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Art Nouveau Iris


Another Art Nouveau piece very inspired by the great A. M. Mucha. I've just fallen in love with this great genre once again and so I had to do another piece in this style. Hope you like!

Thank you to
:iconalmudena-stock: for

Mature Content

Blood orange sun 1 by almudena-stock

All the rest is my own stock and painting.

The tutorial for this work is here:
:heart: Art Nouveau Tutorial by CassiopeiaArt:heart:

More art nouveau style artworks:
Artichoke Mucha by CassiopeiaArt Dark Noel by CassiopeiaArt Noel in art nouveau by CassiopeiaArt

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My art is NOT stock. You do NOT have my permission to use my artworks for anything other than reposting it UN-EDITED with full credit to Cathrine Langwagen and a link back to my website by the image if you do. My art is NOT in the public domain, it is copyrighted to me Cathrine ( or Katrine / Kat ) P. Langwagen and I reserve all rights to distribute, modify, post or sell my artworks. If you want to use my artworks for any project or business idea you may have, you have to purchase a licence from me. Please contact me at to discuss this with me.
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Is there any way I could convince you to accept a commission to do something similar for Saraswathi?  I love the Mucha-influenced art nouveau feel would love to acquire a portrait of her (Saraswathi) in that style. Images of her for reference. Thank you for your time and response! -…
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I'm currently tied up in a huge game project so I have not time to take on any new commissions, sorry about that. :rose:
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I love vector art 
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This piece is perfect!
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Wow excelent . Alfn..Mucha!
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Beautiful painting and art. thats superb......
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Beautiful painting and wonderful composition. Great modern take on Mucha style.
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Thank you so much :rose:
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this is so cool. absolutely amazing!
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