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Custom Animated Flags
EDIT: 10 points is the absolute minimum that can be charged on a dA commission, and is sort of a 'tip' and is the only way I save points besides dAhub, contests, and donations. If you don't have any points but would like a flag, just mention 'no points' or 'free' in your request, and instead of accepting it by clicking the yes button, which automatically deducts points from a user's account, I will note you that I have accepted your request and will start making your flag. Also, any requests for flags of a state or country are automatically free. Commissions are for custom-made flags only, as described below. 

I make animated flags! If you have an image (or images) you would like made into a waving animated flag to use on your profile page, send me the link(s) to the pictures and I will make them into flags! My default size for flags are 100x50 (the dimensions of a deviantArt group icon), but tell me if you want the flag any bigger or smaller. I won't charge any extra points for a larger flag. :)


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So I'm doing some challenges to get the new Valentines Day badge, and challenge #3 is to make a journal featuring deviations about a topic that I love, (which of course, is Star Wars!) So here is a feature of some amazing Star Wars art! If you have Star Wars art that you would like me to add, post the thumbnail in the comments! :D :heart: #ShowYourHeart 

star wars 40 years collab - snoke by zecarlos  Star Wars - Forced Lineage by Redwoodjedi  Lonely Hearts Club by solar-sea  One With The Force by Jedi-Art-Trick  Buried by chocolateRylee  The Force Awakens by Hodges-Art  Old Wounds by daniel-morpheus  Rey and Kylo by ArtCrawl  Fall by Aquila--Audax  Reylo - Kill it if you have to by EddieHolly  Atmosphere by JacksDad  A Cute Jerk by winterStorm42 The Balance by Geekydog  Kyloren by HolyVarus  SnokeBreak by JoelGomez  Phasma The Last Jedi by MartyRossArts  First Order by DalSifoDyas  Boba Fett by cfischer83  TRIUMVERATE by KendraJK  My hatred is unending by Alex-Mort  Star Wars | Minimalist by Sephiroth508  Ben by Veronika-Art  Balanced by MaddRaVen  TLJ - Rey and Kylo Ren by sandara  The Circle is complete by Art-deWhill  The Jedi by HolyVarus  Darth Maul's Domination by HolyVarus  R4-D77 by Phraggle  The New Adventures of Nomi Darklighter Ch. 67
- Chapter 67 -
Nar Shaddaa
Kyle Katarn looked at the two younger Rendars after their parents had left.
“And now you both stay put, since I have to tell you something.” He walked over to the bar and came back with three glasses of Corellian ale shortly after. The elder Jedi sat down again and took a first swig after he set the glasses on the table.
Dash Jr. looked at him suspiciously while his younger brother stared somewhere at the wall as if there would be something very interesting. Katarn smiled and put his glass back on the table. “Let’s make a deal, boys. You tell me how my son’s doing and I tell you why I refused to join the Resistance.”
Biggs finally gave up on staring at the wall and gave Katarn a lopsided grin instead. His elder brother leaned back in his chair and took a swig of ale. “You want to know how Jaden’s doing? Why don’t you ask him by yourself, Kyle? It can’t be this difficult.”
Kyle shrugged. “
  Painful memories by saradrawing  Star Wars - First Order Tales - The Invasion 46 by DalSifoDyas  Star Wars: The Last Jedi Poster by rbmdesigns97  Maz Kanata by PhotoshopIsMyKung-Fu  You're Different Than I Thought You'd Be(FoD S2E6) by mlpspixieproductions  The Pirate Queen, Maz Kanata by ConstantScribbles  Tusken Raider sketch card by DarkSunProductions  Poe Dameron by Feyjane  Finn by Taipu556  Come Get It! [4K SFM] by SucculentSoldier  Armitage Hux by TheDaileyDoodle  Enfys Nest edit IIIII by tiamatnightmare  Qi'ra and Han by NomiDarklighter  Han Solo and Chewbacca by SumtimesIplaytheFool  Lord Solus - The Dark Defender by Darth-Pravius  Bring Me Solo And The Wookie! by eKnick14  Coruscant #2 by daRoz  Master Yoda by Mellodee  Snow Fight TFA by flybynite19  Lando by Gilliland35  Who's in control? - Kylux by amikoRoyAi  [SW] Gingerpilot by Margo-sama  Fight by giadina96  [SW] Afterparty by Margo-sama  Pls hire me disney by LittleSnaketail  Lady and the Tramp by giadina96  Hutt Inquiry by GunshipRevolution  Yoda Steven Russell Black by stevenrussellblack  Young Yoda by Phill-Art  ILM Art Department Challenge: The Job - Twelve! by MattRhodesArt  Vader by ChasingArtwork



Artist | Student | Literature
United States

:heart: ID picture by ArtByErin3 :heart:

Neurodivergent and proud :heart: Neurodiversity Pride Flag by CassieCros13

:iconcassiecros13: Welcome and thank you for visiting! :heart:

:bulletblue: I joined deviantArt seven years ago without any intent of making any art myself, just watching and observing growing and talented artists. Little did I know about the wonderful people I would meet who inspired me to draw, write and express myself in ways I never thought I could. As I strive to improve, I am very appreciative of any feedback in the form of comments, critiques, favorites, or whatever! :)

:bulletgreen: I am a college senior studying Humanities and Political Science.

