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I had my first external hard drive failure and I didn't try to do recovery in time because grad school consumes all your energy and I've effectively lost all my photos from fall 2013 to winter of 2016. I am slowly recovering what I can from social media, flash drives, other memory storage using both a recovery software and just knowing where I stash things. What this means is that all the stock that is on Deviantart is essentially the only file location of the stock I have. And I don't even know uh, if my model stock is still in storage, or uh...if I deleted it. I lost a fair amount of art photography as well so there goes my portfolio rip. 

In other news, I am dancing in the local preforming arts festival in May which means I have to make another belly dance bra top. I bought a sewing machine recently off of craigslist since I am going to a con in August and wanna do a cosplay with my buds. So hoping the sewing machine speeds up the bra making. 

My first academic publication was accepted with minor revisions whooo. 

Otherwise I have been running the gamut busy with school and work. 
:wave: Grad School started back up! Before I get swept up into classes, research, and work I wanted to talk a little bit about some new places you can find my art.

I now have an instragram! Its a work in progress and I haven't figured out how to make it look pretty haha. My instragram is Cassyblue_art (…). I have been posting sketches and rough drawings on it like I do with my art tumblr (  I would love to follow your art Instagram if you have one! 

I created a portfolio website for myself. It was a learning experience since I had to fight with wordpress. But I did it as practice for the professional website I have to make for grad school. It's pretty standard stuff: I'm going to make business cards and use the website as my home base for trying to pick up some freelance illustration work. 

I started dance classes again and I am sore. I really got out of practice since I haven't been taking classes since last May when I graduated. But it's nice because I'll have a good reason to finish my belly dance costume in progress. It's taken me two years to work on it. I have a finished top from when I was in the dance showcase for my college club, but this has a matching belt to go with the bra. It looks good from the outside...but the inside of the costume is terrible haha! 
I didn't have the energy to fill in the art meme for it. So here's a journal instead. I focused more on my drawing last year compared to stock and photography.  Instead I'm picking art that I feel I did my best on this year. Things that I'm proud of. 

Sam by Cassy-BlueTradescantia Pallida by Cassy-Blue Kel Cheris by Cassy-BlueBreq and Seivarden by Cassy-BlueNecromancer by Cassy-Blue

Exhibit Panel Mockup by Cassy-Blue Rove Beetle 1 by Cassy-Blue

2017 was great artistically for me. Otherwise it was a tough year for me. Looking forward to seeing what 2018 has in store art wise. 
I have made it through my first semester of grad school. It's kept me very busy between writing papers for class and working at the museum. I am not very active on Deviantart since school takes a lot of my time and there's things about the site that I just don't like. Deviantart has been good to me in the past, but I find other platforms to be more enjoyable and easier to share my art on. That being said, I will still be using Deviantart, but to a much lesser degree than in the past. I am probably going to clean out the groups I am watching to make going through messages a lot less overwhelming. 

I am considering restructuring my gallery. I don't really do stock anymore. I'm busy with school and I'd rather focus my energy on drawing and writing since those are more rewarding for me. I am thinking that I'm going to consolidate the stock into stock pages of 10 to 20 images? I've gone through and weeded my gallery of images that don't meet my standards. 

I am working on putting together an art website for my portfolio and writing. Link will follow. I currently use Tumblr: and instragram: cassyblue_art for my art endeavors. Those are where I am most active. 

That's pretty much all for now. I am going to be working through my break but I have a bunch of art that I need to finish up. 
I am now in Colorado! I flew out last week and have moved into my new apartment. I started my new job at the university's natural history collections in the insect section. I'll be working on curating a grasshopper collection that was donated this semester. My graduate classes will start the end of the month. I am taking a paleo practicum where I will be learning about the curation of fossils. I'm really excited since the one field trip is to collect fossils! I was given a tour of the paleontology section of the museum the other day and met one of my professors. I got to touch a dinosaur during the tour which was awesome. I also got to see some bear specimens in the museum's walk in freezer and one of the people who work in the vertebrate zoology section prep some rodent specimens. It's been pretty cool so far. 

