs that are in the public domain, typically 100+ years old.
Vintage fancy edwardian lady 2 by MementoMori-stock  Vintage princess Maude Fealy 003 by MementoMori-stock  Vintage man and dog by MementoMori-stock
  • Food: Photographic stock of food.
Grandma's tea by SarahharaS1  Cookies and tea stock by EliseEnchanted  Mandarins stock 02 by NellyGraceNG
  • Fractals: Image files (.jpeg,.png,.tiff etc) of fractals created in various programs.
Alien Constellation by KeilaNeokow  Free Fractal Stock Xenomorph (transparent PNG) by Hexe78  Starry Night Bokeh by KeilaNeokow 
  • Model: Photographic images of humans either in costume or nude. 
      • Children: Photographic images of children.
Sweet little witch 6 by Elsapret   Black Cape - Morgan by SBG-CrewStock
      • Female: Photographic images of women.
<da:thumb id="574499304"/>  Untitled by LaMarkStock  Ancient Roman stock 2 by DanielleFiore 
      • Male: Photographic images of men.
Hero Pose 05 by Null-Entity  Explorer 5 - Stabbing by fuguestock  Samurai STOCK I by PhelanDavion
      • Groups: Photographic images of more than one human.
Walking Couple - SenshiStock To Go Outtake by AdorkaStock  Post Apocalypse Portrait 3 by mizzd-stock 
  • Nature: Photographic images of nature excluding animals and plants. 
      • Fire: Photographic images of fire.
Fire 2 by Panopticon-Stock  Bonfire 3 by Darknight-Stock  FREE FIRE STOCK 5616 x 3744 pix by Wizardinc
      • Landscapes: Photographic images of landscapes.
Lapland sunset by Esveeka-Stock  A morning in Lothlorien 25 by Dragoroth-stock  Summer in the Alps by Burtn 
      • Waterscapes: Photographic images of waterscapes.
Beach Stock 36 by BlueRibbonWinner  Zoo Waterfall by boldfrontiers  Waterfall 6 by AlissaDStock
      • Skies & Space: Photographic images of the sky and/or space photography.
<da:thumb id="577158898"/>  Deep Space Nebula by Hameed  Sky Stock by ratinrage 
      • Other: images that do not fit the other subcategories.
enlightenment 002 by Kebehut-stock  Stock: Heaven's Glow by PapayaPirate
  • Objects: Photographic images of objects.
      • Household items: Photographic images of everyday objects, i.e. kitchen utensils, books, toys etc. 
1960s TV set 01 by fuguestock  Christmas Ornaments - Tiny House by kuschelirmel-stock <da:thumb id="489647238"/>
      • Jewelry: Photographic images of jewelry.
Elaborate Gold Crown by DamselStock  Majestic Teardrops by Thy-Darkest-Hour  Lormet-Ancient-Jewelery-0798 by Lormet-Images
      • Statues & Monuments: Photographic images of statues.
Object 40 - Pan's statue by Momotte2stocks  Veiled Bust (3 angles) by fuguestock  Statue 01 by Petite-Dionee
      • Technical: Photographic images of instruments and equipment used in the sciences and music or as a tool i.e. microscopes, telescopes, musical instruments, and mechanic bits and pieces.
controls and gauges by otherunicorn-stock  light Bulb by VVolny  Underwood by SarahharaS1
      • Transportation: Photographic images of cars, planes, boats and other vehicles.
Steam Locomotive by MoCity  Maine Sail 2 by archistock  PITTS SIS SPECIAL by Sceptre63
      • Wardrobe: Photographic images of clothing and accessories i.e. dresses, painted hair, hats, shoes. 
Edinburgh fantasy dress by GerdElise   Catherine Howard's Dress 2 by fuguestock 
      • Weapons: Photographic images of weapons i.e. swords, guns, etc. 
Wolf Knives Stock by AngelSTOCK22  Sci-fi_Prop 9 - Stock by Inadesign-Stock  Pistols by YBsilon-Stock
      • Other: Photographic images of objects that do not fit other categories
Different Angles of a Skull by AshenCreative  bubble stock by meganjoy 
  • Places: Photographic images of man-made structures and places including parks and gardens. 
      • Exterior: Photographic images of outside of buildings or public spaces like gardens and parks
Stone Stairs 2 by mirengraphics  Himeji Jyou by heeeeman  Bad Willow Cemetery Stock by redwolf518stock
      • Interior: Photographic images of insides of buildings
Book Store by EnchantedWhispersArt  Devils in the Details 03 by Elandria  Lormet-Antique-Room-0289D-sml by Lormet-Images
  • Plants: Photographic images of plants, also includes fungi.
Mushyrooms by Dracoart-Stock  Water Lilly by DigitalissSTOCK  Moss stock 6 by rustymermaid-stock
  • Premade Backgrounds: Images that consist of several images blended together to make a background. All stock used in these images must be credited and adhere to FAQ #809: What are DeviantArt's stock image guidelines?
      • Exterior: Premade Backgrounds that depict exteriors of man-made structures/areas
Premade Background 2 by sternenfee59  Beauty in Winter - Stock by Thy-Darkest-Hour  Cemetery II Bg Premade by StarsColdNight
      • Interior: Premade Backgrounds that depict interiors of man-made structures/areas
Room by la-Structure-du-Ciel  UNRESTRICTED - Wizard's Room Premade by frozenstocks  Cathedral Storm Premade by CelticStrm-Stock by CelticStrm-Stock 
      • Nature: Premade Backgrounds that depict natural areas
Forest River Premade by kuschelirmel-stock  Fields of Spring - Premade Background by HermitCrabStock  Woods Premade Bg By Starscoldnight by StarsColdNight 
      • Other: Premade backgrounds that do not fit previous categories
Celestial Clock by boldfrontiers 

Hopefully this will help when you're unsure of where to submit your stock images!




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