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3:30am drawing, cause I was bored and really want to draw.
But the thing I really wanna draw, I can't do right this moment. And it's probably best I can't, it's way late and I'm sure I'm gonna get woken up decently early on top of just not feeling well all day.

But yes. A random catgirl, in the fetal position, praying I guess? I really don't know, I'm not upset, so I'm not sure why my brain decided YES DRAW A SAD THING, but hey, whatever works. It's the only thing I've had time to sit and do for my own sake lately due to everything being so busy and hectic for the last couple months.
Half of it is red cause when I sketch, I apparently can't control myself. I ended up hitting the color thing and turning my tool red and not noticing for a minute. And not caring enough to do anything about it |D
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Adorable, I like this a lot :)
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Thank you very much ^^