Living about sea level is really weird because the land is not Flat. I'm also used to Florida where you will hit water easily. Colorado is land locked which will take some getting used to. However the bus system here is fantastic and I've been able to get around since my car is still in Florida. My father is rebuilding it and when I left to move out to Colorado...the wheels were off because the cv joints were being replaced by him. So it'll be in super condition when I get it. 

I haven't gone hiking extensively yet since I'm still settling in but there's a large network of hiking trails which I am excited to explore. I have a view of the mountains from my apartment's patio. I did go hiking last weekend for a little bit. I still wasn't adjusted to the altitude.  But here's me being a photographer trying to get a better picture haha. 

Ncar 10 by Cassy-Blue

Some mountain stock will be coming soon as well as zoo stock (that is if I don't get swamped by grad studies and work)!

I'm very happy to hear that we have a new stock cv, Mocris! I do not know Monica as well, but I know she will do a wonderful job! Please go give her some love on her profile and SUGGESTIONS

Some of :iconmocris:'s work

Background Stock (2) by Mocris
Flower Dance by Mocris
Window to the Soul by Mocris

Green Heart Icon Green Heart Icon Green Heart Icon 
what up my dudes. I've been pretty busy since I last wrote an journal. I'm cutting down on my social media art stuff in preparation for graduate school since it will take a lot of time. I've deleted profiles that I don't really use so right now I'm down to tumblr and deviantart. Those are much more manageable. However, I need to think about how I'm using DA since it's been very overwhelming because I only check it once a week. I don't know how much new stock I'll produce, but there will be some in the fall for sure because I'll be in the mountains! 

I visited my friends on the other side of the state in the beginning of June. It was a great long weekend! Our mutual friend from California flew in and I got to hang with them and finally meet them face to face. Pretty neat to see a person you've been internet friends with for almost a year face to face-- that they're actually a real person haha. I didn't bring my camera for the trip which was a mistake because we went to a neat aquarium and I only have phone photos. 

Speaking of aquariums. I started a summer job as an intern at the local aquarium! Its different from my normal bug stuff since fish and what not. But it's science education and animals so I'm happy. I do tours and summer camp programs as well as attend the touch tank. It's a lot of walking around and talking to people all day so I am exhausted in the evening since it takes energy to be customer service erin haha. I also do a lot of wiping. You would not believe how fast tanks get full of finger prints and hand prints (and sometimes face prints)! My favorite thing to do is the touch tank. I like it because its slower and also I get to play with animals or read when it's slow. Here's our baby shark! The aquarium focuses on florida animals but every once in a while we get some stuff to display from the pacific such as our bamboo shark (which hatched yesterday)!

Isn't it darling? It's about 3 inches long!

I've been pretty quiet since I have been in my last semester of college. Tomorrow I am graduating with my bachelor's in biology. I wrapped up my finals last Friday. I am relieved to have my degree. I am moving to Colorado in the fall to attend graduate school. It will be a big change since I have not lived anywhere higher than sea level or with mountains. 

So yeah, that's where I have been. Trying to graduate and pass my classes. 
Hey ya'll, my term has ended as a stock cv. It has been a lovely experience to work with the other cvs and I've learned a lot. I no longer can feature daily deviations, please send your suggestions to mercurycode green heart bullet . Thank you to the community team and to you for making this opportunity a wonderful experience! 

5 seconds hug 
:iconcassy-blue: Features by Cassy-Blue

Winter 101 by MASYON
Tiger by Quiet-bliss
LINEART Lady with Lantern by Yagellonica Pale Dress Colour change tutorial by LadyEvilArts 
Boulders on the Shore by CompassLogicStock
Necronomicon CD-STOCK by CD-STOCK
:iconmercurycode: Features by mercurycode

Reva by zokyzoker
Silk Worm by PaulineMoss

embroidery design by Bimep 
Lisa Barbarian 23 by Panopticon-Stock
FGM Stock 044 by FairieGoodMother
AT-Stock Forest63 by At-Stock

2017 Art Goals

Mon Jan 2, 2017, 11:15 AM

Bamboo by Cassy-Blue

I don't really make resolutions because I know that I won't actually keep them after a month. I have a few goals for this year however which are really things from 2016 that I gotta keep working on. My overall goals are to finish my research manuscript and get into graduate school. The one thing about 2016, was that I felt I made less art especially photography. It may have partly been due to my class that was illustration since it ate up time. But I learned so much and I'm trying to see if I can do a second semester of it. So I decided that I am going to set a few art goals and try to work towards them to help me make more art! 

