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Lust for life

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This is my second and last entry to the Seven sins contest run by dA and fotolia :)

I decided to promote the sin 'Lust' because to me lust is everything that makes our lives and the world around us such a beautiful place to live in. Without lust and drives there would be no life and no beauty and planet earth would surely look very different. To me, Lust is not a sin, it's a must. It means so much more than just lust in a sexual way, lust for life, passion for life and for how we approach our existence. There is lust everywhere around us, just look around in this beautiful and diverse world we call Earth!

Explore life and embrace lust, it's part of us all! :love:

Thank you to the stock from:
Dew Grass 3179730 by StockProject1Dew Drops 4749798 by StockProject1Spotted Ladybug 14701237 by StockProject1Copulating Beetles 4534310 by StockProject1Green Birdwing 4764274 by StockProject1Sitting Grasshopper 160222 by StockProject1

and………… (the last four links due to limitations of thumbs that can be shown in artists comments)

The red flowers and background fuzz is my own personal stock photos taken by myself :D

Hope you like!

My art is NOT stock. You do NOT have my permission to use my artworks for anything other than reposting it UN-EDITED with full credit to Cathrine Langwagen and a link back to my website by the image if you do. My art is NOT in the public domain, it is copyrighted to me Cathrine ( or Katrine / Kat ) P. Langwagen and I reserve all rights to distribute, modify, post or sell my artworks. If you want to use my artworks for any project or business idea you may have, you have to purchase a licence from me. Please contact me at to discuss this with me.
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I wouldn't call this sound advise...
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Really well made :)
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:D the beetles
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Lol, they are so awesome :giggle:
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Lorem ipsum dolor sit et unica.
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you should have won *.* its amazing :)
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This deserve to win. It´s a stunning design, took to much work on the details
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Aww, thanks so much :blowkiss:
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I love how you didn't just take the sexual meaning of lust, but made it in a different way that is beautfiul amazing!
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Thank you very much :hug:
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Your design was the best, in my opinion, I think you deserved the grand prize... However, congrats on your finalist place!
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Aww, thanks for your nice words :heart:
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LOL I didn't realize the beetles were having sex ;P
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:giggle: I know, they crack me up :D
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