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Glass Pill theme for Plank



Playing around with Plank theming more. This one's a simple Plank theme I made to look like a glass pill-shaped bar. Mostly translucent with a subtle elementary blue tint.

To install:
- Extract the files and place them into ~/.config/plank/ replacing the existing files (this will overwrite the default theme, so back it up if you care to).
- Plank should immediately reflect the changes. If not, it will after restarting.

Recommended icon size: 48px.

Updated Tue Dec 11, 2012: Fixed theme (removed "Renderer" from section titles).
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Here is how I got this working (on Plank 0.11.3 and Linux Mint 18.1 Cinnamon).

I unpacked the archive file and put the two .theme files (which are themselves of an archive type, but I did not unpack them) into a folder that I called 'glass'. Then I put that folder - called 'glass' and containing the two .theme files - into ~/.local/share/plank/themes.  Then I opened the Plank menu (which one can either via the Plank configuration icon, if you have that on your dock, or by holding the ctrl key whilst right clicking on the top), found the theme selecter, and voila. (There is no need to restart Plank.)

It's a nice theme. Thank you for providing it.