:bulletpurple: I love to write and have written stories ever since I was three years old. My favorite things to write both academically and for fun are non-fiction prose and free verse poetry. Here are some examples of my written work: Literature

:bulletpink: I love psychedelic colors and occasionally draw and paint when I have more time on my hands because a painting can take me weeks to months to complete, I am not a speed drawer or painter by any means. My favorite tools of the trade are colored pencils and water colored pencils. Here is the artwork that I have posted: Artwork

:bulletyellow: Please feel free to drop me a note for any reason! :note:

:bulletblack: I'm a llama dispensing astromech droid! :meow: Llamas are my way of saying hi to people. If I haven't already given you a llama, comment and I'll do so! No need to thank me. :D

:bulletred: I do take requests for stamps and icons, including group icons! If you want something made for you, ask and I'll see what I can do. :D

Free requests:

:star: Stamps
Jedi vs Sith Stamp by CassieCros13 Darth Vader at Disneyland Stamp by CassieCros13
If you want a stamp made for you, note me with what you would like including all specific images, border color and shape (round or square)
Disclaimer: Not all opinion stamps that I make for requests or otherwise reflect my actual views/opinions, unless otherwise stated in the description.
:star: Icons-Emotes-Avatars
Kylo Ren (Matt) Approves Icon by CassieCros13 Squilliam Fancyson Unibrow Icon by CassieCros13 ArtByErin3 Icon by CassieCros13 Stenssen Icon by CassieCros13 Porg Icon by CassieCros13 Yoda Falling Icon by CassieCros13
If you want a new profile picture or emote, note me with the image(s) and text you would like for your avatar or emoticon.
:star: Group Icons
Classic-Rock-Girls Group Icon by CassieCros13 Knights-of-Ren Group Icon by CassieCros13 Vader--Anakin Group Icon by CassieCros13 Art-Acceptance Group Icon by CassieCros13 Porter-Express Group Icon by CassieCros13 Painful-And-Poetic Group Icon by CassieCros13
If your group needs an icon, note me with info on what you want your group icon to look like.


:star: Animated Flags
Galactic Empire Flag by CassieCros13 Rebel Flag by CassieCros13 CIS Flag by CassieCros13 Resistance Flag by CassieCros13 First Order Flag by CassieCros13 Kylo Ren Flag by CassieCros13

I make animated flags! If you have an image (or images) you would like made into a waving animated flag to use on your profile page, send me link(s) to the pictures and I will make them into flags! The default size for my flags are 100x50, but if you want them any larger or smaller, let me know. (Custom flags are 10 :points:, flags of countries or states are free).

Other services:

:bulletblack: If you want to use a certain image or animation for an avatar but it's too large, note me with a link to the image and I'll resize it for you, for free! :D

:bulletblack: If you want to use an image as a group icon but it is too large, send me the image and I'll correct the dimensions (100x50, ≤30 kb) for you. :)

:bulletblack: If you ask me (or not) you will get a llama :meow: :D

Before I upload anything as a request or commission, I will note you with the final result on my to make sure you are satisfied with it!

:bulletpurple: HOW TO POST STAMPS:

1. Click the stamp you want to add and scroll down to it's Details, which is just above the stats.

2. Click, right click and copy the thumb code. It looks something like this (without the spaces):

: thumb586386119 :

3. Edit your profile by clicking the little pencil icon in the right hand corner, and click 'edit this widget.' Paste the thumb code, click save and the stamp is now on your profile page! :la: :happybounce:

Star Wars Party Hard Stamp by CassieCros13

:bulletblack: And of course, you are more than welcome to use any of my stamps and icons if you like them! :XD: :heart:

:bulletwhite: You are invited to join my first Star Wars group, First-Order-Fans! :salute: :stormtrooper: :iconfirst-order-fans: :stormtrooper:

Free Stereo For Use by Smushey Music Note Divider (Rainbow) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Music Note Divider (Rainbow) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Music Note Divider (Rainbow) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Music Note Divider (Rainbow) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Free Stereo For Use by Smushey

R2-D2 And BB-8 by MissLittleTilde
Gift made by MissLittleTilde :D :heart:

Sabre laser rouge by oeildelynx Sabre laser vert by oeildelynx

:iconblue-mplz: :iconblue-aplz::iconblue-yplz:
:iconblue-tplz: :iconblue-hplz: :iconblue-eplz:
:iconblue-fplz: :iconblue-oplz: :iconblue-rplz: :iconblue-cplz: :iconblue-eplz:
:iconblue-bplz: :iconblue-eplz:
:iconblue-wplz: :iconblue-iplz: :iconblue-tplz: :iconblue-hplz:
:iconblue-yplz: :iconblue-oplz: :iconblue-uplz:
:iconblue-aplz: :iconblue-lplz: :iconblue-wplz: :iconblue-aplz: :iconblue-yplz: :iconblue-splz: :iconexclamationpointplz: :iconjediplz: Sabre laser bleu by oeildelynx Sabre laser pourpre by oeildelynx

SW Creature : Wampa by oeildelynx SW Creature : Tauntaun 1-2 by oeildelynx SW Creature : Bantha by oeildelynx SW Transport : At-St by oeildelynx SW Transport : At-At by oeildelynx SW Spaceship : ARC-170 by oeildelynx SW Spaceship : Slave 1 by oeildelynx Jango fett free avatar by MixedMilkChOcOlate SW Planet : Tatooine by oeildelynx SW Planet : Endor by oeildelynx SW Moon : Yavin IV by oeildelynx SW Planet : Mandalore by oeildelynx SW Planet : Alderaan by oeildelynx SW Spaceship : Deathstar I by oeildelynx SW Planet : Mustafar by oeildelynx SW Planet : Hoth by oeildelynx SW Planet : Malastare by oeildelynx SW Planet : Kamino by oeildelynx SW Planet : Coruscant - v2 by oeildelynx SW Droid : Battle Droid by oeildelynx SW Item : Ion Cannon 2 by oeildelynx SW Creature : Sarlacc by oeildelynx


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