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I have entered into the beautiful, vast world of capitalism!  Buy things at my store, like my mini-comic O-Tei!  It's the perfect gift for the post-Holiday season! Exclamation point!

(examples are on my tumblr [link])

A sketch bust is 5$
A completed bust is 7$
A sketch full-body is 10$
A completed full-body 15$

-nothing R-rated
-or hateful

You can contact me either through deviantart, or my tumblr or at dreadulhost (at) gmail (dot) com

Hey guys I got a tumblr so I can be hip and on the web and network.  Also because I want to save my doodles without having to keep the actual paper slips that build up, organize and then try to kill you in your sleep by suffocation.  But I don't like DA's system of putting scraps in a different folder, all art is equal man (no it isn't).  So if you wana see a collection of my doodles and other things check out TUMBLR -->
Five years!

Five years on Deviantart and this is the first time I've ever wrote in this space.  I think it's because if I start I fear I will have to continue, and that's a commitment.  ERRRRR commitment.  BUT, since I have a website now and am actually trying to attract people to my work it seems like an apt time to use this space of communication.  

The subject of this first post, besides justifying it's own existence?

To inform all five of those reading this that I have decided to upload comic pages from my webcomic Penny Dreadful a week after they appear on the website, to avoid unsightly mass uploads like last weeks.

Well that's all I wanted to say . . . for now.  WILL I RETURN!?  WHO KNOWS!

Now on to finally make a profile picture.