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December 18, 2015
Raven by CassiopeiaArt combines contrasting yet harmonious colors with movement and depth to engage the viewer with this beautiful manipulation.
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This is Raven, the Bird Sorceress and one of her many friends and allies of the Hawk Ravens. As all Shapeshifters her alternate form of choice is in fact being a raven herself, though for the sake of doing business or interacting with others she does use the shape of a human on occasions. Her favourite type of weather is storms and her personal element is Wind.

A photo manipulation and painting in a mixed media result. I was inspired by the movement in Carlos-Quevedo s beautiful artworks. 

Thanks for the stock from mizzd-stock for the model Han Dynasty Exclusives and to hawksmont for the dragon brushes Chinese Dragons Brushes.

My art is NOT stock. You do NOT have my permission to use my artworks for anything other than reposting it UN-EDITED with full credit to Cathrine Langwagen and a link back to my website by the image if you do. My art is NOT in the public domain, it is copyrighted to me Cathrine ( or Katrine / Kat ) P. Langwagen and I reserve all rights to distribute, modify, post or sell my artworks. If you want to use my artworks for any project or business idea you may have, you have to purchase a licence from me. Please contact me at to discuss this with me.

Oh wow, a DD!!! Thank you so much ErikShoemaker for the honour and thank you everyone for your kind comments!! :heart: :faint: :boogie:
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Why does this look like another witch from the remake of Mulan?