My 2017 Art Goals:

To learn to draw more varied poses especially involving multiple characters
To shoot photos once a month whether it be nature walk or fun with friends
To sort and process stock photos after taking them instead of 3 months later

Do you have any goals for 2017? What are your art plans for 2017?

Skin by Dan Leveille
Some of my favorite art pieces using my stock that were posted this year green heart bullet 

The sword warns danger by Julianez
The nest*El nido by Mvicen Avec moi! With Me! by Can-Cat despair by nature by lolyweb
A Gift... Hmmmmmmm..... by WDWParksGal-Stock
IntoTheWoods by DavideDozza THE MOMENT THE TIME STOPPED.. by chryssalis by LanaTustich
Old civilization by fdesign456
Deep In The Forest by silviya Unleashing Magic by SamwiseTheAwesome Water Break in the Wastes by SamwiseTheAwesome
Space traveler by RankaStevic
The Kiss Goodnight by Ranger-26 Barred owl by SleepySleepyOwl Sunset by Digitalzauber
Can't let you go by mohammad1214
Magic Wood by Digitalzauber Sweet Dreams by Black-B-o-x Flower Fairy by Digitalzauber
Don't Be Afraid by Black-B-o-x
what a day by poisen2014 Tarot-King of Cups by wintersmagic Carnevale by sgorbissa
Astore de Lune by The-Athenian-Gallery
I LIVE TO LOVE AND ADORE YOU by mockingale Vengence on the half-shell by robhas1left A bientot .... peut-etre! by Eymele

Nereid by Rowdy-Dawg The Jungle by Cleo-Bizarre There's Something In The Dark by Kallaria
The Watcher 2 - dheean by dheean
Waiting ... by VertigoEBC

Koi by xLocky

Blissful Horizons by StarfireArizona

Alienated by LoloAgain

Evaporation by Kallaria

Hey Ya'll I'm opening commissions to help cover school costs! All the details can be found here:

I do draw ocs and fan art. I will not draw ponies, furries, or nsfw. Commissions will be done in traditional media. All character art will be done on 5x7 paper and technical art will be done on 9x12 paper. 

I accept payment up front and through paypal only. Once I have the initial sketch down I will show it to you for approval. Note me with the details of what you’d like to commission and any references and we’ll go from there. If you want the original art work, please let me know when you contact me. Unfortunately, I will not be able to mail any art out until January 2017 so I want to make sure I keep an accurate list of commissions to be mailed :) (Smile)


Stockers off the Beaten Path is a feature series that showcases lesser known stockers, new stockers, stockers with unique galleries, and rising stars in the stock 




This Account is for Artist Stock Photos!This Account is For ART Stock Photos!

What does that mean?
You May (without asking) Use this artwork as drawing reference for non-commercial work
What Are the Terms/Rules I must follow? There are only THREE :D (stay with me, they are simple)
Please link Me to your artwork created with the references! If on Deviantart, I'm likely to give you a Favorite, or even Feature your artwork!Please CREDIT my Photo, by giving a Link back to the photo itself, or to my Account here in general! (thanks! <3)Please do not Redistribute my photos (but feel free to share the link to the account or uploads with friends)
Please do not Critique My photos
Many of the photos shared on this account are not here because I think they are pieces of Art. They are shared because they illustrate a pose, or piece of anatomy that is often difficult to find easy reference of for artists! This is me kindly


Dynamic Porcupine by TaksArtPhotos
Oregon hike by TaksArtPhotos Lit tunnel by TaksArtPhotos Jumping Spider by TaksArtPhotos 
Scent Enrichment by TaksArtPhotos




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Stock DD Round Up: October 2016

