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Another concept art approach, this time focusing on a MYST inspired age instead of another world. My idea was that it is a tree garden where plants are grown in a kind of glass houses high up above the clouds so that the sunlight will reach them. (For fellow myst fans: To follow all the garden ages of URU / MYST the name had to be Eder something :) )

This is a 'speed' painting, done on top of one of my sky photographs, about 10 hours work!

**UPDATE** A DD??? For this? Wow :faint: What a wonderful surprise to log in and see this morning :love: Thank you so much to PutYourBraveFaceOn for suggesting and to Lyricanna for featuring :hug:

And thank you all who comments and faves, love you guys!! :blowkiss:

My art is NOT stock. You do NOT have my permission to use my artworks for anything other than reposting it UN-EDITED with full credit to Cathrine Langwagen and a link back to my website by the image if you do. My art is NOT in the public domain, it is copyrighted to me Cathrine ( or Katrine / Kat ) P. Langwagen and I reserve all rights to distribute, modify, post or sell my artworks. If you want to use my artworks for any project or business idea you may have, you have to purchase a licence from me. Please contact me at to discuss this with me.
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May 14, 2011, 9:05:11 PM
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ItiseyeMeeSzark's avatar
I would love to build that for MOULA. I have a concept that I have been itching to do for years. 
CassiopeiaArt's avatar
Well if you ever get the time to do it, please do. Would be so awesome to see this as an actual playable age :aww: 
ItiseyeMeeSzark's avatar
If I could find someone to help with the wiring I would make time. The Blender plug-in automatons are limited to common functions. Linking books, placing link in areas and so on. We can have an animated sky with day and night cycles but it needs a Python expert to wiring the automation. This goes for anything outside the norm which is what I have in mind. Then comes egos when no pay check is involved. It is very hard to find other that are willing to make worlds based on collective ideas let alone getting on the same page. Been deep in the community some years back I know how hard it is to get 3 people with the skills working together. As a fellow fan once said "it's like herding cats". 

I reckon I can handle a lot of the low poly modelling and texturing. I would need a crash coarse in vertex painting in Blender but I can learn fast. Lighting and light maps yeah given enough play time I am pretty sure I could do that. But when it comes to coding...forget it.
TheFabBerta's avatar
This is amazing. <3
DetectiveClio's avatar
This work inspired me to write my story further. Clap 
CassiopeiaArt's avatar
I'm glad, thank you for finding my art inspirational :aww:
vanessasnow's avatar
i would live there
Darkeadventures's avatar
Simply beautiful...
CrazyBaldGuy's avatar
Fantastic... having those seeds floating all the way into the foreground is a nice touch.
CassiopeiaArt's avatar
Thank you so much :thanks:
VGamall's avatar
Looks like Narayan in the third game. Very nice work!
CassiopeiaArt's avatar
Aww thank you :aww: I loved Myst Exile and yes you are right, they do remind me of Narayan, i didn't even think about that until now :)
VGamall's avatar
You're very welcome :)
Dni-Guild-of-Writers's avatar
So... I'm part of a fan group that makes fan Ages for the Uru community.  This is a beautiful concept and I hope someone picks up on it.  Hence the fave.
CassiopeiaArt's avatar
Thank you so much :D 
mattann's avatar
Cool Very well done!!
HotJava's avatar
IsleintheSkye's avatar
Ooh, may I use the name in a story? I have no idea what its significance is so I'm sorry if I offend =D
CassiopeiaArt's avatar
Sure, go for it. It comes from the D'ni language ( a MYST created language from Cyan ) so it does not belong to me anyway :)
IsleintheSkye's avatar
Oh, cool! That's awesome, thanks!
vasodelirium's avatar
hi! your work is featured in my journal.hope you don't mind!
have a good day!
CassiopeiaArt's avatar
Aww thank you so much!! :heart:
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