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Hello, I'm Bee! I love cute things and fantasy creatures, but also horror and mystery. :> I mostly just draw cute things though. One of my main character traits is having an obsession with yugioh and runescape. Most of my characters can be found on my! Most of my posts here are for Enertia or progress on the Griffia ARPG.

Planet Enertia is my passion project and most beloved creation. If you were in the CS scene from 2015-2017, you may have seen us around as Galacticats! In 2021, Galacticats and Fluxfoxes merged to create Enertia, a world for beings made of energy. This year is the 8th anniversary of the original species! Though we are a very small community, we welcome new members with open arms and love to have guests!

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Sea of Glass v2 [Speedpaint]

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I'd like to give you a quick notice that someone on scratch has been stealing and reselling your characters. @ChimiCatDraws below has sent a link.

Thank you for your concern! <3 And welcome to dA! The link below is no longer active, so I assume someone must have reported them. I really appreciate the heads up from you both regardless!

Hey, sorry to disturb you. But someone on scratch stole your designs and are now selling them. Please take care of this. Link:

Hi! Thanks for letting me know! It appears that the link is no longer active, though. I assume someone must have reported them if they are stealing and reselling designs! If you have any other information, or come across anything else, though, I will be sure to look into it if you pass it along!

Ya they got reported about the next day! Sorry for disturbing you! Your art is quite nice!

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