Sat Nov 5, 2016, 4:45 PM
:iconcassy-blue: Features by Cassy-Blue

Autumn Forest 3 by ManicHysteriaStock Snow Stones Stock by milesmoody Building Stock 10 by Mareah<da:thumb id="635802859"/> Pastel fairy 6 by SunnyShanayaKarma  Dolmen stock by LittleOph Creek (9) by sott2624  Saber Stock 20 by Saphiriacat  Mansion 4 by CastleGraphics Dunes1 by SlichoArt Tinfoil magic 4 by LaArriva
:iconmercurycode: Features by mercurycode

DSC 0343 Bird's Eye View 2 by wintersmagicstock The tower of the old town by Lubov2001 Rocky Ground 02 by kuschelirmel-stock Cracked texture by szorny-stock How to Fix a Plushie by dot-DOLL 

Mature Content

Clawed Face Stock - Fake Wounds by AlysAlone
  Stock - An Ancient Bridge by MaresaSinclair  Dolly AND Snuggles by XxSaraiyu-StockxX  cat Stepan by Leya-Voron  Light coming through window by RemusRigo  California Stock 62 by new-horizon-stock  Winter Morning Premade Background by little-spacey

Things have been pretty crazy here for me. I just wrapped up midterms, then got sick, and had a job interview. Hopefully things will slow down for me soon. I haven't posted a personal update for a while, so figured may as well. 

In September, I had an really big entomology conference. It was great! I went to a lot of talks and managed to meet up with a few professors and also my scholarship donor. I did get to present a poster at the conference which was very exciting. I had to work one of the official events which was a great experience. Probably my highlight of the week was showing the international researchers monarch butterfly specimens. Many of the researchers had only read about the butterflies in the books so they were super stoked to see them in person. 

It's official, I've stopped going to fencing :(. I don't have the time to do it in the evenings :(. I found out my school has a synchronized swimming club! I watched it on the Olympics and thought it looked really cool. I joined the club since it works in my schedule and it's been really fun :la:. The coach has been pretty happy with me despite that I'm not the best swimmer out there. My freestyle is absolutely atrocious. But the actual synchro sculls/tricks I'm decent at. I have been given a choreography to learn, but I don't have a partner yet since the club is tiny. Also surprisingly its a sport where I don't get quite as winded :heart:

Still doing belly dance. Still sucking at it, but I go to have fun :lol:. I'm actually an officer in the club this school year which is interesting :staranoid:. I wanted to have the belly dance costume I've been working on done by Halloween, but I don't sew that fast. So maybe by December it'll be done. I bought some more props! I now have fan veils, so may be some stock of that? Entomology club is chugging right along which is good since I am the president this year :beela: :grinstareiswydt: . We're going to go volunteer at the local science museum soon. Super excited about that because that means free admission for me. 

Art wise, I've been mainly working on my botanical illustrations for my class [i]: potted flower pixel . I have three left to do -- Aloe, Dragon Fruit, and Mango. I got a bunch of markers in the mail Friday so I'm feeling much better about doing them. I have a field trip to the zoo so I plan to do some stock photography. I'm going to try to do NaNoWriMo this year. Probably won't finish, but for me it's the fact I tried which counts. 

Work's going well. Had a large number of tour requests for the insect collection so I'll be busy with that. I'm still working on my research project from the summer, but it's slow going since classes started. I just really really hope I'll get the species descriptions out by the end of spring. It just seems not a lot has been going my way lately at the lab which is a bummer. 

Other than that, I'm starting to job hunt and do graduate school applications. I might take a gap year and work between graduation and grad school since I haven't been very good about applying. I need to find an adviser before I can get into the programs since I am interested in doing a thesis/research based entomology degree Dead (RIP)

Halloween Fun!

