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Here's my "new sona"'s temporary ref. I'll be making his feral form here soon too. I may make him a nice formal ref someday, but I just don't think I'll be doing that any time soon.
His name is Casseas (pronounces Cass-ee-us) or just Cass for short. Or you can call him Cassie, but he may hurt you for it.

I love him to bits. I got the idea for him in class today, so I decided to sit down and draw him out before I pass out for the night. x.x

Cass is mine
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XD we share nicknames! just mine's with a K instead of a C
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I wish I actually had an awesome nickname like Cass.. My nickname irl is Ney.. :c
I get called "Nay" if they read it off of a piece of paper. xc
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After so long, I'm used to it. No need to be sorry <3 :iconponyhugplz:
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Ooooo he's pretty ^^; can Aeinari be his little sis? >.> and be the only one to get away with calling him Cassie
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Absolutely. God I just love this guy so much. I need to get a nice icon of him..
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on second thought, they arent the same species >.> yes I got the species its a WIP and uber secret. >.> So maybe not siblings... you decide what they can be?
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