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Support for Tammara

When I logged in today I learnt of the most awful news. Our beloved dA friend and artist Tammara has experinced a terrible loss of her eldest son. I can not begin to express how sad I feel for her and her family. Just-a-sign has created a community project to show our support for Tam, please visit Just-a-sign to join in the support of creating a flower.

A flower for Tam by CassiopeiaArt

Fractal mood - oh glorious patterns!

As you might have noticed I've gone into a fractal frenzy as of late, this due to little time to do art so then fractals can be so easy and liberating way of still creating images in a shorter amount of time :)I must say that one of best programs I ever spent money on must be Ultra fractal. I LOVE how easy it is to understand and how beautiful things you can create in it. There are many good programs out there, but UF is my personal fav :heart: Wanna try it out? Go here:… for a trial version.

Also you might have noticed I haven't been around much. Big things in motion, one of the nicer ones is that we are moving!! And not just to another town, we're moving abroad to the UK. Crazy you say? Nah, I've always loved that rainy, grey country ;P Seriusoly I do love it and i can't wait to soon live there. And buy CADBURYS CHOCOLATE...MMMMHHH :drool: I'm gonna put on lots of weight...

This causes some lack of time being in dA and during the actual move there is gonna be at least 1 month of difficulties getting to the internet at all since my beloved computer and wacom tablet will be stored away until we move into our new home. So you will see even less of me over X-mas and in January, but then I'll be back 100% :evillaugh:

I can't wait to be back fully again but until then I wish you all a very merry X-mas and the best of New Years. Keep creating!!

Thank you for all favs and watches, I have no time lately to thank you all personally but it means a lot to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I love you guys :love:

Winter and X-mas features

Fractals makes me happy, so to celebrate this happiness in the middle of all the stress of moving country and all, here is a faboulous fractal feature winter edition! Enjoy people, and please go visit the artists if you like what they do to show your support!

Hej hej mitt vinterland... by CassiopeiaArt Winter by Jimpan1973 Autumn and Winter by ALP-Dreams
Winter Berries by rocamiadesign Frosty Bloom by HarleyBliss Advent by Velvet--Glove
:thumb98458791: Frosty Morning by Velvet--Glove It's snowing by CassiopeiaArt
Winter by liazrdqueen Cloudy Crystal by SuicideBySafetyPin CHRISTMAS GARLAND by GeaAusten
-Rose'n'Tall- by silwenka:thumb85655671:
Soft Whispering Wind by titiavanbeugen WINTER DELIGHT by d-b-c Trees Trees Trees by f--l--A--r--k
Sacred Crystal by Zueuk:thumb103173659: Wave by ALP-Dreams Cold Mornings by magnusti78
crystal ball by lmarm Christmas Ribbons by SuicideBySafetyPin Christmas Crystal by SuicideBySafetyPin
a long cold winter by evilpj Winter Bough by Velvet--Glove Christmas Morning by ccdigitalfx

My friends


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steppeland's avatar
Thank you, my friend, for posting about Tammara's sad news, and about Just-a-sign...
I am sure every support and sympathy she can get in this period of tremendous loss, is so precious!
You're such a great friend! :heart:
CassiopeiaArt's avatar
The least i could do my friend, such awful things happening to such a wonderful person :tears: :heart: I really hope she'll be alright :heart: Your support and the whole idea with the flowers are great and will mean so much to her, your heart is really made of gold. :hug:
steppeland's avatar
Thank you, Catherine. You are always so kind and supportive, it means a lot to me! :heart:
WelshWench's avatar
Thanks so much for including one of my images in this lovely collection :)
CassiopeiaArt's avatar
mistywisp's avatar
Thanks so much for including my work in your feature! :D
CassiopeiaArt's avatar
rocamiadesign's avatar
I am really honored to be included in this collection. Thank-you! :hug:
CassiopeiaArt's avatar
ALP-Dreams's avatar
Thank you for the feature :)
CassiopeiaArt's avatar
silwenka's avatar
CADBURYS ?! aww yeah! good choice :D

Thankies for feature! You have chosen beautiful winter works - I am proud to be among them!
CassiopeiaArt's avatar
Oh yes, I'm addicted to it :drool:

And my pleasure :hug:
u-woman's avatar
Thank you so very much for including me in this beautiful feature, Cathrine! :heart:
Wishing you all the best for the move (I'm green with envy so to speak :lol:) - and Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year! :hug:
CassiopeiaArt's avatar
My pleasure my friend :hug: And thank you for the wish wells and may you hvae a wonderful holiday and new year too :heart:
AmorinaAshton's avatar
awwww thank you very much Catherine for the feature :hug: and yayyy for England, good luck with your move and some cadburys for me too please, i miss it so much :D
CassiopeiaArt's avatar
Most welcome and sure, I'll eat lots of that gorgeous chocolate for you too :lol: Thank you for all your wish wells :hug:
ScorpionzDezignz's avatar
Thank you very much for featuring Gnarly Winter in your wonderful winter feature. I wish you luck with the move and hope you have a wonderful holiday hun. :hug:
CassiopeiaArt's avatar
My pleasure and thank you so much :hug:
ScorpionzDezignz's avatar
Jimpan1973's avatar
Man tackar för publiciteten! 1000 :hug:s!
CassiopeiaArt's avatar
Nöjet är mitt :glomp: Du gör fantastiska fraktaler!!
evilpj's avatar
good luck with your move!!
and psst? i actually got tan lines in england one august :rofl:
great feature too, thank you so much for including one of my works :)
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