Sat Oct 15, 2016, 9:55 AM by Cassy-Blue:iconcassy-blue:


Halloween is two weeks away and I'm totally psyched to have a good excuse to buy candy and lots of it. Halloween is also a wonderful time in the stock community since we're all about that Halloween spirit. I've collected together Halloween contests and features for your enjoyment! It's time to get spooky Pumpkin La  

spooky scary skeletons spooky scary skeletons spooky scary skeletons spooky scary skeletons spooky scary skeletons 


spooky scary skeletons spooky scary skeletons spooky scary skeletons spooky scary skeletons 

<da:thumb id="639671602"/>  Halloween Contest hello everyone 🎃👻🎃👻👻
I have a little Contest for you!
Use one of my Stock Pictures and do some "halloweenish" manipulation with it ;)
You can use any of my stock pictures. Some are more Halloweenish some less , its your choice ^^
I will pick the best 3 ones out of everyone who participates and you can win some deviantart points.
Also I will show them on my facebook fanpage and here on deviantart of course :)
I know its not much time till Halloween, but i think you can make it ^^
Hope you enjoy getting creative <3:bird:
Much love 💖
  Halloween Art Heist! Come play, if you dare!!
It's Halloween 2016 at Halloween-HQ!
This is the official kickoff journal for Halloween 2016. Do you dare to join us?
You are sitting at your IKEA desk at work, rolling a pencil back and forth over your knuckles in abject boredom. Suddenly, your best friend bursts into your office, panting with excitement. You stop twirling your pencil and sit up, eager to hear the news.
Apparently, he says, the souls of all artists have been ripped violently from their bodies. If someone doesn't find the stolen souls, the loss will be permanent. You stare at him in silence for a moment, feeling the blood rush out of your body. What the hell . . . ?
"Anyway," your friend says, turning on his heel to leave, "I just thought you'd want to know."
You stare at his back as he disappears down the long hallway, your mind working at lightning speed to process what you've just been told. You decide in that moment
  Fascination With Fright Contest is closed.

The Halloween Season is just around the corner, so for a bit of fun this time your task is:
Create a Horror Photo-Manipulation.

Give us the fright of our lives! Freeze our blood! Scare us!

The horror genre is a popular entertainment in the publishing and film industries
and there are a many theories why we love to watch horror movies.
One of the them came from Aristotle. He said that people were attracted to scary stories

because it gave them a chance to purge their negative emotions.
He called it Cath
  Mega Monthly Challenge Oct- Story of DeathMega Monthly Challenge

CHALLENGE HAS ENDED! Winners will be announced soon!
The October Mega Monthly Challenge is brought to you by Elandria, Aeirmid, and me! The main idea is to make some art and have fun, while using previously unused stock (or stock with very few uses). Each month will have a different theme, and we will try to make them interesting and much different than what you've seen before.
Last month had one entry,
 by Can-Cat
Thank you for entering, lovely ^.^ Hopefully there will be more competition this month!
This month's theme: STORY OF DEATH
Da Roolz
Use either (or both) of the stocks below in a NEW artwork (must be submitted to DA after the start of the challenge).
Use any other legitimate stock you like. All stock used must be properly credited with a link. If the stock is your own, mention that as well. We want to be able to trace where

Pumpkin Bullet (Left) - F2U! Pumpkin Bullet (Left) - F2U! Pumpkin Bullet (Left) - F2U! Pumpkin Bullet (Left) - F2U! Pumpkin Bullet (Left) - F2U! Pumpkin Bullet (Left) - F2U! 


Pumpkin Bullet (Left) - F2U! Pumpkin Bullet (Left) - F2U! Pumpkin Bullet (Left) - F2U! Pumpkin Bullet (Left) - F2U! Pumpkin Bullet (Left) - F2U! 
BEFORE ENTERING OUR CONTEST > Fascination With Fright Contest

We :iconTHE3-ContestEvents:

encourage you to use awesome, creepy and scary stock images in your artwork.
We actively support our Stock Providers-Friends on DA & DA-Stock Community.


Create a Horror Photo-Manipulation.

