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Project AT Tidbit #2
Before I could retort with a sarcastic comeback - because I had one all lined up and ready - a loud cracking noise from above made it clear that something was very wrong with the ceiling. More sounds of wood breaking brought my attention to one of the columns that I noted earlier, and sure enough the thing had cracks all over it.
"That's bad.", I muttered under my breath as I backed up towards the general vicinity of my team.
Allegra appeared to agree, as the rafter she was on started breaking as well and she lost her balance and fell down into some crates with a faint squeak. I didn't know whether to laugh or gaze blankly in response to that. I may have done a bit of both.
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Project AT Tidbit #1
The job was to hunt down a group of bandits whom had taken something from one of the nature reserves dotted around this part of Lambard. Which was the country where we lived. My team and I had traced them from the reserve to the fair port city of Denyze, where I was observing them from up above in a warehouse near the docks. The large seaport was about three hours from Kanoa Park - which was the reserve we had gotten the job from. This place was infamous for trading, both honorable merchants and people of questionable morals gathered in Denyze. The rafters of these warehouses were excellent for spying, and from where I was I could see a large cage with a massive shape inside. It was moving. If only somewhat.
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SP - Birthday fic for X-Myra-X
Without further lazyness interrupting, here comes my submission of the year. Hahah, gawd I fail so bad.
Warning: Massive amounts of chocolate coming up, Cartman the zoo-animal, and any other warnings that go with any random and weird ideas one might associate with South Park.
Also, OC myself and X-Myra-X be here.
Birthday Messes
Funny thing, birthdays. One year they could be great, the next they could suck. This particular year, Mixie had no opinion yet…
She'd gotten home around midnight after an exhausting mission in the Rockies. Not only was it a long trip back and forth from Minnesota to the mountains, the damned werewolf just wouldn't stay down and die…
So, twelve hours of sleep and two toilet breaks later she woke up to the sound of laughter. And a delicious smell.
She grunted as she sat up on her very red bed, in her shockingly red bedroom. It almost matched her hair. Almost. Her hair was a tad darker…
Mixie noted that someone had cleaned her room of all the stuff
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SP: Knights and Witches Ch1
Yaay! I'm actually submitting stuff! >w>' Ahem… So anyway, no yaoi here sorry! Beware of OC:s though. Even though it's just my best bud and me. xD This is my first South Park fic ever, so please don't brick me if I get their personalities a bit wrong. Further chapters will be submitted when I actually get over my lazy self and write them. xP
Warning: Strong language dudes, strong. x3 Oh, and Cartman is being... uh... Cartman...
Road Trip to the Future!
   That was where the four South Park teens were headed. They were sitting in the car they all helped pay for, except for Cartman who were currently snoozing in the backseat with Stan. Kyle had fallen asleep reading the map, while Kenny was stuck driving in the silent night. Wait, did I say silent? Of course he had music on, he was listening to some new singer called Kristiansson. The guy in question had recorded remakes of a
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SSB: Happy Birthday MagicMikki
Okay then, this is a birthday fic for my best buddy. ^^ It didn't get very intricate, but I hope it's still good enough xP
Happy birthday Mixie!
Super Smashing Birthday!
Now, she was well aware that it was in fact her best friends birthday, but they still needed to get to school.
"Mixie~ Come on already!", she chirped.
Just because it was Monday, and they'd be late for school in thirty minutes, didn't mean she wasn't in a good mood. She was standing in front of the mirror, getting herself ready while trying to wake the sleeping redhead up.
She, herself was a blonde, they were pretty much the same height when one of the wasn't busy sleeping. The two of them were almost complete opposites in appearance. Mixie was a petite, green-eyed redhead, while she was a curvy, blue-eyed blonde. Now personality on the other hand, there they could have been twins.
"Get up would ya? We'll be late if ya don't…"
There was a groan from the big lump in Mixie's red clad bed, it moved a centimeter
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Heeeey peeps!

Wow so uh... two years since I did much of anything over here. A lots changed, I can tell you guys that. I quit college, tho I think I said that when I did it? I'm not sure, I cant remember that far back. My mood's improved greatly, which is nice and a lot less bothersome for everyone involved I think. xD 

Anyway, since I moved back home I went through another bout of depression (yippeeee) and then I got a part time job as a cleaner at a hospital ( I do NOT recommend that for anyone ever) it killed the depression for a while. I dunno I think I spent the last year just existing and making some money? Maybe? Figured out what I wanna do with myself. Mostly. I am now trying to edit some stuff I wrote so I can send it places and hopefully it'll become something. 

For now let's call it project AT, which are the first letters on the title of the thing. More than that I aint sayin. ;3 Though I am considering putting some outtakes up here, since it's been so long since I submitted much of anything here. I'm probs gonna do that. Maybe on tumblr too, we'll see. 

Okay well, I dunno what to say more than this is what's going on right now. Gonna be more active on dA again too, especially if I'm putting stuff here again. ;o Because why the fuck not, right. 



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I have absolutely nothing to say about myself. Other than I write stuff and have really weird ideas which eventually turn out to be bad ideas. I also make really stupid life choices.

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Här är en petition om ersättning av Sonic-serierna till IDW, efter att de slutade med
Archie Comics-serien, och Sally Acorn och frihetskämparna var stilla av ShanahaT, och du vet att jag är väldigt autistisk.

Here's a petition about the replacement of the Sonic comics to IDW, after they ended with
the Archie Comics series, and sally acorn and the freedom fighters were stay tuned by ShanahaT, and you know I'm very autistic.
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