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This is an idea I had about an old, beautiful palace hidden and lost deep within a forest. A little princess girl exploring the forest got lost and stumbled upon the palace ruins seeking refuge inside hoping that someone still lived there and could help her find her way home. But inside she soon discovered that the beautiful building was abandoned long ago and that the only things living there where the beautiful creatures of the forest...

Thank you to the stock from:
:iconlusete: for the beautiful girl
:icongreencheek: for 2 of the parrots: and
:iconsteppelandstock: for the gibbon:

All the rest is bought and my own stock!

Hope you like! :heart:

My art is NOT stock. You do NOT have my permission to use my artworks for anything other than reposting it UN-EDITED with full credit to Cathrine Langwagen and a link back to my website by the image if you do. My art is NOT in the public domain, it is copyrighted to me Cathrine ( or Katrine / Kat ) P. Langwagen and I reserve all rights to distribute, modify, post or sell my artworks. If you want to use my artworks for any project or business idea you may have, you have to purchase a licence from me. Please contact me at to discuss this with me.
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Jan 22, 2011, 10:01:22 PM
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You are very talented. Love your work. Such an inspiration..xox..
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Thank you for your kind words :hug:
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Beautiful artwork. :heart:
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Beautifully done! Absolutely stunning!
I posted your picture on my Tumblr: [link]
I felt like it really matched this poem that I recently wrote. I hope you don't mind. If you do, just let me know and I'll remove it=[ I put your name under the description!
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Thats fine as long as you credit me! Thank you for the honour :hug:
I gave you the credit. The picture was more than the words "picture-perfect." It helped define the poem.
My Tumblr with your picture is here:


Here it is if you want to read it:

Lost. It came across my mind like a show on rewind. Damn, what’s the time? I seem to forget more and more each day. So I write in despite of my failing memory. Replayed every morning like an overplayed Nintendo. Gotta blow the cartridge or it won’t play. Like it was yesterday, fighting for a way to remember today. Like it is now. Music got me away from weeps, lost as a black sheep. Locked like a jail cell, hidden like a file. Burnt like hell, got rid of like an old style. Not fond of fonts, dismissed in the fashion of writing. I quote; I quote, but still I won’t. I’m lost and sometimes that’s all my mind seems to come across. Lost in the serenity of the night; while craving for the remedy of daylight.

I really do appreciate your picture. :tender:
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Wonderful, thank you so much for including my work :love:
The picture was magnificent :squee:
It fits perfect with what I wrote!
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:iconla-plz: that's my mirror self .....of my insides ...u see she's surround by security ,and wt seems as a pleasant surrounding ,she actually feels unable to spread her wings n fly :onfire: ... almost trapped/ but at the same time we see the birds able to fly anywhere in the world yet they stay in the same area.....y??? that's a question which i can apply to my self as well! ~ i enjoyed this :D
hahaaha when i was little my nickname was princess or some would call me rose ( the girl is a princess n wearing red like a rose )
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I'm glad you like the artwork and that you can relate so well to it, thank you for your kind comment :hug:
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:happybounce: gr8 artwork!!!
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... and: A thumb and link to your work will be added to the stock description :)
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Wonderful work, my friend! Such a fantastic image and mood!
Thank for using my stock! As you can see, I'm catching up with a tremendous backlog.
Sorry for the very late reply! :heart:
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:bow: Thank you so much sweetie :hug: And no worries, it's just wonderful to have you in here again!! :love: And thank you for providing us all with your superb stock!
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nice tutorial
thanks dear
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Featured this artwork on my journal [link] (again :D )
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:w00t: Thanks so much!! :hug:
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