Give us the fright of our lives! Freeze our blood! Scare us!
Please note,
that the stocks below are NOT the required C
  Are you searching for Halloween Stocks?Check out my recommendation from my own stock archive:

You'll find more stocks here Arrow left Arrow right  
  Feature Halloween Stock items

There are so many beautiful stock images that I want to use! 
I now realize that my lifetime won´t be enough! And I´m out of time.
Here are some of my favourites! This time - Halloween.
  Cemetery Bench by midnightstouchSTOCK Colors 2 by midnightstouchSTOCK
Autumn basket Stock 20 by Malleni-Stock November Stock 028 by Malleni-Stock November Stock 090 by Malleni-Stock
:iconGreenEyezz-stock:  Pumpkin Stock 4 by GreenEyezz-stock Flowers and Bench by GreenEyezz-stock
:iconTigers-stock: 364 Graveyard 08 by Tigers-stock 616 Pumpkin Set by Tigers-stock 823 Astral Background by Tigers-stock&
  Halloween Stock Arthalloween - stock. by ramona-stockHalloween Pumpkins by YBsilon-StockAutumn forest 2015a1 S T O C K by AStoKo by AStoKoBlue Horned Girl Stock by Ghost-Rebel-StockNightsky moon a S T O C K by AStoKo by AStoKoPaper Clay Tutorial UPDATED! by NymlaSpooky chapel premade.. by AledJonesDigitalArtPremium Texture Pack 13 | Haunted by mercurycodeStock - Frankensteins Braut Bride Pose Halloween 2 by S-T-A-R-gazerStock - Halloween witch with raven look back 7 by S-T-A-R-gazerSpiderWeb by ArtemisAestheticLizards-blood1 by Drury-LaneSpider Dethicus 3 by Tris-MarieLittle Witch 10 by deathbycanon-stockpumpkin halloween fall stock3 by oxygunNightshade4 by Drury-LaneWitches-Brew1 by Drury-LaneHell city by Precia-TCountry Roads 3 by lisablevinsLila Traum by 13-Melissa-Salvatore  Looking for some creepy Halloween stock images?Hey,
there are more and more Halloween contests at Deviant Art.
So if you are still looking for some creepy Halloween stock images, take a look in my gallerie:

Here are some examples:


  The Mummy I by RavienneArt   Fingers III by RavienneArt
  Looking for some Halloween stocks?Hey people Halloweeeen is comingg  I am more excited about Christmas tbh
And if you're looking for some good stocks for your magical witches and wizards,well here we have
She's made some amazing stocks! check them out~
Here are a few of them,but check the link above to see them all
there are 8 pages!

Have fun making great art with these!!




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Halloween Contest Fun!!!

Sat Oct 1, 2016, 12:54 PM by Cassy-Blue:iconcassy-blue:


mercurycode and I are hosting a Halloween contest! Our theme is haunted houses! Let's have some spooky fun !




Semi-official Community Relations group for the Stock and Resources Galleries on dA. Your hub for Stock and Resources Daily Deviations, Articles, Contests, Challenges and news.

Community Groups

:iconcommunityrelations: :iconstockandresources:

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:iconcassy-blue: Features by Cassy-Blue

Aboubement by eximialumen Ch. Foal Stock - 20 by Dancing-Ponies Azura 23 by RachgracehStock Summer Scenes - Lake Louise2 by Qrinta Lynx 011 IMG 2330 by KvaaleStock: Nature's Archway by Fetterlock
Contemplation 01 by svp-stock STOCK blue faerie I by MyladyTane medival lady by AskebodaStock Blue and Pink Paint I by fetishfaerie-stock STOCK - Hurrem by Apsara-Stock
Canyon ground in Utah II by Seluias-stock
Duke And Jack Running by xPaintTheSkyx Cliff Stock by Devils-Angel-21
:iconmercurycode: Features by mercurycode

Fractal Stock Pack 25 by Hexe78 STOCK Heathland by Inilein Neuscharfeneck Ruins Stock 22 by Malleni-Stock Geyser 5 by Goldystock 
Kata Sword Whip Stock by lilacdaisy
  Kineau 3 by MissSouls-stock Vegetation Brushes for Photoshop by alwaysdaydreams Stormy Mountain Path 11 by NealStrydom
With You, Always [Pose Reference for Drawing] by SenshiStock
Hands 01 by cemacStock  Cow1 by MrsEvelyn sunrise by aproman11 FREE STOCK!  BURNED up DREAMS #1 by LakeSpirit3
Summer Dress 48 by The-Lionface
Smoke fog pack by Arachnid777