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Elements - Water

Here is the next in the Element series - Water.

My thoughts here was that we find water in so many beautiful forms on Earth: like ice, glaciers, mist, rain, snow, clouds to mention a few. I wanted to try to approach the frozen side of water, showing a place where water hardly ever melts into it's liquid form: high up in the mountains.

Thank you to:
:iconlucieg-stock: for the ice ground

All the rest is my own stock and painting :D

Hope you like!

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Wonderful! Loved the water effects! =D
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Amethyst-Phoenixx's avatar
How fascinating! Love Love Love Clap Clap Clap 
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Could you draw Elements - Shadow, or Elements - Light ? Your pictures are awesome ! *_*
CassiopeiaArt's avatar
Good ideas both of them. I will keep them in mind for future works though i can't promise anything :)
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sophie12320's avatar
Wow it's absolutely amazing! I get chills when I look at it!
May I ask what program do you use?
CassiopeiaArt's avatar
Thanks. I use photoshop and a wacom tablet. Back when I did this one I think I had an intuos 2 and probably Photoshop CS3 or something like that. These days I use a Cintiq 13 hybrid and Photoshop CC :)
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Oh okay!
Thank you very much!
I'm actually saving money for a new wacom tablet. Would you recommend yours? And if you don't mind me asking, what kind of tablet is it?
CassiopeiaArt's avatar
My tablet is a perfect size for me, though because it is a cintiq hybrid (it's called cintiq companion hybrid, but lately I can't find it, it seems now a days to just be called Cintiq 13 HD ) it has it's own hard drive compare to just being a model plugged into the computer. Because of this I do have some problems with it such as connection drops and it affects my drawing work flow which can get quite frustrating. It is also a heavy tablet. When I can afford it I will most likely go back to a normal intuous tablet again since those seem to be much more stable, lighter and wont mess with connections to my computer. Probably a size M or L would be my ultimate tablet :) Hope it helps. You can read more about the wacom range here: Good luck!
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Yes that helps a lot! Thank you very much!
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Realistic and beautiful
Sajib0406's avatar
HOw you make it ? i want the tutorial please
CassiopeiaArt's avatar
I haven't done any tutorial on this one I'm afraid. :) I might do one in the future if I ever get the time available. 
Melissatulloch's avatar
Beautiful so beautiful!
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Hi, you have been featured here Feature - W I N T E R 2
Greetings, Karin :)
PrincessLaine's avatar
WoW... im speechles.. lol this is AMAZING! >  u   < 

I totally love your work!
CassiopeiaArt's avatar
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